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Are you looking for a way to provide some cooling shade to your patio furniture set? Do you want to find an umbrella that is large enough for your table, easy to operate and durable? There are many different options on the market and it can be a daunting task to sort through all the options and find the perfect product.

To help you make your choice a little easier, we have reviewed five of the best patio umbrellas. After reading through our reviews, you'll be able to find the perfect product to keep you and your guests cool.

Top 5: Patio Umbrellas Review

Abba Outdoor Patio Nine Foot Market Umbrella

You'll enjoy using the Abba Outdoor Patio Nine Foot Market Umbrella. In addition to providing you and your friends or family a cool retreat from the hot sun, this option also offers UV protection.

The fabric covering that provides UV protection is designed using a solution-dyed polyester. This material choice also makes it both water-resistant and fade-resistant. To prevent rust, the center pole has been powder coated.

You can use this umbrella in the center of a table, or as a free-standing option. It has a heavy base and 1.5-inch wide pole to keep it durable and allow it to stand on its own. If you plan to use it as a free-standing option, you will need to purchase the base from Abba separately.

Abba Outdoor Patio Nine Foot Market Umbrella

This umbrella will be able to provide adequate shade for tables ranging in size from 42 to 54 inches. It would also be a great choice to place in between two lounge chairs to cast enough shade for two people relaxing by a pool. This is a nine-foot option.

Depending on the angle of the sun, you can tilt this option with just the push of a button. The canopy features a vented design to allow enough air to circulate and keep you cool.

You can purchase this option in beige, turquoise, red, cream, teal blue, dark green, turquoise striped, red striped, blue striped, black striped, or dark blue striped.


  • The canopy is fade-resistant, water-resistant, and provides UV protection.
  • The pole will resist rust.
  • You can easily tilt the umbrella.


  • You will need to pay for the free-standing base separately.
Grand Patio Napoli Deluxe 11 FT Curvy Offset Umbrella

The Grand Patio Napoli Deluxe is a large cantilever umbrella. With an 11-foot canopy, this option will be able to provide shade for large tables or multiple lounge chairs. The canopy is a neutral champagne color.

You can easily open or close this option uses the crank lift operation mechanism. Using this mechanism, you'll be able to open the umbrella to a wide variety of angles.

The base for this option includes wheels that are hidden, so you'll be able to move it around within your space easily. Just put sand or water in the base to keep the umbrella from tipping.

This option is designed to be durable and last a long time. The frame has been powder-coated to resist rust and maintain an attractive appearance.

The Canopy is made from a heavy-duty double-coated polyester. This material also offers UV protection, is water-resistant, and is fade-resistant. For added airflow, the canopy is also vented.


  • You can open this option up to a variety of angles.
  • The 11-foot canopy offers a lot of shade for larger tables or seating arrangements.
  • The canopy is vented to allow additional air to flow.


  • This option is much more expensive than the other items on our list.
Best Choice Products 10ft Outdoor Steel Market Patio Umbrella

Another option if you are looking for a market umbrella, is the Best Choice Products 10 Food Outdoor Patio Umbrella. This 10-foot option will work perfectly when used in the center of your table to keep you and your guests cool. A base can be purchased separately that will allow you to use it as a free-standing option.

This product is designed to be durable, allowing you to use it for many years to come. It has a solid, six-rib steel frame. The frame and pole are also rust-resistant.

Best Choice Products 10ft Outdoor Steel Market Patio Umbrella

The canopy is constructed using a 180G polyester fabric. The fabric is also water-resistant and offers UV protection. Atop the canopy is a wind vent that will allow air to flow through the umbrella to keep you cool.

The crank handle will allow you to easily open this product. You can also adjust the tilt of the umbrella to provide you protection from the sun at various angles.

To allow you to find the perfect color choice for your deck or patio, you can purchase this product in blue, brown, burgundy, orange, tan, light green, green, or gray.


  • The canopy is vented to allow air to flow.
  • You can adjust the tilt of this option easily.
  • There are nine different color options available.


  • If you are on the shorter side, it may be challenging for you to reach the crank handle.
Sunnyglade 7.5 FT Patio Umbrella

The Sunnyglade Patio Umbrella has a seven-and-a-half-foot diameter. This makes it the perfect size to use for smaller tables that have space to sit between three and four people.

The canopy is designed using a fade-resistant heavy-duty polyester fabric, so you won't need to worry about it tearing or fraying. The pole is made a light-weight aluminum material that is designed to resist rust. When needed, the pole can be unscrewed in the middle to make it more compact for storage.

Sunnyglade 7.5 FT Patio Umbrella

You can purchase this option in beige, tan, red, blue and white, or black and white. Each option is well vented to allow air to circulate and keep you cooler.

