Lacrosse Stick Recommendations

Lacrosse is a competitive outdoors game that features high intensity and requires a wide variety of important equipment to ensure the game is played properly.

One of those pieces of equipment is a lacrosse stick.

Every player on the field is entitled to holding a lacrosse stick. It is used to catch the lacrosse ball, block shots, defend the goal, and it has a major impact on how the game is played between players.

There are several different types of sticks that are used in different circumstances or situations. There are goalie, defensive, and of-course offensive lacrosse sticks.

Each of these sticks features a unique design to optimize it for its specific on field purpose. It is always important to purchase one that will help you with the particular position that you play.

If you are a defensive player, you will most certainly want to purchase and invest in a defensive lacrosse stick.

The factors that have been used to filter these products include the quality, as well as the overall price. Customer reputation and the brand's track record in the industry were additional side factors that played a major role in selecting products for this list.

Top 5: Lacrosse Sticks Review

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick, Black

In many of these product reviews, the number one product isn't definitively separated from the remaining products on the countdown. In this particular case, there is no competition. There is no doubt that the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick is objectively higher rated than many of the other sticks on this countdown of products.

One of the reasons it is so definitively out in front is because of the fact it has earned a #1 Best Seller achievement on Amazon.

This is the most common option a player would want to own. It is designed for high intensity and easy catching and passing. There are five color schemes to choose from, but the two main choices that are offered are black and white.

All of the specifications that come with this one are officially certified to meet professional standards. Customers are deeply passionate about this particular product and it continues to be the highest rated lacrosse stick on the Amazon platform.


  • #1 Best Seller.
  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
  • Five Color Choices.


  • Ideal for Offensive Players.
STX Lacrosse Men's Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick

One thing that people might want to know about the STX Lacrosse Men's Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick is that it is particularly designed for defensive positions on the lacrosse team.

It is significantly longer in length so that defensive players can slash the ball out of the opposing team's possession, but it is also capable of providing additional protect to defensive players that are in possession of the ball.

It is perfect for casual players that are at an entry-level to the game. The game is extremely complex, but this stick is perfect for simplifying some of the fundamentals that come with the competitive game of lacrosse.

As an added bonus, this one is certified to meet all professional rules and specifications, so it would be allowed to participate in competitive high school leagues or the equivalent of such.


  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
  • Defensive Player Stick Design.
  • Ideal for Beginners and Casual Players.


  • General Durability.
Warrior Evo Warp Next Lacrosse Stick, White

This Warrior Evo Warp Next White Lacrosse Stick is designed for children under the age of 15. The shape of the stick is ideal for players that are younger because it focuses on providing forgiveness to newer players.

The stick is designed to be weather resistant and durable so that it can stand the test of time. While it is priced in a slightly higher range, it does offer high quality features that make it worth it.


  • Ideal for Youth Ages.
  • Durable.
  • Weather Resistant Design.


  • Expensive Price Range.
Brine Clutch Rise Attack Stick - Navy

This particular product is an extremely popular offensive lacrosse stick that features a dark navy blue color scheme. It is a great option for beginner players and casual participants in the game of lacrosse. While it is not ideal for professional and serious players, it would certainly work for that purpose as well.

The great news for customers regarding the Brine Clutch Rise Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick is that it is extremely affordable and provides a lot of convincing reasons to consider it for purchase.

The head features a lightweight and flat scoop so that players can easily attack the ball and scoop it up at high speed with ease. This can provide a performance based advantage when out on the field and when in the heat of battle in a competitive match. 

Customers have expressed their positive feedback, so this stick is certainly among the best options that currently exists on the market at this price.


  • Flat Stick Design.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Navy Blue Color Scheme.


  • General Durability.
STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Complete Stick

This goalie stick is perfect for casual goalies that are looking for a lightweight and durable option for their goaltender purposes. The stick features a durable meshing material to ensure that stick is equipped with a durable net. The color of the net frame is white and silver, which makes for a nice and slick design out on the field.

This goalie stick can be used by professionals or casual players because it is flexible and designed with both purposes in mind.

For the price range, the STX Shield 100 Strung Lacrosses Goalie Stick is probably one of the most affordable goalie sticks that is currently for sale. It is an ideal product for goalies to consider!


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Durable Meshing Material.


  • Ideal for Lacrosse Goalies Only.

best lacrosse stick

Defensive players would certainly be interested in the STX Lacrosse Men's Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick, while goalies are drawn towards the number five product, the STX Shield 100 Strung Lacrosses Goalie Stick.

There is no doubt that all other players would certainly want to consider the number one product in this countdown, the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick. This product comes from a reputable brand and has earned the right to be called a #1 Best Seller in the industry.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick, Black

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a lacrosse stick?

A lacrosse stick is along stick that is used to play the lacrosse sport. The stick has a long straight body and a triangular shaped edge that has an attached net, which allows the ball to be carried, held, passed, or shot. The act of carrying the ball using a lacrosse stick is known as cradling.

