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Are you looking to make your patio more cozy? Do you enjoy having friends and family over and sitting outside to chat? A tabletop fire pit may be the perfect new addition for your space.

With a tabletop fire pit, you'll be able to create a warm and welcoming environment where you and your guests can spend the evening chatting around your warm fire pit. We have reviewed five of the best tabletop fire pits on the market to help you select the product that will best meet your needs.

Top 5: Tabletop Fire Pits Review

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The Fire Pit for Your Patio Table by Fire Topper will help you transform your patio space. This elegant option is hand crafted using architectural cast stone. It has a beautiful sealed gloss finish.

This product is also just the right size to be an attractive centerpiece, without being so large that it will consume your entire table. It has an 18-inch diameter.

This tabletop fire pit attaches to a standard propane tank and hose. It features a durable and quality stainless-steel burner system which is designed to last a long time.

Your purchase includes decorative rocks to put inside the bowl for added appeal and style. The rocks are fire-rated, so they are completely safe to use with this option.

You will also receive an all-weather fitted cover for the fire pit with your purchase. This will help you keep the fire pit protected when it is not in use and extend its lifespan. A propane tank cover is also included with your purchase.


  • Fire-rated decorative rocks are included with your purchase.
  • This is an elegant option which will make the perfect centerpiece for your patio table.
  • An all-weather cover is included with your purchase to help you protect the fire pit.


  • This is the most expensive option on our list.

If your patio has an umbrella hole, you should look into purchasing the Better Homes & Gardens Tremont Round Tabletop Fire Pit. This option is designed to connect to a propane tank through the umbrella hole in your table. This allows you to hide the tank and connection hoses, so you and others can focus on relaxing around the fire pit.

This option has a tall black base. Atop the black base is a glass bowl that holds clear glass rocks.

The fire flames come through the rocks, which allows the flames to reflect off the rocks. This effect will make this option even more beautiful and relaxing.

The base is made from a durable steel material. There is a knob on the front of the base that will allow you to turn the flames on or off and adjust them.


  • The glass rocks will reflect the flames, creating a beautiful centerpiece for your table.
  • You can keep the propane tank hidden under the table since the fire pit will connect to it through the umbrella slot.
  • There is a knob on the front of the stand that allows you to control the flames.


  • You won't be able to use this option if your table is thicker than 1.1 inches.

If you love modern designs, you're sure to love the Regal Flame Veranda Tabletop Fire Pit. This is an oblong-shaped option with a black base and clear glass top. The flame can be viewed from all angles due to its design.

Since this option burns ethanol fireplace fuel, it is a more eco-friendly option than many other products. Also, unlike some electric fireplace inserts, this product lets off a real flame. There is no soot or ash that is produced by the flame.

You can use this product both indoors and outdoors. If you use it inside, it can heat up a 400-square foot room with the 4,000 BTUs it'll product.

The flame will last between one and two hours, depending on the temperature of the space where you're using the fire pit.

The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase. If you encounter any issues with this option, contact the company, and they'll help you resolve your issues.


  • No smoke or odor is created with this option.
  • You can use this product both indoors and outdoors.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee protects your purchase.


  • The flame will only last for up to two hours before you'll need to add more fuel.

You'll find a variety of attractive designs to choose from if you select the Terra Flame Fire Bowl. This option comes in seven different styles to help you find the perfect look for your space. You can choose from the Basin Fire Bowl, Geo Fire Bowl, Stone Fire Bowl, Wave Fire Bowl, Wave Fire Bowl II, Zen Fire Bowl, or the Pewter Zen Fire Bowl.

Each option comes with Mexican beach pebbles to add a decorative touch to the inside of the bowl. You'll also receive a protective base pad made from cork. This will help ensure the stone bowls do not damage your furniture.

With this option, you'll easily be able to create a warming, relaxing, and glowing fire out on your patio whenever you want. Each option has a seven-inch flame. This is a good size for a centerpiece on your patio table; everyone will be able to see if clearly and feel the warmth, without it being too large and overpowering.

You will need Gel Fuel to operate this fire bowl. Three cans are included with whichever bowl you select. Each can will deliver between two and three hours of burn time.

