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Draw knives are mostly used for smoothing pieces of wood in order to make them easier to work with. This is done by scraping the bark or uneven bits off in thin strips with a sharp blade

The advantage of draw knives is that they make it easy to shape pieces of wood and are simple to operate. If you need uniform pieces of wood for a project or are looking to process barked wood into a usable piece, a draw knife is a must.

There are differences in what each draw knife is capable of, which will depend on the design of the product and overall price. Additionally, if you haven't already, you'll need to decide what you need your draw knife for. If it will be used for tanning, you won't want to get draw knife designed for woodworking as there are major differences between the two kinds of knives.

Selecting an effective and durable draw knife can be a difficult process if you don't do your research before hand. In this list we'll help you make a decision by whittling down the five best draw knives on the market.

Top 5: Draw Knives Review

BeaverCraft Draw Knife DK1-4,3" Straight Debarking Shave Woodworking Hand Tool Bark Knife Wood Carving Splitting Knife Wood Splitter Tool

First on our list is a draw knife with a 4.3 inch blade that's touted as a handy asset for any kind of woodworker. Novices and experts alike can find a reliable tool in this wood-handled draw knife by BeaverCraft thanks to its simple, yet functional, design.

The ergonomic grips and high-carbon steel blade betray the humble appearance of this piece. Though this might look like a tool that's made for delicate work, reviewers have praised the ability of the blade, even on tough pieces of wood.

Moreover, the presentation of this tool is beautiful, meaning it would make quite an impression if given as a gift. Quality materials means you can count on this knife to last for a long time, too.

Another benefit to this blade is that it's designed to work with both hardwood and softwood. It's sharp enough to tear away at softwood, yet durable enough not to break when dealing with hardwood.

This and the natural oils used in the wooden handles leaves you with a knife that is completely efficient in design.


  • Wooden handles coated with natural linseed oil
  • Affordable price
  • Blade is made of better material than most
  • Includes free instructional ebooks


  • Single bevel
Redneck Convent 12 Inch Fleshing Knife Hide Tanning Fleshing Tool - Dual Handle Hide Scaping Flesher Tool Leather and Taxidermy Supplies

Let's take a quick detour from woodworking and focus on another use for draw knives. The artisanal craft of tanning hides can be done with this simple tool.

The Redneck Convent is an easy-to-clean draw knife with plastic handles and a non-corrosive metal blade. This means that this is a tool  won't be worn down by frequent contact with animal fats and gristle. Most importantly, the seller recommends that this blade only be used for smaller animal pelts like mink or rabbit.

This blade can be sharpened further than its original state, but be warned that the sharper the blade becomes the easier it is to tear the pelt that you're working on along with waste material. Some experience and care is needed to make full use of this tool.

Redneck Convent is a U.S based source for trappers and hunters. This is manufacturing you can trust. Nearly a five star rating on Amazon and priced under $30 makes this product a steal, so grab it while you can!


  • Specifically made to scrape fat off animal skin
  • Blade comes moderately sharpened for tanning
  • Thick and heavy duty blade
  • Plastic grips for easy cleaning


  • Not designed for woodworking
Felled Draw Shave Tool - 5" Inch Curved Draw Knife, Pull Knife, Bark Peeler for Logging, Woodworking, and Building

If you're willing to invest slightly more money in a woodworking tool, take a gander at the draw shave tool by Felled. This is a great choice for projects large and small. This product is very effective; it can peel the bark off a single branch or tackle a huge piece of lumber.

It comes with the option of 5-inch, 10-inch or 13-inch blade, each made with rustic wooden handles and steel blade. Whatever size you get, this is a reliable shaving tool used by both lumberjacks and hobbyists.

Most importantly, this product is delivered sharpened and ready to go. It's hard to find a better tool than this. This draw knife will look great among your collection of tools while also performing at a high quality. At barely under $40 (for the 13-inch blade), this is the most expensive item on this list, but it's worth the extra money for an especially effective tool.

Felled isn't known only for selling tools, however the quality of this item can be confirmed by the satisfied reviews of the customers. Make sure to contact the seller if you have more questions about the composition of the metal or the sourcing of the materials.


  • Three different length options
  • Designed with quality material
  • Largest blade at 13-inches
  • Solid grips


  • More expensive than some of the other options
Morakniv Classic Wood Splitter Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, 4.3-Inch

A great knife for debarking and wood shaving can be found in Morakniv's wood splitter knife. At 4.5 inches of blade and weighing 5.3 ounces in total weight makes for a lightweight yet heavy duty tool.