What are the parts of a lacrosse stick?

A lacrosse stick has two main parts. The shaft, which is a long straight handle, and the head which consists of a pocket shaped net. The pocket has edges which are called sidewalls that keep it open. The part where the head meets the shaft is called the neck or throat.

Can you buy a complete lacrosse stick?

Most stores sell complete lacrosse sticks while some stores have the parts sold separately. The parts bought separately can easily be assembled to make a complete stick.

What material is lacrosse stick shaft made of?

Modern lacrosse sticks are made of titanium, aluminum, scandium, or alloys of the three materials. The materials are light weight and offer good grip. Traditional sticks are made of other materials such as wood, fiberglass, or plastic

How heavy is a lacrosse stick?

The average weight of a lacrosse metal stick is between five and six ounces. A carbon fiber lacrosse stick weighs about five ounces while the wooden lacrosse stick is a bit heavier weighing about 10 ounces.

Who invented the lacrosse stick?

The person who invented the first lacrosse stick was a Native American called Mohawk. The Native American tribe from where Mohawk hails from used lacrosse sticks to play the game of lacrosse to please their gods and toughen young warriors. The first lacrosse stick consisted of just plain wood with the end bent to form the head.

Who made the lacrosse stick popular?

The lacrosse stick and the lacrosse game were made popular by the French explorers who visited the Native American town of Huron Country where the lacrosse game was first played. A Frenchman by the name Robert Poole added a modification to the native stick on July 20, 1937, and made a stick that had two walls on the head. This design has been retained even in today's modern sticks.

Are the any patents on the lacrosse stick's parts?

Some parts of the lacrosse stick have existing patents. One is a patent on the head limiting that it be manufactured with either molded string or shooter strings, which are laced into the netting material allowing for better shots. Another patent on the shaft guides that reinforcement can be added to help in weight distribution and a patent on the string locking system at the bottom of the head to hold the strings in place, by interlacing them through, to keep them fixed.

Are women's lacrosse sticks different from men's lacrosse sticks?

Women's lacrosse sticks have the same height as men's lacrosse sticks. The difference comes in the pocket depth which is shallow in women's lacrosse sticks and deeper in men's lacrosse sticks. The NCAA rules require the heads on women's lacrosse sticks be at least seven to nine inches wide and have a traditionally strung pocket formed by a grid of leather strings.

Why are there different size sticks in lacrosse?

Longer lacrosse sticks of 60 inches long are more suitable for defenders because they offer more room to poke, check, and keep the opposing player far away. Goalie sticks are shorter at 40 inches length but have a wide net at the tip for blocking the opponent's shots. Attacker sticks are the shortest measuring 30 inches long which enables the attacker make quick maneuvers when avoiding the opponents and have more control when making shots.

What can make a lacrosse stick illegal?

A referee in a lacrosse game can disqualify a lacrosse stick as illegal if the stick fails the table test. When laying the lacrosse stick face down on a flat table, and the topmost part of the stick is more than 2.75 inches off the table, then the stick is illegal due to a shaft angle irregularity.

How deep is the pocket of a lacrosse stick?

The appropriate size of the pocket on a lacrosse stick should not be deeper than the size of one lacrosse ball. The referees use a daylight test to measure the legality of the pocket depth, which should not leave any gaps between the ball and the lacrosse head's edge.

Why do lacrosse players drop their sticks?

A player dropping their lacrosse stick during a game is common in collegiate lacrosse games. This is done when the player is contradicting the ref's decision regarding the legality of their stick. The player drops the stick to request for a legality check on it and avoids tampering with the stick.

Can players exchange lacrosse sticks during the game?

Players can exchange their sticks during the game as long as they are 40 yards away from the opponent's goalie. However, if one of the players is holding the ball during the exchange then he/she will be without the crosse stick for a short time, which could result in an illegal procedure penalty.

How much does a lacrosse stick cost?

Lower end sticks that a beginner can easily use cost about $40. Lacrosse Players who have much more experience prefer buying the heads and shafts separately to enable more room for customization. A head can cost between $35 and $ 100 while the shaft can go for anywhere between, $40 to $100, depending on the material it is made of.

How long before you need to replace the head on a lacrosse stick?

The head on a lacrosse stick can last in good condition for one to two years before it requires replacing. The duration will depend on how often the stick is used and how it is handled by the player.

Do all lacrosse heads fit all shafts?

Majority of men's lacrosse heads have the same open throat configuration and will fit across all solid older model lacrosse shafts. However, some recent models of lacrosse heads have different throat technologies and will not fit across all shafts. These newer heads only fit over hollow lacrosse shafts.

7 Tips to succeed at lacrosse

Lacrosse is a popular team sport that is played in high schools, colleges, and as an intramural sport across the country. Its origins lie in Native American training methods for their warriors--they would engage in competitions and sparring to develop quick reflexes, combat strategies, and problem solving skills on the field.

