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My wife and I are both passionate coffee consumers and cigarette smokers, and both of us have noticed how these habits affect the color of our teeth. Over the years, they have become more yellow and even greyish, and we both don’t like the way they look. We addressed our dentist with this problem several times, but that path to a solution turned out to be too much of a luxury for our budget.

That’s when I decided to start researching the web to find a more affordable solution. Some of the reasons why we chose AuraGlow were the facts it had great reviews on Amazon and other websites, as well as its affordability and ease of use. AuraGlow offers different types of teeth whitening kits that combine a whitening gel with an LED whitening system. It removes external teeth stains made by food, drinks or smoking.


So far, we purchased two AuraGlow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening Systems and two Teeth Whitening Pens. Our experience has been great and we are planning to continue using their products.


  • Pain-free use.
  • Enamel-safe.
  • Different types of products - for home use and for on-the-move situations.
  • Affordable.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your experience, contact for a full refund.
  • Payment via Google Pay, PayPal or card if ordering online.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-order website.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kits

Deluxe Whitening Kit

AuraGlow’s Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System is their most powerful product. The package contains one LED teeth whitening accelerator - the most important part of the kit. Also, you receive two whitening gels containing 35% carbamide peroxide - enough for twenty sessions in total. 


The gel is packed in syringes for easier application. Additionally, the kit includes one gum tray which holds the bleaching gel and works on both upper and lower teeth at the same time, as well as a storage case for it. The gum tray is made in only one size, but it fits on most jaws.

The LED light whitening technology can speed up the teeth whitening process up to three times. It takes up to 30 minutes for a daily session of whitening. There is also a built-in timer that goes off every 10 minutes, so after the third alarm at the latest, you can take it out. The whitening process is completely hands-free because there is a system for connecting all the elements of the kit and once you put it in place you can relax and pay attention to something else.

It’s important that you read the instructions and remember to brush and floss your teeth before using the kit. After you’re done with the session, make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly. After applying the treatment for 7-10 consecutive days, it is recommended to take a 4-6 weeks long break and then do another round lasting the same amount of time.

AuraGlow Radiant Effects Teeth Whitening Kit

This is a very similar but more affordable version of the Deluxe Home Whitening System with fewer features. In AuraGlow’s Radiant Effects Kit you will find a soft thermoform tray instead of the one-size-fits-all one. This tray should first be placed in a cup of warm water to make it flexible and then applied to your teeth to take its shape. 


The kit includes a bonus set of trays for free, which should set you up for life because each tray can be reused for hundreds of whitening treatments. There is very little chance of teeth sensitivity and it’s completely safe for enamel, just like all other kits from AuraGlow.

Teeth Whitening Pen

This pen is excellent for quick whitening. It’s very small, fits a purse, and it can be useful when traveling. At the bottom of the pen, there is a piece that can be twisted to bring the whitening gel out and it even ensures that the gel doesn’t spill. Then, you use the brush on the top of the pen to apply the gel to your teeth.


After doing so, you need to wait around a minute for the gel to dry and you’re good to go! The amount of gel in the pen is enough for 15-20 treatments and the pen is made of clear plastic so you always know how much you have left. To get the best result, you need to use the pen once or twice per day.

Teeth Whitening Gel 35%

This is carbamide peroxide 35% gel. You can buy it as an isolated product and use it with AuraGlow’sDeluxe Home System or Radiant Effects Kit. If you don’t have any of these kits, you can apply a thin layer of gel with a cotton swab or a brush.


For satisfactory results, you need to leave the gel on your teeth for 30 minutes and repeat the treatment during 7-14 days. Occasionally, sensitivity can occur, in which case you should try taking a 24h break or shortening the session to 15 minutes.

Teeth Whitening Gel 44%

This is the same carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel, just stronger. It should also be applied 30 minutes per day, but this one should also work with deep tooth stains.


Teeth Whitening Light

This is the LED light technology which enhances the whitening process. The same light is used in AuraGlow’s Home Whitening Kit, but it can also be purchased separately.


The light cannot be used on its own as it only works when used together with Aura Glow teeth whitening gel. The gel should be applied first, and then the light is inserted and turned on to accelerate the process.

Pricing and deals

All AuraGlow products have quite reasonable prices. Payment is possible through credit card, Google Pay and PayPal, and there are some active discounts from time to time. The Radiant Effects Kit costs $39.99, but you get a lot of value for that money. 

For example, when you’re out of gel or the light stops working, you can just replace those items instead of buying the entire kit again. The same goes for the Teeth Whitening Kit, which costs $59.99.


Expendable products such as Teeth Whitening Gels or Teeth Whitening Pens have different prices for one-time purchases and subscriptions. Subscribing saves you 25%, so if you plan on using their products in the long term, this really pays off. The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Light costs $24.99, and the Teeth Whitening Gel 35% costs $29.99. If you subscribe, the gel costs $22.49.

The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Gel 44% is a bit more expensive, costing $34.99, or $26.24 with the subscription. You can shop at AuraGlow online but if you’re in the USA, you can also buy their products at Walgreens, Big Y, Hannaford, Wegmans or Weis. Shipping within the USA is free, while international shipping may cost you some money, depending on your location and shipping method.

Customer Service

Aura Glow has a well-developed customer service department. They have a Help page on their website, where you can find answers to some important and frequently asked questions.


In case you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can return it and request a full refund, within 30 days of the purchase date with proof provided.

In case you need to contact them directly you can do it through a form on the website, or by emailing their customer support services at [email protected].

AuroGlow Promo Codes

PRos and Cons


  • Easy to use products.
  • No harmful effects.
  • Affordable but provides plenty of value.
  • High quality and good results.


  • It doesn’t help much with deeply rooted stains.
  • Some products may cause teeth sensitivity.

Final Verdict

So far I am very satisfied with AuraGlow’s products and so is my wife. We plan to keep buying their gels and pens and to continue using the kits we bought. If you want to invest less effort and money but receive seriously good results with your teeth, do not hesitate to try out AuraGlow.

We became subscribers and this also pays off, as we often buy new gel doses and new pens to keep our teeth pearly white. The application of the product is pain-free and most people we know, as well as thousands of users we found on the internet, seem to be quite satisfied with AuraGlow products. Therefore, it’s easy to make this recommendation - if you want whiter teeth, try AuraGlow. You won’t be disappointed!


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