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The search for a high-quality electric jackhammer can be frustrating and stressful, but we are going to look at some products that might make your search a little bit easier. The first thing that you have to establish when browsing the market is to figure out which features are highest on your priority list. After determining this, you can then begin looking at some of the pros and cons that each product inherits.

Electric jackhammers can be somewhat expensive and not all customers will be willing to fork up a large sum of cash. There are certainly at least a few cost-effective choices, but you might end up making some important feature sacrifices when trying to cut corners and save on cost.

If you are uncomfortable jumping into a product search like this on your own, the good news is that this product review will be providing readers with useful information to make their purchase decision a whole lot easier. We will provide a list of five top-notch electric jackhammers that are highly respected within this industry.

You will be able to compare the features, prices, and customer ratings of each product, which can ultimately help you to narrow down your search and assist you in focusing on the best jackhammers for your particular needs.

Top 5: Electric Jackhammers Review

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker W/Case, Gloves

One of the top industry choices has to be the XtremePowerUS Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer. This selection is available in three different configurations and is equipped with several convenient features that could be appealing to you.

Comfort is one of the noticeable aspects that has gone into the design of this electric jackhammer. The handle grip can be adjusted for comfort and enhanced control. This particular product is affordable, popular, and efficient at what it is designed to do.

There are so many reasons that you should consider buying this electric jackhammer and many of the customers that have already purchased it have left a positive rating on Amazon.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Three Different Configurations Available.
  • Adjustable Handle Grip.


  • Short Term Durability.
  • No Product Warranty is Included.
TR Industrial TR89305 60 Joules Electric Jack Hammer for Demolition, Graphite

We highly recommend the TR Industrial Electric Jack Hammer because of its heavy-duty design quality and enhanced performance. This product is completely weather-proof and has focused on providing customers with durability.

Users should expect a powerful electric jackhammer that is ideal for demolition and other similar purposes. Unfortunately, the asking price is significantly higher than the average price within this industry.

If you are willing to pay a large amount of money for a highly-effective electric jackhammer, this could certainly be one of your best overall choices to consider for purchase.


  • Weather Proof Design.
  • Enhanced Quality and Performance.
  • Extra Long Power Cord (20-feet).


  • Expensive Price Range.
Mophorn 3600W Electric Demolition Hammer Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker 1800 RPM Jack Hammer Demolition Drills with Flat Chisel Bull Point Chisel (3600 W)

Our third-placed product is impressive because it manages to focus on important product design aspects that some other brands have ignored. The Mophorn Electric Demolition Jackhammer has earned a place on this podium because of its comfortable handle and durable design quality.

Users can use this jackhammer for several different purposes, including concrete demolition and trench work. Two different power configurations vary in price, including a 2200-watt version and a 3600-watt version.

This might not be one of the top overall choices, but it manages to provide an impressive level of consistency across all product categories. This jackhammer has also earned an endorsement from Amazon after receiving an incredible amount of positive reviews from customers.

It is important to remember that this Mophorn Electric Demolition Jackhammer leans on the higher end of the pricing spectrum and it may not be ideal for customers on a tight financial budget.


  • Comfortable Handle.
  • Sturdy and Durable.
  • Multi-Purpose Design.


  • High End Price Range.
F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker Power Tool Kit 2 Chisel 2 Punch Bit Set W/Case, Gloves

We are very pleased with the F2C Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer and it has earned the fourth position on this review as a result. The most noticeable characteristic that will draw the attention of customers is the affordable price.

This jackhammer is capable of providing users with a simple and efficient design that is capable of completing concrete demolition jobs with ease. This brand has managed to build an impressive customer reputation since its initial release on the market.

One of the only issues that some customers have reported is durability. With all things considered, this could certainly be one of the most cost-effective choices that you will find in the electric jackhammer industry.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Simple and Efficient.
  • Positive Customer Reputation.


  • Short Term Durability.
ZENY 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker Drills w/Case, Gloves 2 Chisel 2 Punch Bit Set

Our fifth and final product review will feature the ZENY 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer. This selection offers an affordable price range and several unique features that come together to produce an impressive option for customers to consider.

One of the most impressive design features happens to be the corrosion-resistant design that focuses on enhancing durability for a long time. This product might also be ideal for users that are looking for an affordable jackhammer that can complete important projects. Concrete demolition is ideal for this ZENY Electric Jackhammer.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Corrosion Resistant Design.


  • Average Customer Ratings.
  • Limited Instructions / No Customer Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Valuable Electric Jackhammer?

The answer to this question can truly depend on customer preferences and other similar variables that are subject to change. We believe the most valuable choice within this review belongs to the XtremePowerUS Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer.

There are several reasons that we have made this determination, but this choice was mostly made because of its well-balanced price, enhanced quality, and overall consistency across all of the important categories that customers look at when attempting to purchase a jackhammer.

What Does an Electric Jackhammer Do?

Electric jackhammers are specifically designed for demolition projects that relate to abolishing concrete or other similar rocky materials. You can commonly find these types of jackhammers on large-scale construction sites.

Final Verdict

Our final verdict for this review will place an emphasis on consistency and performance. It takes both of these characteristics to sufficiently produce a jackhammer that can get the job done. There are only a few premium product choices that you can select from, but that choice can be made difficult if you are unsure about some of the important factors to consider.

Our top two selections presented customers with an option between the TR Industrial Electric Jack Hammer and the XtremePowerUS Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer. Both of these products have appeared to master the formula that customers are looking for when trying to find a high-performance electric jackhammer. It also doesn't hurt that these products are relatively generous in price.

You should now be prepared to make your final decision by utilizing all of the important information that we have provided within this review. All of these five products are extremely impressive, but only one can be right for you.


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