When needed, you can easily tilt this option to a variety of angles to shield you from the sun. It can be opened or closed easily using the crank handle.


  • The pole unscrews in the middle for more compact storage or transport.
  • There are five different color options.
  • This product is a good size for a smaller patio table.


  • Some other options have a larger diameter and will provide more shade.
Abba Patio Rectangular Patio Hanging Umbrella

Another offset, or cantilever, option to consider is the Abba Patio Rectangular Patio Hanging Umbrella. You can purchase this option in a nine-foot by 12-foot size or an 11-foot square size. You can choose to purchase it with or without lighting under the canopy.

This product's crank system will allow you to open or close it easily. There are five-tilt angles you can choose from depending on the sun's angle. The top of the canopy has a dual vent that is designed to circulate more air and keep the umbrella stable.

The canopy is made using a heavy-duty polyester material that is designed to resist fading and provide UV protection. This fabric choice also makes it easy to keep your umbrella clean.

The pole and eight steel ribs are made using a durable aluminum which has a bronze powder coating to resist rust. The base is included when you purchase this product. However, you will need to purchase weights to secure the base separately. You can purchase this option in beige, cocoa, red, or dark brown.


  • The canopy provides UV protection and is easy to clean.
  • You can tilt the umbrella to five different positions.
  • The pole and ribs are coated with a bronze powder to prevent them from rusting.


  • There are only four different color options to choose from.

Buying Guide

If you love spending time out on your patio or entertaining, a patio umbrella is a product you will definitely want to purchase. Having an umbrella allows you to provide cooling shade for guests and yourself. Umbrellas can make brutally hot summer days more comfortable.

Before you purchase a new patio umbrella, there are a few different factors you will want to consider. First, and probably most importantly, you will need to consider the size of your space. Be sure to pick an umbrella that will provide enough shade without looking so large that it feels like it dwarfs the rest of your space.

Next, you should decide whether you want a market or a cantilever option. A market umbrella has the pole down the middle and can be placed in the middle of a patio table (though some options also have a base to allow them to be free-standing). With a cantilever umbrella, the pole is off-set to one side and the umbrella comes out from the pole to provide shade.

Next, be sure to consider the overall durability and materials used to make the umbrella. You will want to be sure to find an option that is sturdy and will not bend or break after just a few uses.

Pay attention to the durability of the canopy's fabric as well. Look for one that will resist fading and water. Finding an option that is also provides some UV protection is another great feature to look for.

Depending on the theme and colors used in your space, you may also want to pay attention to the available color options for the different products you are considering. Some other features you may want to look for include a vented canopy, an umbrella that opens easily, and an option that you can tilt.

Top Pick

Our top pick is the Abba Outdoor Patio Nine Foo Market Table Umbrella. We chose this option over the other choices because it is a reasonably priced, high-quality product.

The canopy is made using a durable polyester material that is fade-resistant, water-resistant, and provides UV protection. Because of the powder coating, you won't need to worry about the center pole getting rusty.

Abba Outdoor Patio Nine Foot Market Umbrella

This option is a good size for medium table or a smaller seating area. If you wish to use it as a free-standing option, the company sells a separate base for it. You can tilt it so it will still be able to provide shade when the sun is at lower positions in the sky.

The top of the canopy is also vented, which will allow more air to flow. With 11 different color options, you'll be able to find the perfect color for your deck or patio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Market Umbrellas and Cantilever Umbrellas?

A market umbrella is a type of patio umbrella that has a straight pole. Typically, market umbrellas go through a central hole in a patio table, allowing them to open over the table and provide shade.

A cantilever umbrella is a little different than a market umbrella. Instead of have a central pole, the pole is off on one side. At the top of the umbrella, a bar comes off towards the side and holds the canopy part of the umbrella out.

What Size Umbrella Should I Buy?

Use the size of your patio table to help you find the ideal umbrella size to purchase. If you table is less than 30 inches, you'll want to look for an umbrella that provides a five- or six-foot canopy. For 36- to 40-inch tables, you should look for an umbrella with a 7.5- to 8.5-foot canopy. If your table is over 48 inches, consider purchasing an umbrella with an 11- to 13-foot canopy.

Can I Use a Patio Umbrella at the Beach?

Trying to bring your patio umbrella along for your next beach trip probably isn't the best idea. A patio umbrella doesn't get as compact as umbrellas that are specifically designed to be used at the beach. It will be very awkward to fit in your car and try to carry down to the beach.

How Much Does a Patio Umbrella Cost?

There is a wide range of prices you'll find when you're looking for a new patio umbrella. Some options cost less than $50.

Final Verdict

Now that you've read through our reviews, it is time for you to pick your favorite option. Don't delay in placing your order so you can begin enjoying your new patio umbrella right away!


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