Seasoned woodworkers will appreciate this knife over lesser experienced users, as there are a few subtleties in the curvature of the blade that facilitates complex actions.

Reviewers noted that they used this blade for more than what it was originally designed for; so if you've got the wherewithal to improvise and find another, safe way to use this tool, then this is a great choice.

This blade is beveled on both sides, which allows for more control and specificity in where the knife cuts. Most draw knives are only beveled on one side, another reason this is an advanced and useful tool.


  • Artistic design
  • Double beveled
  • High reviews


  • Overall small size
  • Some reviews state they don't like the double bevel
Timber Tuff TMB-05DC Curved Draw Shave Tool, 5"

Timber Tuff has made an excellent blade for larger projects at an affordable price. While the quality of this blade isn't quite as good as some of the others in this list, the competitive price makes it a worthy choice.

Some buyers have said that this blade benefits from some modifications once you receive it. If you're interested in sharpening and flattening this blade, it will become an even better addition to your tool collection.

A tool like this probably won't be your go-to knife for every project, but there's no doubt that the ergonomic wooden handles and eight inch blade will shave wood excellently, even if it requires some extra maintenance.

Check this one out if you want to try out a new tool or need a back up draw knife. 


  • Affordably priced
  • Large blade
  • Guarded handles for safety


  • Low quality blade

draw knives Buying Guide

The first draw knife that you order may not be the right one for you, so try one out quickly to figure out which is the best tool to finish your woodworking project. You can always replace it or order another tool if you aren't satisfied with the specific design of the one that you bought.

Because the draw knife is so versatile, and other knives can also fulfill the function of a draw knife, it's extremely vital that you read each product description carefully to ensure you get what you expect. You'l want to be sure that you don't buy a woodworking tool for skinning animal pelts, or visa versa.

One of the first things you should think about when selecting a draw knife is the type of wood you'll be working with.

Softwoods behave differently than hardwoods on the workbench. Therefore, it is important to do your research the find the right blade for each kind of wood. If you know what you need, you can always alter the sharpness and thickness of the blade yourself.

On this list we've covered several types of drawing knives that can be used for every day purposes. Whether you're a woodworker or trapper, these safe and clever tools make scraping away excess materials much easier.

And lastly, be sure to consider what types of projects your tool will be used for, then find the perfect one for your workshop and wallet.

best draw knife

The Felled Draw Shave Tool is my recommendation for anyone in the woodworking craft. Multiple sizing options makes this a tool for any sized job. The curved blade of the smaller size means you can control this blade better than any other blade on this list.

Felled Draw Shave Tool - 5" Inch Curved Draw Knife, Pull Knife, Bark Peeler for Logging, Woodworking, and Building

^^ Click Picture To Check Price & Reviews ^^

The price isn't much more than any other shaving tool and, our my opinion, the added cost only means that you're buying higher quality materials. It's also the largest blade on this list so it can be used for more kinds of projects.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a draw knife?

A draw knife is a hand tool used for woodworking. It is designed to create smooth surfaces by carving down a piece of wood. A draw knife removes small shavings of wood at a time to achieve this goal.

Draw knifes are made of a straight blade set that is set between two slightly angled handles.

How do you use a draw knife?

To use a draw knife, you will want to clamp down the piece of wood you are working on to keep it steady and prevent it from slipping as you shave. Many people like using a shaving horse to hold the piece of wood they are working on shaving with their draw knife.

After securing the piece of wood you'll be working on, use both hands to comfortably hold both handles. Then, start at the far end of the wood and draw (pull) the knife towards you to remove the wood you don't want.

Generally, when you use a draw knife, you want to have the flat side down since it allows you to cut off finer piece of wood. This allows you to maintain control over what you're working on. If you need to make deeper or more angled slices, you can turn the knife over so that the beveled side is down.

How long is the blade on a draw knife?

While some draw knives may have a longer blade, most have a blade that is between 6 and 10 inches long. One side of the blade is flat and the other side is beveled.

What is a curved draw knife used for?

Straight draw knifes and curved draw knifes can be used for many of the same tasks. As you gain experience with each type of knife, you may discover that you prefer one over the other for certain types of work. If you're trying to scoop out the seat of a chair, a curved draw knife may be the better option to choose.

What size draw knife should I use?

