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Do you hate having cold feet? Are you looking for a way to keep your feet feeling warm and cozy when you're at home? If so, it sounds like you'll want to look for a pair of heated slippers.

Heated slippers can provide that extra bit of warmth you'll need to keep your feet toasty and prevent them from feeling ice-cold. When your feet are cold, it makes the rest of your body feel cold, so you'll love how comfortable a pair of heated slippers will keep your whole body. Keep reading to help you decide which pair of heated slippers is right for you.

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Our first pair of heated slippers is not only warm and cozy, its also super adorable. The Smoko Narwhal Slippers are definitely an option you'll want to consider. There are two different power options to consider.

One of the options comes with a 57 inches USB cable. You can plug the cable into any USB port to keep the slippers nice and warm. The long 57-inch length, will make you feel freer the other options with a shorter and more constricting cord.

The other option is a wireless option. This style includes a rechargeable battery back on the inside of each slipper.

The narwhals on these slippers are designed to be super cute and adorable. They have closed eyes, a cut horn, and rosy cheeks. They are also very soft and are made using a plush cotton/polyester blend.

Inside the soft filling is a comfortable stuffing which will help you feel like you're walking on a cloud.

This is a one-size-fits-most option. As long as your feet are smaller than a women's size 12, you should be able to comfortably wear this pair.


  • You can choose either a battery-powered option or a USB-powered option.
  • This option features a cute Narwhal design.
  • The slippers are plush and cushioned to keep your feet comfortable.


  • If your feet are on the smaller side, these will likely feel very large.

The ObboMed Infrared Carbon Fiber Heated Foot Slippers are a wired option for you to consider. This product can be purchased with a 12-volt plug or a 5-volt USB cable. This will allow you to select the option that works best for you.

If you plan on wearing these and working on your computer, the USB option may be the best choice for you. If you'll be wearing them in other rooms of the house, you may choose the 12-volt outlet option.

There are two different heat settings that will allow you to choose the level of warmth that is right for you. You can choose from a gentle warmth or fast warmth. The control will show a green light for the gentle warmth setting or a red light for the fast warmth setting.

These slippers are shaped like booties, so in addition to keeping your feet warm, they'll also keep your ankles toast. They have zippers to help you get them on and off easily. The sole on the slippers is soft to keep your feet feeling padded and comfortable.

Within five minutes of turning the heater on, the slippers should be warm and cozy. As a safety precaution, the heater will automatically shut off after three hours.

You can purchase these boots in a medium or large size. The medium size is designed for women's sizes 6.5 to 9 and men's sizes 5 to 7.5 and the large size is designed for women's sizes 9.5 to 13 and men's sizes 8 to 11.5.


  • You can choose from a USB-power option of a 12-volt plug.
  • There are two heat settings to choose from.
  • The booties have a zipper to help you put them on and remove them with ease.


  • Since this is a wired option, you'll need to stay near a power source to keep the heat on.

The Snookiz Heated Booties are a microwaveable option. They have an insert that you remove and warm up in the microwave. It will only take about 30 seconds to get it heated and ready for use.

Once the insert is warmed up, it should keep your feet warm for up to 30 minutes. The inserts are designed to gradually release their warmth to hep them last longer and keep your feet at a consistent warm and comfortable temperature.

Since this option does not have any cords or cables, you won't need to feel tied down when you're wearing your slippers. You'll be able to walk freely around your house, while still enjoying the warmth provided by the slippers.

Unlike some microwavable inserts that emit an odor, this product is made using an odor-free material. You won't need to worry about choosing between warm feet or a happy nose.

There are four color options to choose from. They are light gray, brown, pink, and blue. This product is available in sizes 6-7, 8-9, 9.5-10, and 11-12.


  • There are no cords on this product.
  • The inserts are odor-free.
  • This product comes in four different colors.


  • You'll have to re-warm the inserts about every 30 minutes.

Another good microwaveable option is the Terra-Warm Toes and Feet Warmers. This product will warm up within about 60 seconds in your microwave.

These slippers are handcrafted using a soft and plush material. Your feet will enjoy the cozy feeling produced by the fabric and the heat from the slippers. This option also uses bi-directional heating to make sure each foot is evenly heated to ensure your total comfort.

Another feature of this item is the seeds in the sole. These are designed to provide you with a natural massage by utilizing rolling pressure. This can help improve your circulation.

This product has a calming lavender scent, just what you'll need to relax and unwind after a tough day.


