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Do you get overwhelmed by the process of planning a garden? Landscaping is hard enough, and it can be daunting to figure out what to plant. You have to consider the soil, the sunlight, the proximity to other plants, and how well different plants will grow in the conditions you offer.

There's nothing more discouraging than having a garden wither because it wasn't laid out properly. For people in California, the company Plants Express is aiming to make that a thing of the past.

On the surface, Plants Express has a very basic setup: The company delivers plants to your home when you shop online. You can pick from thousands of different trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, vines, ferns, cacti, and other plants. Delivery is free and happens a few days after purchase.

Plants Express

But the real allure is in the company's expertise. They offer "plant packages," which are specific plans that allow you to plant and install a variety of plants in conditions that allow them to thrive.

I've taken a look at some of the plant packages to give you an idea of how they work and what you can expect.


  • The company supplies California residents with trees and plants, delivering both individual plants and plant packages.
  • The plant packages have a variety of different plants from a particular region to help you landscape your area, along with easy-to-follow instructions for installation and planting.
  • Over 2,400 varieties of trees and plants are available, although some are restricted to the California desert.
  • Each plant package can cover up to 500 square feet, and it comes with free home delivery within two to five days following the purchase.


This package is outfitted with environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance plants that don't need much water. It blooms with tropical colors.

Plants Express

Inside the package are twelve unique species with 54 total plants. You're given three plans to choose from to help you decide how to place the plants. In addition, you're given reference guides and instructions for plant care for every one of the species.

The plans include:

  • Corner.
  • Rectangular.
  • Linear.

Corner plans are made for the corners of gardens, edging up against a wall or drop. Rectangular plans are for traditional, wide garden spaces. Linear plans are best for narrow areas like the edging of a walkway.

Cottage Garden

Rather than bursting with bright tropical color, this package comes with colors that are reminiscent of the English countryside. It gives you a traditional cottage feel out of a fairy tale. At the same time, all plants are native to California.

Plants Express

The white roses in the package bloom for most of the year. In the spring, many of the plants release fragrances into the air. The best smelling plant is the Flowering Plum.

In the package, you get 94 plants spread across 14 species. There are instructions and reference guides, plus a corner, rectangular, and linear plan to choose from.

California Ranch

The California Ranch package comes with enduring plants that have pops of color throughout the spectrum. It's a combination designed to endure in harsh conditions without needing a lot of maintenance.

Plants Express

Inside the package are the instructions, reference guide, and three plans. Each package comes with 43 plants spread across 12 unique species, which you can plant on an area of up to 500 square feet.


The Mediterranean design is a Tuscany-inspired option that will make you feel like you're in Greece. It's important to note that while this package is available for all areas of California, the plants are best for places with significant heat and unpredictable rainfall.

Plants Express

There are multiple places in California that have dry summers but intermittently wet winters. The heat can be brutal for the landscape, especially if you have plants that require a regular water supply. These are perfect for those in tough climates that are too wet for desert plants but too inhospitable for temperate plants.

The package is characterized by vibrant hues of white, blue, and yellow. Just a bit of red and orange helps to make the arrangement pop and fill out the layers. Unlike some of the other packages, the centerpiece of this one is a large olive tree.

As such, it should be installed in areas with enough garden space to plant and care for a tree.

In addition to the plans, instructions, and guide, there are 69 plants across 11 total species.

California Water-Wise

California residents are no strangers to the importance of water conservation. The landscape is populated with many plants that have adapted to low-water conditions. For those who can't waste water on their lawns, this package gives your home color and life without wasting resources.

Plants Express

The design is meant to evoke a traditional California landscape, full of yellows and oranges and scrubby plants. Instructions, plans, and guides are provided alongside 12 plant species. There's a total of 54 plants in the package.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

This is a funky and fun package. Rather than being based on a single aesthetic or lifestyle, this is a combination of California native plants that all have common names involving animals. It's a great way to get excited about gardening, and particularly fun for kids.

Plants Express

Every plant in the package blooms vibrantly with colors across the spectrum. It allows for a small family landscaping project. The package isn't as involved as some, coming with just 27 total plants with 10 species and a single corner plan.

Desert Southwest

This particular package is region-locked, only available to residents in desert areas of southern California. It's specifically made up of plants for desert climates including both cacti and succulents.

Plants Express

Like the other main packages, you get three plans to choose from, instructions for plant care, and reference guides. The package has a total of 65 plants spread across 13 species.


  • You can browse plants for a variety of different climates including the desert southwest in California, California ranches, Mediterranean zones, cottage gardens, and tropical environments.
  • You can also browse by the type of plant, covering everything from ground cover to grasses to shrubs and trees.
  • The company offers advice on the best soils and fertilizers to use for different plant types, along with landscaping ideas.


  • Some of the plants and plant packages are location restricted, and the company operates mostly in California rather than nationwide.

Final Verdict

Plants Express is a California company that's made the process of gardening much more modern. Rather than needing to go to a garden center, you can shop for plants online and have them shipped right to your home. Individual plants can be bought, or you can purchase packages for specific locations.

More than 2,400 varieties of plant are available on the website. You can get fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, annuals, perennials, and other types of foliage. The plants can also be ordered through Home Depot and picked up at your local store if you don't want to wait for a truck delivery.


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