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When your battery goes bad, you get a new one. That's what I always thought anyway. I take good care of my car. Still, nothing lasts forever. So, when a battery died, I did what a thought was sensible and got it replaced. I was never sure of how to dispose a battery. Install one, sure, but I figured a business would know better what to do when it came to tossing them. For the last thirty years, I handed over my dead batteries to someone else. I installed my own, and went on my way.

EZ Battery Reconditioning

I didn't realize for the longest time that a lot of places don't recycle them after they remove it. At least, not out here. That irked me a bit because our environment is important. Just tossing a battery with all the acids and such in a landfill had to be bad for the planet. So I started to look into other ways to handle my car battery. That's how I found out about the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course.

The idea of bringing a battery "back to life" makes it sound like something out of a Frankenstein movie, but it genuinely works. Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson are the men behind the magic. After giving it a go, I was able to restore a battery that was approaching the end of its days. I wanted to share my thoughts on the course because I think it's a great alternative to buying a brand-new battery. There's no reason to let a perfectly good battery go to waste just because you don't know how to save it.

EZ Battery Reconditioning

This is a great program to take up if you're into DIY car work, saving money or even looking to start up a little side gig restoring batteries yourself. I've found there isn't a real great market locally where I'm at in California. I've decided to start making a little cash on the side by putting the program into practice myself.

To start, I want to lay out the Pros and Cons of the EZ Battery program:


  • Simple, Straightforward Directions.
  • Perfect for DIY work, helps save money on battery replacement.
  • Improves Foundational Knowledge of Car Batteries.


  • Though Simple to Learn, terms can be intimidating to a beginner.

About EZ Battery Reconditioning

A lot of people get intimidated by working on cars alone. I get it. I've been there when I was younger. You don't want to over-adjust something, use the wrong tool or turn the wrong cap, right? Well, EZ Battery explains all the difficulty in the name. This is simple stuff once you get the hang of it. I've been a car guy for a while, so I adjusted to it fast. The wording is straightforward, and written for anyone to pick up these skills.

EZ Battery Reconditioning
EZ Battery Reconditioning

Second, the price is fantastic for the value. Think about the cost of a car battery. Sure, you might find some cheap battery for around fifty bucks. But you get what you pay for in my experience. I never like to take chances with my battery. So, you probably shell out for the premium option. That could be almost two hundred dollars. You might even go through more than one battery a year if you hit the road a lot. Two hundred bucks is nothing to sneeze at. If you save one battery, the program already paid for itself.

Third, this book taught me all about car batteries. I was able to figure all the ins and outs of how it works. This helped me get a better understanding and appreciation of how the battery works. I get really into this stuff to begin with. Knowing how it all works in relation to my car helped me understand how everything else runs too.

Final Verdict

I will say that while I believe anyone can learn from this program, someone completely unfamiliar with cars or DIY work needs to take their time. Sure, it isn't the most complicated subject. But if you have literally never worked on your own car before, it might be jarring. I'm still confident anyone can learn to do this on their own. I would warn complete beginners to not get discouraged. This program will walk you through everything you need to know to get the job done. Just stay the course. It's like any program.

I know some people are looking at this and thinking, "oh, that's a scam." Well, you can do the research yourself. Plenty of other people like me did. I had my doubts too when I first heard about it. So did a lot of other reviewers. But I haven't found a single person yet that had a wholly negative experience with it.

If you want a product that's going to help you save cash on your car battery, and learn more about battery reconditioning then I'd tell you to give EZ Battery Reconditioning a try. It will teach you more about your car battery, how to save it and save you some hard-earned cash in the process.


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