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Finding a strong pair of ice hockey skates can be extremely challenging, especially with the various designs and size options that are currently available on the market. There are many different things to look for when browsing the market for a high quality pair.

Comfort is obviously one of the most important factors, but looking for a heavy duty pair of skates is also important to ensure that they last for a long period of time. Some players like to focus on the simpler aspects of ice hockey, but ice skates cannot be ignored. Usually amateur players just want an affordable and comfortable pair of skates that get the job done. The story is much different for professional athletes. 

Believe it or not, some in the industry believe that the shape and design can increase drag and aerodynamics when out on the ice. If you are looking for speed, you might want to look for a product that focuses on aerodynamics.

Professional hockey players often times face hockey pucks coming at them at high speeds. There are several locations on the body that are vulnerable to serious injuries if a puck hits at high speed. One of those locations is the side of the foot and ankle region. If a high velocity hockey puck strikes a particular portion of this region, a foot fracture or break could take place.

Some manufacturers have looked for ways to provide additional safety to this vulnerable area. You might want to consider looking for one of those products if safety is important to you.

Top 5: Ice Hockey Skates Review

Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate, Black, R 1.0

This Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate has earned the right to be considered the best pair of junior skates that is currently available on the market. These strike the perfect balance between value and performance which makes them a premier choice.

It has been molded for optimal comfort and performance when out on the ice. The premium nylon quarter and foam materials have been inserted for enhanced comfort and additional protection on vulnerable areas of the skate shell.

Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate, Black, R 1.0
Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate, Black, R 1.0

Customers have reported that these specific features have had a major impact on comfort when compared to other similar junior skates.

These come from an extremely reputable brand, which is important to consider when comparing the track record of other ice skate products. These are also among the most affordable, which is the main factor that plays into making them a number one choice on the market.


  • Extremely affordable price range
  • Optimal mold shape for all players
  • Reputable for juniors


  • General durability
Jackson Ultima Softec Sport ST6102 Black Mens Ice Skates, Adult 6

This Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates pair is one of the most popular products among customers because they are designed for performance. They have durable padding features combined with comfortable features that provide a snug and secure feeling for wearers.

These are available in two different color schemes and are perfect for boys and girls of all ages.


  • Ideal for boys and girls
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Two color options (black and blue)


  • Expensive price range
Bauer Senior Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates (Black, 9)

There are hundreds of pairs of senior ice skates that are available for sale on the market. This particular pair is unique in the sense that they provide enhanced customization features for seniors.

For a great price range, you can purchase this pair to immediately begin enjoying the high quality features and design quality that comes along with the purchase.

The overall design is impressive, and these skates will surely make for a great experience for all seniors that want to step out onto the ice rink.


  • Ideal for seniors
  • Comfortable design


  • Expensive price range
Botas - Draft 281 - Kids Ice Hockey Skates | Made in Europe (Czech Republic) | Color: Black, Size Child 10

This Botas - Draft 281 pair of is designed and constructed from Europe. They are perfect for competitive ice hockey athletes looking for a strong and durable option that is capable of enhancing performance and comfort.

There are several sizes to select from, while also offering additional padding and foam materials to ensure that safety is a top priority. This skate features a slightly different molding shape for the foot, mainly because of the additional layers of padding and foam.

Customers have expressed positive comments towards these because of the enhanced features. You will probably want to consider this pair if you are looking for a high quality product that offers a unique design.


  • Made in Europe (Czech Republic)
  • Heavy duty design quality
  • Resistant foam material for enhanced safety


  • Expensive price range
  • General durability
Tour Hockey Adult TR-700 Ice Hockey Skates

This particular skate from Tour Hockey is extremely popular because it is comfortable and effective. It provides players with a sufficient amount of padding and support layers to ensure that it is capable of protecting vulnerable areas of the foot and ankle.

They are available in only one standard color scheme. There are several reasons to consider purchasing this ice skate, including the fact that it is durable, affordable, and effective.


  • Affordable price range
  • Support layers and protection paddinga
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Only one color option
  • Ideal for adults only

ice hockey skates Buying Guide

These five products that have earned a right to be mentioned in this review are all great choices for your hockey bag.

Some of these focus on a particular audience in the hockey world, so it is important to do the right research so that you can find a skate that provides you with optimal comfort and performance.

best ice hockey skates

The Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates for Men, Boys, Women, and Girls is an ice skate product that focuses on a general audience without focusing any of its features towards a particular style of player. This makes this particular product the most generalized and probably one of the best baseline products for casual players to start with.

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport ST6102 Black Mens Ice Skates, Adult 6

Final Verdict

Regardless of your specific intentions, many of these ice skates will likely be great for your needs. Now is the time to check each individual pair out and review the specifications to ensure that you have everything you need to make a great purchase!


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