  • These slippers use bi-directional heating.
  • The seeds in the sole will help give you a natural massage every time you step.
  • The slippers are soft and comfortable.


  • This product only comes in one size for feet smaller than a women's size 10 or a men's size 8.5.

If you're a cat love, you'll want to look at the Smoko Oliver Grumpy Cat Slippers. This is a wireless option; each slipper has a rechargeable battery. Since this option has a rechargeable battery and doesn't have any cables, you'll be able to walk around when you're wearing the slippers and won't feel like you can't leave the room you're in.

When fully charged, the battery can keep your feet warm for up to four hours.

When the battery needs to be recharged, you can use the included USB cables to connect the battery to your computer or a USB power box.

This product is also designed to be very soft and comfortable. They are overstuffed to provide a comfortable cushioning for your feet. The exterior is covered with a plush fabric that is sure to feel great against your feet.

This is a one-size-fits-most product. The slippers are designed to fit anyone with feet smaller than a women's size 12.


  • These slippers have a rechargeable battery, so you'll be able to move around freely when you're wearing them.
  • They are plush and well-padded.
  • If you love cats, you'll like the grumpy cat design of this product.


  • A few users have shared that the heater stopped working after a few uses.

Heated Slippers Buying Guide

If you're tired of always having cold feet, it is probably time to find a good pair of heated slippers. With a pair of heated slippers, you'll be able to easily warm your feet up and prevent them from feeling like an ice cube. Before you select a pair of slippers, there are a few things you'll want to consider.

First, pay attention to how the slippers get heated. There are a few different options you'll likely come across. Some options are battery powered, others connect to a USB port or an electrical outlet, and other options are warmed up in the microwave.

While any of these styles should create a cozy slipper, there are benefits and drawback of each option to consider. If you choose an option that plugs into a USB or wall outlet, you will need to be pretty sure that you'll only wear the slippers in one area in your home and won't want to be able to walk around too freely.

Next, pay attention to the size of each option. Look to see if the slippers are available in the correct size for your feet.

Some products are a one-size-fits-all slipper. If you choose this option, you'll want to think about the size of your feet and how much walking you're planning to do in the slippers. If you have smaller feet, a one-size-fits-all slipper may make it challenging for you to walk safely.

Next, look for features designed to make the slipper comfortable to wear. Do they have a good amount of padding to cushion your feet? Is the padding covered with a soft and cozy material?

You may also want to consider the overall appearance of each option. Do you like the way the slippers look? Are you looking for a cute slipper with an animal shape or design?

Or, since you'll likely only be wearing this purchase in the privacy of your own home, you may not care what the slippers look like as long as they are comfortable and will keep your feet warm.

Finally, compare the cost of each option. Look for a reasonably priced, high-quality item that offers the features you're looking for.

Best Heated SLippers

We think you'll be satisfied with any of the five heated slippers we reviewed above. However, the Smoko Narwhal Slippers stood out to us the most and are our top pick.

On top of keeping your feet warm, this option also features a really cute design. Each slipper is designed to look like a friendly Narwhal. Between the warmth they provide and the cute design, you'll feel cozy every time you wear this option.

You can purchase this option with a rechargeable battery pack or a USB cable. If you choose the USB cable, you'll enjoy the longer, 57-inch cable which will allow you to move around a bit when you're wearing the slippers.

This product has a very padded feel that will keep your feet comfortable and help erase the stress of the day. The padding is covered with a plush cotton/polyester material.

These slippers are designed to fit most feet. As long as your feet are smaller than a women's size 12, the one-size-fits-most design should help keep your feet warm and toasty.

Frequently Asked Questions - Heated Slippers

How Do Heated Slippers Work?

There are a variety of options you'll find for heated slippers. Some heat up using batteries, others by plugging them in to the wall, and still others by warming them up in the microwave. You can choose the option that you think will work best for you.

Are Heated Slippers Attached to a Cord?

Some heated slippers will be attached to a cord if they are a model that needs to be plugged into the wall or another power source. Other options that are battery powered, may not have a cord attached to them.

Can You Wear Heated Slippers Outside?

This will depend on the pair you purchase. Some options have a more rugged sole that will allow you to wear the slippers outside of the house. For other options with a softer, plusher sole, you likely will not want to wear your slippers outside. These models will get dirty more easily and will also be more challenging to wipe down.

Best Heated Slippers - Final Verdict

After you put on your new Smoko Narwhal Slippers, you'll know you made the right choice! Don't suffer from cold feet anymore; place your order today!


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