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While many people would enjoy the convenience of being able to workout in their homes, few have enough space or money to purchase all the equipment they'd need to see results. The Total Gym XLS is a home gym that is designed to help you meet your workout needs without filling up your space with bulky equipment.

If you're looking to learn more about the Total Gym XLS, read through our review below. We'll cover the features, specifications, and included accessories you can expect to enjoy if you purchase this product. Once you're finished reading our review, you should have enough information to decide if this is the right home gym to meet your needs.

Total Gym


  • This piece of equipment can be used to perform more than 80 different exercises.
  • There are six resistance levels to choose from.
  • The glideboard is padded for comfort and is designed to glide smoothly up and down as you move.
  • You can fold up the Total Gym XLS to save space when you're not using it.
  • It will arrive fully assembled.
  • You will receive the Ribbed Squat Stand, Wing Attachment, and Leg Pull Accessory with your order.
  • Free access to Total Gym TV is included with your purchase.
  • The 30-day risk-free trial will let you try out the Total Gym XLS and return it for a refund if you are not satisfied.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and a six-month warranty on the parts.

Features and Specifications

The Total Gym XLS will make it possible for you to enjoy an invigorating and result-producing workout in your own home. With just this one product, you'll be able to complete more than 80 different exercises. There are also six different levels of resistance to help you build your workouts overtime and to meet the needs of different individuals.

Total Gym XLS

This is a quality product that is designed to help keep you comfortable and in the correct position for optimal results. The glideboard is padded and includes head support.

The Total Gym XLS also features an upgraded pully and cable system along with flexible nylon strap handles. You'll be impressed with how smoothly and easily you're able to glide up and down as you perform different exercises.

Total Gym XLS

For as much as you can accomplish with this one piece of exercise equipment, it will take up much less space than other bulky items. You can even fold it up when not in use to further reduce the amount of space it takes up. When folded, it measures 19 inches wide by 51 inches long by 9 inches high, and when unfolded, it measures 19 inches wide by 90 inches long by 43 inches high.

This product can be used by individuals weighing up to 400 pounds. This makes it a great product for anyone looking to get fit, tone their muscles, and feel better.

Unlike so many other fitness products, no assembly is required. Your Total Gym XLS will arrive assembled and ready to use.

Included Accessories

When you purchase the Total Gym XLS, you'll also receive a variety of different accessories that will help you complete different exercises and get the most out of your purchase. The Ribbed Squat Stand, Wing Attachment, and Leg Pull Accessory with Two Ankle Cuffs are included.

Total Gym XLS

Another useful accessory you'll receive is the Total Gym Exercise Wall Chart. This is a poster you can hang near your workout space that shows 35 different exercises you can complete using your Total Gym XLS. The Total Gym Training Deck is also included with your purchase as another handy reference for tips and exercises you can do.

Finally, Dan Isaacson's Nutritional Program and Meal Plan is also included with your purchase. This program is designed to help you maximize the results you see by modifying your diet in addition to improving your exercise habits. The meal plan includes tips and recipe ideas to help you make positive changes.

Total Gym TV

Included with your purchase, you'll also enjoy free access to Total Gym TV. Total Gym TV is an online platform where you can find and stream workouts to try on your Total Gym XLS.

Total Gym XLS

There are seven different workout programs available. To access these workouts before, you had to purchase the DVDs, but now Total Gym has made them free for all users. Additionally, there are three new programs that were created specifically for Total Gym TV.

Access to these different workouts will provide you with inspiration and variation for your daily workouts. You'll be able to watch professional trainers use the equipment, so it can also help you improve your form.

Total Gym XLS

To pull up Total Gym TV, you just need an internet-connected device. You can set it up on your laptop, smart phone, tablet, or smart TV where you'll be able to easily watch as you work out.

For an additional cost, you may also decide that you want to subscribe to Total Gym TV Premium. This is an annual subscription that will let you view additional premium workout programs.

You'll also have access to all of the content found on the numerous Total Gym DVDs produced over the years. Three or more new workout programs are added every month, so you'll never run out of new exercises and routines to try.

Guarantees and Warranties

Total Gym XLS

The Total Gym XLS comes with a 30-day risk-free trial. After trying it out for 30 days, if you decide it isn't the right piece of equipment for you, you can return it for a full refund or a credit towards a different piece of equipment from Total Gym.

A lifetime warranty on the Total Gym XLS frame and a six-month warranty on the parts is also included with your purchase.

Payment Options

You have two payment options to choose from when you purchase the Total Gym XLS. The first is to make one payment and pay for the entire cost of the gym at the time you make your purchase.

Total Gym XLS

If you choose to pay in full, there are a few benefits you'll receive. First, your order gets processed ahead of other orders, so it should arrive more quickly. For paying in full, you also receive an additional two-year warranty on all the moving parts of the machine and an extended 60-day money-back guarantee.

The other payment option is to split the payment up into eight total payments. Your first payment would only be $1, since there is the 30-day trial period. After that, the balance would be split into seven equal monthly payments.

Both payment options also include free shipping, which is a $100 value.

Workouts and Resources

If you're looking for ideas for how to best use your new Total Gym XLS, just check out the website. Under the "Workouts" tab at the top of the page, there are some great resources to check out. Some of these include "Quick Morning Workout," "Total Gym Pilates," and "Total Gym Exercises."

Total Gym XLS

If you select "Total Gym Exercises," you can view exercises designed to target the specific part of you're body you want to work on. There are exercises available for your abs, chest, arms, legs, back, shoulders, and for a full-body workout.

About Total Gym

Total Gym has been helping people meet their workout needs for many years. It originally was started I 1974 as a piece of exercise equipment for rehabilitation centers. The comfort and versatility of the gym made it a great tool to help people who were recovering from a life-altering event.

Total Gym XLS

Nearly 20 years ago, Total Gym was first offered on TV to all interested customers. To date, more than four million people have purchased a Total Gym product to help them get fit, build muscle, lose weight, and other reasons.

There is a lot to love about Total Gym, which is why they have so many loyal customers. Their products produce real results and allow you to target all areas of your body. Customers also love the risk-free 30-day trial and free shipping they offer.

Total Gym XLS Promo Codes

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  • A 30-day risk-free trial is included with your purchase.
  • You can perform more than 80 different exercises.
  • The Total Gym XLS folds up to take up less space when it isn't in use.


  • This model only has six levels of resistance. Some of the other models offer many more resistance levels.

Final Verdict

The Total Gym XLS can help you make the changes you've been looking to make. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy a full-body workout without leaving your house. Check out Total Gym's website now to learn more about what the Total Gym XLS can do for you.


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