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One of my ultimate goals is to get fit and stay fit. I’m not going to lie, I had been slacking over the years. I even made the mistake of declaring it a “New Year’s Resolution”. The reality is this: losing way and getting in shape are goals, not resolutions.

But it was time to straighten up and come up with a fitness plan and stick with it. Yet, I had one small problem. I was lacking equipment. Plus, I relied mostly on the gym on some days. But on a busy schedule, going to the gym might be one of those few and far between things. So I had to cancel my gym membership. It was hard to let it go, but it saved me money in the process.

Power Systems

A friend of mine asked me why I didn’t work out from home? I felt like an idiot. So I decided to see what fitness equipment that I can get my hands on so I can work out at home. There were some places that were selling gym and fitness equipment for ridiculous prices. That’s when I came across Power Systems.

I discovered them by complete accident. But what I found was a treasure trove of fitness equipment that I could use on a regular basis. I was able to piece together my own personal home gym using their equipment.

Power Systems Features

  • Strength train with weight sets so you can build muscle and get stronger each day you work out.
  • Need a place to keep all of your fitness equipment? Get racks and storage items so you don’t leave anything lying around and creating a trip hazard.
  • Get functional training equipment like small weights and medicine balls that will be instrumental in workout routines like calisthenics.
  • Maximize your fitness program with studio fitness equipment ranging from resistance bands and stability balls.

Strength Training Equipment

I truly believe that strength training is the most important part of my program. My goal was to lose weight while gaining muscle at the same time. While it might be a daunting task for most, I always find balance in terms of my workout routine and diet.

Power Systems

I make sure that I incorporate strength training into my program. The same way with cardio. On days when I lift, I do light cardio. On days when I don’t lift, I crank up the cardio. It’s a simple system that I put together to keep myself in good shape.

I’m no fitness expert, but I can tell you that on days when you are resting from lifting, it’s always a good idea to do something light in order to keep yourself in shape and physically nimble. I’m at that point in my life where I can stay that way even into my older years.

Some say that it’s impossible. But you’d be surprised. There are people in their 70s and 80s that are moving around like they are half their age or more. All it takes is a good fitness program and sticking with it.

Studio Equipment

Most fitness programs don’t always involve heavy lifting. That’s understandable for those who have different fitness goals. But the question is: do you have the right equipment? There is plenty of studio equipment that Power Systems have that you can utilize to your advantage. 

Power Systems

I was able to snag a couple of medicine balls that I use for my weighted crunches. It’s a really good work out for my abs. I hold the medicine ball, do my situps, twist left to right, and go down. I repeat this at least 10 to 12 times for three sets (there, that’s a workout tip for you).

You can also get resistance bands, jump ropes, and other light workout equipment that you can put to good use on those lighter days. On days when you need to rest or scale it back a bit, you can rely on these things without further straining or injuring yourself.

Functional Training

One of the workouts that a friend of mine suggested was the box jumps. Thankfully, Power Systems had plyo boxes that I could use for my box jumps. 

Power Systems

I can start at a shorter height and work my way upwards. Needless to say, I never knew I could jump so high (and with explosiveness). But it’s important to start out small before you go a bit higher.

Storage Equipment

Just like the gym, you’re going to need some storage equipment for all of your weights. I remember one time I made the mistake of leaving one of my dumbells on the floor.

Power Systems

I nearly tripped and fell over, but I managed to sidestep out of the way at the last second. That was then. But it became a valuable lesson into remembering to purchase storage racks for my weights and equipment.


  • Equipment that is affordable for most buyers.
  • Perfect for those who are building a home gym or a commercial gym business.
  • Plenty of options for gym equipment.
  • Free shipping on orders from $99 and up.


  • None.

Final Verdict

I love my Power Systems equipment. And it is the perfect equipment to have if you want to build a gym at home from the ground up. Even gym owners can find some awesome equipment for their gym design. Choose the equipment that will be best for your personal training clients or gym members and you will fulfill their fitness needs. Plus, you can keep yourself in good shape by your own accord with equipment that is affordable and very easy to use.


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