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Are you looking for a product that can help you revive old garments or items that have lost their 'waterproof' feature? Would you like to be able to make some of the items you already have waterproof to avoid spending money on new things? A waterproofing spray can help you do both of these things.

Waterproofing sprays can save you a lot of money by helping you renew or modify existing clothing or other materials you own. To help you select the right spray to meet your needs, we have reviewed the five best waterproofing sprays in our article below.

Top 5: Waterproofing Spray Review

Recommendation #4

303 (30606) Fabric Guard, Upholstery Protector, Water and Stain Repellent, 32 fl. oz.


Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield for Patio & Grilling, Ultimate Protection Against the Elements, One Coat Application, 13 Ounces

If you're looking for an option that will help protect outdoor furniture, backpacks, rain gear, luggage, boat covers, and a whole host of other items, consider the Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield. This option is designed to be used on materials including polyester, nylon, polypropylene, leather, suede, cotton and more. This will allow you to help turn just about any fabric into something that will be water resistant.

One coat is all you'll need to protect your materials. Spraying this product on clothing or other materials will still allow them to breath and move freely. One can will help you make up to 60-square feet of nylon materials water resistant and up to 20-square feet of heavier fabrics.

When this product dries, it will leave no odor on your items. To maintain the water-resistance, you will want to reapply this spray each season. Once it is applied, it will help your belongings repel water, both when you're using them and when they're being stored.


  • You can use this on a variety of different fabric types.
  • You will only need one coat to protect your materials.
  • This option is odorless once it dries.


  • Some users have shared that they did not notice any difference in the ability of their items to repel water after applying this spray.
Nikwax TX. Direct Spray-On, 300ml

If some of your waterproof outerwear has started to become not waterproof, give Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On a try. This product is designed to restore DWR water-repellency of your once waterproof items.

You can use this product on various types of outwear including sleeping bags, ski jackets, and rain jackets. The manufacturers recommend using it on various types of technical clothing and synthetic materials.

This option is easy to use. Simply spray it on your garments to allow it to restore their waterproof abilities.

This is also a safer option than many other products. It is biodegradable and water-based. No added scents, optical brighteners, PFV's or VOC's are included in its ingredients.


  • You can use it on different types of technical clothing and other synthetic materials.
  • It is quick and easy to apply to your items.
  • This is a water-based, biodegradable product.


  • This option is only meant to help you revive materials that were once waterproof, it is not designed to turn other fabrics into waterproof items.
Rust-Oleum 280886 NeverWet 11-Ounce Boot and Shoe Spray, Clear

If you are looking for a product that can help protect boots and shoes from water, consider Rust-Oleum's NeverWet Boot and Shoe Spray. This option is designed to waterproof different materials frequently used to make shoes. Some of the different materials it can be safely used with include leather, suede, canvas, and nubuck.

When you use this product, you won't need to worry about it discoloring your shoes. The formula is clear and free of silicone, so it won't change the way your shoes look.

When you use this product, your shoes will be protected against water and able to breathe. In addition to repelling water, it can also repel stains, mud, and ice.

You'll be able to easily apply this spray using the trigger on the spray bottle. The manufacturer recommends reapplying this spray each season, or more frequently if you notice that its effects are wearing off.


  • You can use this option to protect your shoes from water and keep your feet dry.
  • It can be used on a variety of materials.
  • The spray is clear and will not discolor your shoes.


  • This product has a pretty unpleasant smell.
303 (30606) Fabric Guard, Upholstery Protector, Water and Stain Repellent, 32 fl. oz.

The 303 Fabric Guard is designed to help you review your waterproof materials that have started to lose their waterproof capabilities. You can use it on a variety of materials and objects including suede, canvas, upholstery, cushions, life jackets, and umbrellas. It can safely be used on both natural and synthetic fabrics.

Using this option will not change the way your fabrics feel, impact their breathability, or make them more flammable. It also will not discolor your items.


