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We are now going to start this review by talking a little bit about the Glowhost web hosting platform. It is always exciting to look throughout the web hosting industry to try and find a high-quality service that consistently produces across all of the imperative product categories.

It is our goal to provide you with as much useful information about the Glowhost web hosting platform so that you can ultimately make the best decision for yourself. This hosting provider has been around since 2002 and has a reasonable reputation for their services. They might be an ideal choice for many customers, but the in-depth technical details will likely provide a clearer picture of their overall quality.


Glowhost Review

There are many impressive things about the Glowhost web hosting platform. One of the cool things that we learned is that they do not just provide services to individuals. They have also provided high-quality hosting services to government entities and major corporations.


This fact by itself has resulted in an extremely positive marketing outcome because the word has spread from these major groups and now more individuals are browsing the Glowhost web hosting platform to see if their services are in line with what they are looking for.

Features and Benefits

Some of the most impressive features include unlimited disk space and a specific opportunity to choose how many websites you want to host. The varying hosting packages make it easy to differentiate between features and there is no doubt that customers will have an optimal opportunity of selecting their favorite option.


Free domain registration and free SEO tools come as apart of many of the packages on the Glowhost web hosting platform. These features and bonus perks simply add to the value of the entire service. We recommend that new customers check out each of the hosting options as well as the tiered packages that are branched within each of them.


  • McAfee Secure Integrated into Hosting.
  • Free SEO Tools.
  • Unlimited Disk Space.

Instant Activation & Fast Setup

Many hosting providers have long activation times and difficult setup processing. That is fortunately not the case with the Glowhost web hosting platform. All of the hosting packages come with an instant automated activation process with fast setup times and no additional fees.


Customers can take their pick of any of the service plans and will never have to wait an extensive amount of time for their services to be added to their account. This is extremely convenient and efficient which makes the Glowhost web hosting platform a strong brand to consider.

Design Templates

There are over 1500 design templates that customers can choose from. These design templates are a complementary addition to each of the hosting packages. After everything is said and done, it is quite clear as to why the Glowhost web hosting platform might be an ideal choice for you.


With such a large number of preset templates, your creative imagination can align and adjust to each of the possibilities for your website. The Glowhost web hosting platform makes it easier than ever to purchase high-quality web hosting packages that you are looking for. These templates are ideal for experienced users and beginners. This means that any type of customer can find the same benefits out of this particular perk.

Customer Support

Users can initiate a support request by either dialing the support phone number or clicking on the 'CONTACT SUPPORT' button in the top right-hand corner of the page. Once you have arrived on the support page, you can have your pick as to whether you read the FAQ section, contact support via chat, or simply view the knowledge base that has important information about the platform.


The customer support team has been rated to be extremely positive and there is no reason to believe that their support will deteriorate any time soon.


  • Convenient Pre-Built Templates.
  • Inexpensive and Valuable.
  • Outstanding Support Team.


  • Minor Performance Issues.

Final Verdict

To conclude this web hosting review, we wanted to say that we were impressed with the Glowhost web hosting platform. There are probably some better options out there, but this platform has proven to be reputable and reasonable in price. They also provide customers with great discount offers and promotional deals for their package pricing. These promotions are often advertised and marketed for the holiday season.

Please head on over to the Glowhost website and register for a new account to get started. The web interface is nicely organized and extremely convenient for new visitors.


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