This gel types burns cleanly, making it an environmentally friendly option.


  • There are seven different bowl styles to choose from.
  • Mexican beach pebbles are included with each bowl for an attractive look.
  • A protective cork pad base comes with each bowl.


  • A few users shared that their bowl either arrived cracked or cracked after just a few uses.

Finally, the Bond Manufacturing Estrella Decofire Fire Bowl is another attractive option for you to consider. This is a round centerpiece with a gold base. A clear glass cylinder sits on top of the base, allowing the flames to be seen clearly from all sides.

The glass cylinder also works to provide protection for the flames and keep them from getting extinguished by a strong wind. There are decorate glass stones along the base of the cylinder, which help reflect the light from the fire to create a gorgeous effect.

You can use this option on just about any tabletop. It is a good size to be either a centerpiece or to stand alone on a smaller table.

The flame torch canister is large, which will help allow a large flame to burn inside the glass cylinder. This option also has a large wick, which will help you refill the tank without accidentally spilling oil.


  • The glass cylinder allows the flame to be visible from all directions and protects it from the wind.
  • This is a good size to use as a centerpiece or a stand-alone decoration.
  • The large wick will help make it easier to refill the tank.


  • At times, this option may product black smoke.

Buying Guide

A tabletop fire pit may be just the product you've been searching for to help you create a cozy and welcoming feel in your backyard. There are lots of different options and styles to choose from when looking for a tabletop fire pit, so it is important that you take some time and really compare the different options to make sure you choose a product that offers everything you're looking for.

First, take note of the size of all the different products. You want to find an option that is appropriately sized for your table.

If you have a smaller table, you don't want to choose a fire pit that is so large it will take up the entire space. Likewise, if you have a large patio table, you don't want to choose a tiny option that will just look out of place.

Next, consider the overall design and appearance of the fire pit. Some options are more of a bowl design with rocks, while others may look more like a glass fire place. Either design is fine to choose, you just want to choose an option that you find attractive and think will look like it belongs in your space.

Another important thing to think about before making a purchase is how durable each option is. Will you be able to leave the fire pit sitting out on your patio when you aren't using it? Is it made from a water-resistant material to help ensure it doesn't get damaged when it rains?

You may also want to look for an option that includes a protective cover to help ensure it will last longer. You'll be able to cover it when you aren't using it, which can offer protection from the elements, such as wind, rain, snow, or strong sunlight.

Finally, look at the cost of each option. While you shouldn't use cost as the sole factor in determining which product to purchase, it can be useful in helping you make a decision or decide between two products that you're torn between.

Top Pick

We think you'll find that all five of the tabletop fire pits we reviewed will be a good addition to your patio. They'll all be able to help you create a welcoming space where friends and family can gather around your table. However, The Fire Pit for Your Patio Table by Fire Topper is our top pick.

We just found this option to be a very attractive item with a classic and simple design. With an 18-inch diameter, it should be the perfect size for most patio tables.

You'll receive decorative rocks to place inside of this option. The rocks will help set the mood and make the fire pit look extra special. Your friends and family are sure to comment on how calming it looks.

You'll just need a standard propane tank and hose to hook this option up to. The fire pit has a stainless-steel burner system which should last for a long time.

An all-weather fitted covered for the fire pit is included with your purchase. The cover will allow you to keep your fire pit outside, while also keeping it protected from the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tabletop Fire Pits Safe?

Tabletop fire pits are as safe a regular fire pit. You will want to be sure to use common sense and never leave the fire unattended.

How Much Overhead Clearance Do You Need for a Fire Pit?

The exact amount of clearance space you'll need may vary for different models. In general, you'll want to have at least five feet of open space in every direction from the center of the fire pit.

How Big Are Tabletop Fire Pits?

You can find tabletop fire pits in a variety of sizes. Since they're designed to go on top of a table, most tabletop options are smaller than a traditional fire pit.

Final Verdict

We think you'll love the way The Fire Pit for Your Patio Table transforms your patio area. Get your patio ready for your next get-together and place your order today!


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