The type of work you're doing will help you determine the knife size that is best for you. For most jobs, a knife with a blade between 8 and 10 inches will be what you want to use. If you're working on a narrower piece of wood, a shorter draw knife should work too.

Is it easy to cut yourself with a draw knife?

Yes, as long as you know what you're doing and take safety precautions, draw knives are pretty safe to use. When you use a draw knife, you position your body in such a way that your knees are out of the way of getting hit by the knife. The muscles in your back will work to help you stop the knife from hitting your body.

How is a draw knife different from a spokeshave?

While draw knifes and spokeshaves have many similarities, there are some key differences in the design and use of each option. First, spokeshaves are the better option if you're looking to create more intricate detail work on a piece. Draw knives can be more useful for removing larger chunks of wood more quickly.

Draw knives require a little more practice and experience to control properly. Many people find that spokeshaves are easier and more comfortable to hold and maneuver.

Draw knives and spokeshaves also have different blades. The blade on a spokeshave is fit into a slotted sole, whereas a draw knife's blade is connected to the handle on each side of the blade.

Can you use a draw knife to remove bark from narrower tree branches?

Yes, a draw knife can be used for removing bark from branches. If you are looking to smooth out a branch for a task like making a walking stick, a draw knife is a good purchase to make.

Do draw knives come with a sheath to cover the blade?

Most draw knives do not come with a sheath to cover the blade. You will want to check on the specific product you are looking at to see if a sheath is offered, but in most cases it won't be. However, you may receive a piece of rubber you can use to cover the blade for protection.

Is it better to get a draw knife with a thin blade or a thick blade?

The types of wood and type of work you'll be doing can help you decide whether you want to purchase a draw knife with a thin blade or a thick blade. Knives with a thick blade can make it easier to remove larger pieces of wood. However, it can also be easy to accidentally take off a bit more wood than you intended.

Knives with a thinner blade can slice through wood more quickly. However, if you are trying to slice through a thick bark on a wood, you may find that a thin blade does not work as well.

How often do you need to sharpen the blade on a draw knife?

The frequency with which you'll need to sharpen the blade on your draw knife can vary based on how much you are using it. You should know it is time to sharpen the blade when you notice a difference in how the knife is performing. If you are beginning to have trouble shaving off wood or notice the knife is slipping more, it is probably time to re-sharpen it.

What is the blade of a draw knife made from?

Most draw knives sold today are made using a high carbon steel blade. This material is used because of its durability, firmness, and ability to slice through different types of wood with ease.

What are the handles of a draw knife made from?

Many draw knives have wooden handles. The handles are designed to be smooth and easy to grip to ensure you are able to maintain control over the knife.

Urethane is another material used for making the handles for a draw knife. Urethane handles are softer than wooden handles and can keep your hands more comfortable and prevent you from getting blisters from working with the knife.

Are draw knives heavy?

No, draw knives are relatively light. You should be able to work with them for longer periods of time without feeling too fatigued.

What other materials or supplies should you have when using a draw knife?

While the specific project you're making will dictate many of the materials you'll need to have, there are a few essentials you'll want around the workshop. First, you will want a clamp or a sawhorse. These will help you stabilize the wood you are working on and prevent it from sliding around.

Wearing protective gear when working with a draw knife, or other sharp objects is also important. Look for protective glasses, reinforced shoes, and heavy-duty clothing or a protective vest.

Will my draw knife arrive sharp and ready to use?

Many times, you will need to sharpen a new draw knife before it will be ready to use. Most manufacturers design draw knifes so that they will need to be sharpened before their first use. A knife that arrives dull does not indicate that you have purchased an inferior product.

However, if you notice that after sharpening your knife becomes dull rather quickly, it can be an indication that you did not purchase the best product.

Where are draw knives made?

You'll want to look for information from each of the manufacturers you're considering since draw knives can be made in different parts of the world. Many are made in China, but some may also be made in Europe, the United States, or another country.

Will I receive a warranty when I purchase a draw knife?

This will vary based on the specific product you purchase. Some draw knives may include a one-year (or possibly longer) guarantee from the manufacturer, but some won't. If getting a knife with a warranty is important to you, be sure to look to see if this will be included with your purchase before buying one.

Final Verdict

Selecting a draw knife takes some thought, you want to buy a tool that will last for a lifetime and perform just as well as it did the day you bought it.

It is possible to find a draw knife that will work for your projects. Research on your own before making a decision and you'll soon have a great addition to your tool collection.


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