Today, many of those same attributes are taught by coaches and learned by eager players worldwide. These Native American traditions were celebratory, and they took place over the course of several days, drawing crowds of supporters and spectators alike. These playful games could grow from anywhere from 100 to 100,000 people. The rules of this crude form of lacrosse were simple:
  • Don't be touched by another player's hand
  • There are no boundaries

Early lacrosse balls were made of wood, and sticks were quite heavy and cumbersome to lug around. They evolved into deerskin balls with a lighter, leaner stick that was more easily manipulated. As team members prepared for "battle", they adorned their faces, arms, legs, and chests with charcoal. Games were played for a number of reasons--they were played to toughen up young warriors for battle, and they also had religious and recreational connotations. Bets were often placed on the outcome of these games.

Firm foundations
A dentist by the name of Dr. William George Beers was credited with starting the first Lacrosse club in 1856. Four years later, it had become the national game played by Canadians everywhere, and it had its established set of rules including a rubber ball and a redesigned stick. It quickly spread across the globe, gaining popularity with men and women alike, and its rich history and competitive spirit inspire many people to play.

Trying Lacrosse: Is it for me?
In deciding if Lacrosse is for you, you need to know a little bit more about what will make you a successful player. If you are a skilled player, you will be much more likely to enjoy the sport of your choosing. Let's take a look at the rules of lacrosse, and what type of skill and knowledge are required to become proficient at playing:

  • There are ten players allowed on the field at a time
  • Each goal counts as one point
  • There can be a maximum of 4 long poles on the field per team
  • The only player that can make hand to ball contact is the goalie
  • At least four players must be behind the defensive line during play
  • No opposing player can make contact with the goalie while the ball is in play
  • Play is stopped immediately when a ball goes out of bounds, and possession of the ball is awarded to the team who did not cause the stop in play
  • Body checking is allowed for older players
  • Play penalties vary by age
  • The official size of a lacrosse field is 120 yards by 60 yards
Tips for succeeding at lacrosse
To be a successful player, you must not only abide by the rules, but you must also know a few tips and tricks to make your time on the field flow more smoothly. Follow these seven tips for lacrosse skill, speed, and success:

1. Embrace a positive, winning attitude
In addition to knowing the rules and abiding by them, it is essential that you embrace a positive attitude when play starts. You never know what the opposing team will throw at you---illegal plays, trash talking, and even stick maneuvering that is intentionally harmful. Regardless of what you come up against, whether it be your own shortcomings or poor sportsmanship from the other team, if you have a positive, winning attitude, you can keep your head held high long after the game is over.

2. Work like a dog
If you are willing to do some serious work both on and off the court, your efforts will pay off. Practicing correctly, asking for feedback from your coaches and other players, and committing to improve your game will all put you in a better position for winning play. Hard work and consistency will pay off.

3. Make sure you understand the game
One major factor in lacrosse success is the ability to understand plays and calls. Having adequate knowledge of the rules and being able to understand the flow of the game will allow you to almost predict what your opposing team's next move will be. In order to play effectively, you must always be learning something new about the game.

4. Communicate with coaches and teammates
Developing a system of communication between you and your teammates will be essential as you adapt to situations both on and off the field. Communicating your intentions to your teammates and to opposing players will make practices and games go more smoothly. Working out issues, both personal and with the game itself, will be important as you move forward and grow into a cohesive team that achieves great things. Don't forget to communicate with your coaches as well; they have insight and valuable advice on how you can all improve, if you take the time to listen and adjust.

5. Have the right equipment
There are $15 lacrosse sticks, and then there are $60 lacrosse sticks. In this case, the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is correct. You'll want to make sure you have right uniform, pads, and equipment needed to become a skilled player. You don't have to purchase the biggest and best just yet if you are just starting to play, but be open to expanding your lacrosse closet as you improve your skills.

6. Train off the field
You cannot expect to improve at a physical game like lacrosse if you are not in good shape. Players that commit to a regular training schedule that combines principles of plyometrics, cardiovascular exercise and weight training will be much more successful than those whose first form of physical exercise is a scrimmage or game. If you are truly serious about the game, you'll put some time in the gym as well, sculpting the perfect lacrosse physique.

7. Be open to constructive criticism and making changes
Your coach, and likely other players, are going to tell you things about your technique and playing style that will hurt and make you angry. Get over it, and quickly! Your ability to grow in the game and as a player will only move forward if you do not take these criticisms personally; learn and grow from them, and you'll be more likely to become a starter, as your coach will recognize you as someone who is willing to change and adapt for the greater good of the team.

Get out on that field!
When approached with the right attitude, lacrosse can be a wonderful way to become healthier, learn valuable team skills, and develop the kind of persistence and perseverance that will work well for you off the field as well. Put in some work, don that winning attitude, and get out on that field for some serious fun!

Final Verdict

The five products mentioned in the review above are all great for their specific purposes. There are offensive, defensive, and goalie lacrosse sticks all included in this review. Depending on your level of competitiveness and overall experience with the game, the type of stick that you would want to purchase can vary.


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