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In today's digital and interconnected world, it is important to have your documents saved where you'll always be able to access them. Saving documents to your computer's hard drive not only takes up a lot of space, but can make it impossible for you to access what you need if you are not near your computer. Flash drives don't hold a lot and can easily get lost, causing frustration and agony over losing your important information.

pCloud offers safe and secure cloud storage options for individuals and businesses. With pCloud, you'll be able to access your documents from any device and share them with ease. To learn more about pCloud, read through our review below.



  • You'll find that pCloud is very easy to use.
  • The file management feature will help you track changes in your documents and revert back to previous versions.
  • There are no limits on the sizes of files you can upload.
  • You can share folders and documents with other pCloud users as well as individuals who do not use pCloud.
  • The automatic backup options can make sure you never lose an important file again.
  • Documents are encrypted when they are uploaded to the cloud.
  • You can sign up for a family plan that will allow you to share 2 TB of storage space with other members of your family.
  • pCloud can improve collaboration within businesses.

About pCloud

pCloud is a Switzerland-based company that was founded in 2013 to offer create the right cloud-based storage solution for businesses and individuals. They have designed their service to be user-friendly and less technical than other more confusing options. However, you won't need to sacrifice on space or functionality when you choose pCloud.


pCloud went through the comprehensive steps needed to receive certification inf Quality Management and Data Management Systems. They also follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Europe. This set of regulations impact how businesses are able to collect, manage, or store the personal information of their customers.

Since pCloud follows the GDPR regulations, you'll receive real-time notifications of any data breaches affecting your personal information. You will also have the authority to confirm how your personal information gets processed or chooses to request that all of your personal information gets deleted from a particular service.

Features and Benefits of pCloud

Choosing to sign up with pCloud will allow you to enjoy numerous features designed to provide you with a very positive experience. One of the features you're sure to love is the file management feature.

Often, finding the document or file you're looking for can be challenging or time-consuming. pCloud offers different options to help you quickly locate what you need. You can search using the name of what you're looking for, filter documents by file format, or even check in your trash can for 15 or 30 days, depending on the plan you select.


Many cloud storage services place limits on the size of files you can upload or only offer very limited downloading or uploading speed. You won't need to worry about either of these problems with pCloud as they offer unlimited data capabilities.

pCloud has also made it easy for their users to share their files and documents with others. If the individuals you want to share information and documents with are also pCloud users, you'll be able to create shared folders where they can view files and collaborate on documents with you. You can set the level of access by assigning whether each user will have editing capabilities or will only be able to view the documents you share.

If the individual you want to share information with is not on pCloud, you'll still be able to share documents with them. You can send them links that will allow them to preview and open the files you want to share. You can add password protection to these links if you'll be sharing more sensitive information.


pCloud offers automatic backup options to make sure you never lose an important file. Additionally, the files you upload onto pCloud will be available on all of your devices. You'll never need to worry about not having access to the latest version of a file that you need.

Your privacy and security are very important to pCloud. They use TLS/SSL encryption to make sure the information and documents you transfer to their servers is protected. You can rest easy knowing that your files and documents are kept in a very secure data storage area and stored on three or more server locations.

pCloud offers three integrated platforms to help make it quick and simple for you to access the information you need from any of your devices. You can access the web platform from any computer's browser.


They also offer pCloud drive, which is a secure virtual drive created on your computer. You can use this drive to store and synchronize your documents with the cloud.

Finally, with pCloud for Mobile, you'll be able to access your files from your Apple or Android smartphone. You can also use pCloud mobile to automatically create backups of your images and videos to make sure you don't lose treasured memories or other important files.

File versioning is another of the features offered by pCloud. Past versions of your documents will be saved and accessible when you need them. This will allow you to monitor changes made to a document revert back to a previous version.

pCloud for Families

The Family Plan is the perfect solution for households looking to share cloud storage space. The Family Plan allows you to share 2 TB of storage with up to four members of your family. You'll also receive 2 TB of download link traffic with this plan.


You'll be able to manage how much storage each member on your plan has access to; you may choose to split it evenly or distribute it in another way based on the individual needs of different member of your family. Each family member will receive their own personal and private space for their information to be stored.

Choosing the Family Plan helps you save money. You'll need to make just one payment and will pay significantly less than if you were to purchase individual plans for each member of your family.


Family plans come loaded with premium features to ensure you and your family members have an enjoyable experience. You can create shared folders and share download and upload links. Each member will also be able to set up automatic uploads of their camera roll as well as automatic sync across numerous devices.

This plan comes with built-in audio and video players. It also provides you with unlimited file size uploads and super-fast speeds.

pCloud includes a number of security features to make sure you and your family's data is protected. All files receive 256-bit AES encryption to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Five copies of your files are saved on different servers to make sure that no information is lost.

Plans and Pricing

You can choose to purchase an annual or a lifetime plan. Annual plans will be billed each year, while lifetime plans simply require a one-time payment. After just a few years of use, a lifetime plan will pay for itself, so it is definitely worth considering making this upgrade.

There are two different individual plan options: The Premium 500 GB Plan and the Premium 2 TB Plan. Each plan can be purchased as an annual plan or a lifetime plan.


The Premium 500 GB plan provides you with 500 GB of storage, 500 GB download link traffic, and download link branding. This plan also comes with fair share, which means that any shared folders you create will only take up your storage space, not the storage space of addition users as well. You'll also receive 30 days of trash history to allow you to track changes to your documents or revert back to older versions.

The Premium Plus 2 TB Plan delivers 2 TB of storage space and 2 TB of download link traffic. It also includes fair share, 30 days of trash history, and download link branding like the Premium 500 GB Plan.

pCloud Business

If you are a business owner, you should consider investing in pCloud business. With a business plan, your teams will be able to access shared folders to more effectively collaborate both from the office and when they're out of the office. You and other members of your organization can add comments to files to simplify collaboration and revision processes as well.


The business plans also include monitoring of the activity on your account. Logs of changes to files and new uploads will be recorded and you'll have access to the prior version of your files.

Choosing a pCloud business plan will provide your organization with more than ample storage space, safety and privacy, and the ability to scale your system to meet the growing or changing needs of your company.

pCloud offers a 30-day free trial of their business plan. If you're interested, simply fill out the contact form on the website to connect with a sales representative and learn more about pCloud's plans.


  • You can choose the plan that best meets your individual, family, or business needs.
  • Purchasing a lifetime plan will pay for itself after just a few years when compared to the price of an annual plan.
  • pCloud is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.


  • To receive advanced-level encryption, you'll have to pay for a separate plan.

Final Verdict

pCloud was developed to offer safe and secure cloud storage to its customers. With pCloud, you won't need to worry about which of your devices your files are saved on, you'll be able to access them from wherever you are. They offer plans to meet individual, family, and business needs, so why not select the plan that will work best for you and get started today!


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