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Are you looking for new templates, extensions, or plugins for your Grav, WordPress, or Joomla site? RocketTheme offers a variety of themes, plugins, and extensions that you can purchase individually or gain access to by becoming a member of one of their clubs.

If you're curious to find out more about what RocketTheme has to offer and determine if you'd be interested in their services, read through our review below. We'll provide you with an overview of the services they provide as well as some of the benefits or drawbacks of signing up with them.


Grav Themes

When you visit RocketTheme's website, you'll be able to browse through their huge selection of Grav Themes. Their themes are designed to offer you flexibility with using them and make it easy for you to make modifications to keep up with newer design trends.


When you use one of the Grav Themes from RocketTheme, you'll be able to visit their library of documentation. Here you'll find how-to-guides that can help you get your website started. The guides cover topics such as installation or reference material related to specific products.

To help you find the right theme, you'll be able to sort the different themes by their release date or their name. If you know the name of the theme you're looking for, you can also enter it in the search bar to find it faster.


If you see a theme that you're potentially interested in, hovering your mouse over it will display different options for you to choose from. You can view details related to the theme, the number of preset options that will be included with the theme, or even a demo of the theme. If you've decided on the theme you'd like to purchase, just click on download to start the process.

Joomla Templates

You'll also find a large collection of Joomla templates on RocketTheme. The templates are designed to be easy to use and customize to your specific needs and preferences. The templates have also been optimized to meet the most recent browser standards.


As with the Grav themes, you'll also find resources related to the Joomla themes in the library of documentation. The resources you'll find can help you make the most out of the theme you select and help you work through any issues you may encounter.

You'll be able to sort the different theme options by their name or release date, or you can search for a specific theme you're interested in. If you want to learn more about one theme, hover over it and click on 'Details.' You'll also be able to view the different presets that come with each theme or see a demo of the theme if you think you may be interested in downloading it.


Joomla Extensions

You'll also be able to download free extensions for Joomla. There are eight different options that you can select. The extensions you can choose from are RokPad, RokBox, RokAjaxSearch, RokNavMenu, RokCandy, RokGallery, RokBooster, and RokSprocket.

WordPress Themes

If you run your site through WordPress, you'll love the WordPress themes offered by RocketTheme. You'll be able to customize any of the themes to fit your website, portfolio, or blog. Plus, since all of the themes have been built to be user-friendly and customizable, you'll be able to easily make any changes you need to achieve your vision for your website.


As with the other templates and themes you'll find on the website, you'll be able to view details related to any of the WordPress themes you're interested in. If you click on the 'Details' button when you hover over the theme name, you can view information such as an overview of the theme, whether the theme is responsive, and some of the key features associated with the theme. You'll also be able to view the server requirements and supported browsers for using the theme.

WordPress Plugins

If you are looking to add more features and functions to your WordPress site, consider downloading one of the free plugins offered by RocketTheme. There are six different plugins for you to try: RokUtilities, RokLegacy, RokSprocket, RokGallery, RokBox, and RokAjaxSearch.

Magento Themes

If you use Magento for your eCommerce website, you'll also be able to find and download a variety of themes through RocketTheme. Similarly to the other themes you'll find on the website, you can hover your mouse over the theme name. Doing so will allow you to view more details about the theme, view the different presets that will come with the theme, and download it if you decide it is the one you'd like.


The Magento Themes you'll find on the website are designed to help you present your products to customers in a manner that will encourage them to make a purchase.

Magento Extensions

You will also be able to download extensions for Magento through RocketTheme. All of the extensions they offer are free to download, so you'll be able to choose what you think will best help your site. There are 12 different extensions available for download: MageMenus, HomepageGrid, ContentSlider, CategoryView, ProductScroller, ModalHeader, ProductView, CmsCallouts, ProductVideo, ImageBorders, FooterBlock, and FeaturedProducts.

phpBB Styles

phpBB is a free, open source bulletin board. If you use phpBB, you'll be impressed with all the different styles you'll be able to download. The phpBB styles will work with the more newly released templates and themes for WordPress, Joomla, and Magento that you'll be able to download through RocketTheme's website.


For each phpBB style that is available, you can view more details about it. When you hover over the theme and click 'Details,' you can view an overview of the style, some of the available extensions, and the features that will be included with your download. You can also click on 'Presets' to preview the different presets that will be included when you download a particular style.

RocketTheme's Membership Club

If you are looking to set up a few different websites or want to enjoy access to a wider selection of themes, consider joining RocketTheme's Club. You can select to join a club for Joomla, WordPress, or Grav.

When you purchase a club membership, you will be able to access any of the products they offer for the platform you selected. This will give you access to a far greater number of themes or templates that paying for individual downloads of multiple products.


You can sign up for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month membership in the club. When you sign up, you will also receive site licenses that will permit you to use RocketTheme's products on multiple websites.

The standard memberships will allow you to set up a limited number of websites. If you're a developer, you can pay an additional fee to be able to use the themes and templates on an unlimited number of websites.

Joining the Club offers other benefits in addition to having access to a wider array of templates and themes. As a Club member, you will be able to access the forums. Through the forums, you can get answers or support from other members of the community of RocketTheme's developers and moderators.

If you are looking for more personalized support or need help working through a specific issue, you'll be able to request one-on-one support from a member of the development team for a small fee.

If you plan to use a template or theme for a website for a non-profit organization, this use will not count against the number of licenses you have.


  • You can download a variety of Grav, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and phpBB themes, templates, styles, plugins, and extensions.
  • You can preview a demo of the different themes and templates before you purchase and download a product.
  • Purchasing a membership in the Club will give you access to as many different products related to the platform you choose (WordPress, Joomla, or Grav).
  • If you are a developer, you'll be able to pay an additional fee when signing up for the Club to receive an unlimited number of site licenses.
  • When you join the Club, you can receive help and support on the forums.
  • Using a template or theme for a website for a non-profit organization will not count against the number of licenses you have.


  • Before you make a purchase, you can view a demo of the different themes or templates and view the different presets that will be included with your purchase.
  • If you purchase a membership in the Club, you can download as many different products as you want related to the platform you subscribed to.
  • Templates or themes used for a non-profit organization's website will not count towards the total number of licenses you purchased.


  • If you download a theme through the membership club, you will not receive support or updates once your membership is expired.

Final Verdict

RocketTheme is a great resource if you are looking for attractive themes or templates for WordPress, Grav, or Joomla. You can also save money by joining the Club, since you'll be able to access as many themes and templates as you want and will be able to set up multiple websites. Visit their website today and see how you'll be able to benefit from what RocketTheme has to offer.


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