  • It can be used on synthetic and natural fabrics.
  • Using this spray will not discolor fabrics.
  • It will not change the way your fabrics feel or make them less breathable.


  • You will likely need to reapply this spray relatively frequently to keep your items protected.
Rust-Oleum 278146 NeverWet 11-Ounce Outdoor Fabric Spray, Clear

You'll be able to use Rust-Oleum's NeverWet Outdoor Fabric Spray to protect a variety of different items. It can be used on camping gear, apparel, outdoor furniture, and even shoes. A few of the fabrics it can protect include polyester, canvas, cotton/poly blends, leather, and suede.

This option is designed to be very easy to apply. It has a trigger sprayer which will allow you to easily coat your items to leave them protected.

When you use this product, you won't need to worry about it changing the feel of your fabric or causing it to look discolored. Its formula is 100% clear.

Each bottle will allow you to protect between 20 and 60 square feet of fabric. The exact amount of fabric you'll be able to protect will vary based on the type of fabric. After you apply this spray, you will want to keep your items dry for 24 hours in order for it to be effective.


  • The formula is clear and will not discolor your fabrics.
  • The trigger sprayer makes this option easy to apply to your fabrics.
  • You can use this option to protect a variety of materials include suede, leather, canvas, and polyester.


  • You will have to wait 24 hours before allowing the items you sprayed to get wet.

Buying Guide

If you are looking to renew the waterproof capabilities of some of your belongings or give some things a water-resistant feature, waterproofing spray is a great option to consider. You'll be able to save money by renewing or improving the items you already have instead of purchasing new, more expensive items. Before you purchase a waterproofing spray, there are a few different things you'll want to think about.

First, you should look at the level of protection provided by each option. Does it make the material fully waterproof, or just water-resistant?

Another important consideration to make it what types of fabric the spray can be used on. If you have a specific item or piece of clothing in mind that you are looking to waterproof, you will want to confirm that you'll be able to safely use the spray on that product.

Something else you may want to consider is how easy each option is to use. How many coats will it take to protect different materials? How frequently will you need to re-spray your items to ensure they remain protected?

Be sure to compare how much fabric each product will allow you to protect. How long will a can or bottle last? Will you need to purchase multiple items in order to have enough to waterproof the items you want?

And, finally, be sure to consider safety. Check the materials in the product. Whichever option you choose, be sure to wear a safety mask and spray materials outdoors to prevent inhaling any harmful chemicals.

Top Pick

After compiling the reviews for the five products above, we have concluded that the Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield is our favorite product. While the other four options are also great choices, this product stood out the most during our reviews.

You'll be able to use this spray on a wide variety of materials including cotton, leather, suede, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. Because of this, you'll be able to turn just about any clothing or outdoor accessory into a water-resistant material.

Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield for Patio & Grilling, Ultimate Protection Against the Elements, One Coat Application, 13 Ounces

It will only take one or two coats of spray to ensure that your fabrics are protected. Once items are sprayed, their breathability and flexibility will not be impacted, so you'll be able to use them as you did before spraying them.

This product also dries without leaving an odor behind. Your belongings will be water-resistant and protected when you are using them, as well as when they are being store. You will only need to reapply this spray about once every season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Waterproofing Spray Work?

Waterproofing sprays work by filling the pores in fabrics to stop them from being able to absorb water. After the pores are filled, fabrics will repel water instead of absorbing it. Waterproofing spray may contain materials like Teflon, silicone, or fluoropolymers.

How Long Does Waterproofing Spray Last?

Most of the options available will last for as long as four weeks. You will need to reapply the spray periodically to ensure that your items stay protected. Of course, each product is different, so be sure to check the specific item you purchase to find out how often you'll need to reapply it.

Is Waterproofing Spray Safe?

You will want to be very careful when using waterproofing spray, as it can be dangerous to inhale it. Since most sprays contain chemicals like fluoropolymers which can lead to respiratory problems, you always want to use protective gear, such as a face mask, and apply the spray outside.


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