Health concerns can sometimes be embarrassing and uncomfortable. This is one of the primary reasons for why STDCheck even exists. Nobody wants to walk into the doctor's office and discuss STDs. STDCheck has made it easier to conduct private testing with fast results.

The entire STD testing process is relatively straightforward and it can be initiated within as little as five minutes. New users can order a test online and visit a testing center. In as little as two days, users can retrieve their results and determine whether they tested positive or negative for an STD. Review

Privacy is the main concern for most people when handling an STD test. The good news is that this platform completely focuses on keeping people protected and securing their testing results. There is also no faster online platform for testing results because as we mentioned, most users retrieve their official results within 48 hours.

A full test panel is offered by STDCheck to allow users the opportunity to get tested across the board. These panels are cost-effective and will provide you with all of the imperative information that you are looking for.

STDCheck Review

Customers can have their results within a short time, after visiting the lab. The process is simple and the STDCheck is designed to try and eliminate any discomfort from users. The process is extremely convenient, private, and provides fast results. These are all major positives when it comes to finding an effective STD testing service.

Features and Benefits

The main benefits are affordable pricing, fast results, and organized web site that makes it more convenient than ever before to set up an online testing panel. Customer care agents can also be contacted at any time to resolve any potential inquiries or concerns that you may have. Review


  • In-Depth FAQ Section with Important Answers for Customers.
  • Fast Results in Three Easy Steps.
  • Custom STD Testing Panels with Doctor Recommendations.
  • Modern Website Design.

Frequently Asked Questions Section Review

Users are encouraged to visit the FAQ section of their website to learn a little bit more about what they are facing. There are several useful pieces of information within the questions and answers that are listed within this region of the website. Users can also contact customer support by dialing the phone number in the navigation bar during business hours.

Finding a Testing Facility or Lab

Users can easily use the STDCheck search engine to find local labs and testing facilities. The modern website design makes it simple and convenient for users to find available facilities around their city. The only thing that customers have to do is type in their local zip code and scroll through the available choices before making their selection. Review

This search engine will supply the name of the facility, the business hours, and the estimated distance from your location.

Payment Methods

They accept several different types of payment methods, including cashiers checks, money orders, or traditional credit cards. They also accept prepaid debit cards or gift cards. Review

Some of the alternative payment methods include PayPal, Cryptocurrency, and Pay Later. It is important to note that cashiers checks and money orders can only be processed via phone orders.

About STDCheck

They were established to try and provide customers with an alternative form of private lab testing. This is also one of the most affordable private testing options that most customers will ever have access to. Thousands of customers have already received their results and you could be next in line. Review

If you are interested in getting started, simply click the 'Get Tested' button in the top right corner of the website. This button will redirect you to the purchase page where you can select from several different types of STD testing panels.


  • Organized Website with Several Testing Options.
  • Custom Affordable Testing Panels.
  • Fast and Private STD Testing Results.


  • Requires Local Testing Lab Visit.

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Final Verdict

STDCheck is an extremely effective way of conducting private and affordable STD testing. There might not be a better platform available to customers that are looking to purchase custom STD testing panels. New users can also reach out to the kind customer support team with any of their questions regarding the services provided.

There is also an in-depth FAQ section that we mentioned previously. The lab visit takes only a few minutes and all users can expect to have their testing results back relatively quickly. If you are looking for a fast and private way to complete an STD testing panel, this could very well be your best option right now.


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