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Are you looking to connect with and engage your customers and website visitors? Do you plan on running online courses or setting up online membership programs? BuddyBoss was developed to help you do these things and more.

BuddyBoss allows you to build your website on WordPress, which will provide you with more flexibility and control over the different elements of your site. To learn more about the various features offered by BuddyBoss, read through our review below.


The BuddyBoss Platform

The BuddyBoss Platform is a free plugin designed to help you create online communities with WordPress. Through the website, you'll be able to view videos and tutorials designed to help you get the most out of the platform.

Features of BuddyBoss

The BuddyBoss Platform is packed full of features designed to help you connect with your members and allow them to stay engaged with what you are offering. Each of your members will be able to create their own profile. The profile fields are editable, allowing your members to share the details they feel are most important about themselves.


With BuddyBoss, you are in control. Depending on the specific needs and characteristics of the community you are running, you'll be able to create different profile types. You can create settings related to what your users will be able to include in their profile.

You can also assign WordPress roles to members of your community. This will allow you to give different members access to different features based on their role.

Members of your online community will also be able to form and join different social groups. Public, private, and hidden groups can be created by yourself or those you assign permissions to. You can assign group moderators and will be able to determine who will be able to modify the group settings or invite members to a specific group.


Depending on your specific needs and purposes for creating groups, you can customize the group settings. You may choose to allow all members of the group to add other users to the group, or limit it so that only your group administrators have this ability. You can also set whether all group members will be able to create posts and share images in a group, or whether only specific members will be able to do so.

Another feature offered by BuddyBoss that you'll enjoy is the ability to create discussion forums. Discussion forums can offer a more structured way for members to share their ideas and communicate. They can be especially useful in online classes and training sessions, but may be used in different types of communities as well.


You can link your discussion forums to the different groups you have created. This can help you with keeping everything organized and connected that belongs together. If you want, you can also set the permissions to allow your members to embed photos, emojis, or GIFs into their posts on the forum.

BuddyBoss also puts in you in control of how your members will be able to connect with one another. You can set permissions to let your members connect with one another or send private messages. You will also be able to decide whether you want to allow your members invite others to take part in your social network.


With BuddyBoss, you can create activity feeds to help your members stay connected and on top of what is happening. You can allow members to interact with one another by posting on a different members wall or 'liking' someone else's post. You can also provide permissions for your users to upload photos or create photo albums.

You can also allow members to 'mention' other members by tagging them in a post. Doing so will alert the mentioned member, so they can view the post they were tagged in.

You can also use the platform to create events to share with your entire site or a specific group. This can be a quick, easy, and effective way to get the word out about something you are planning.


Additionally, you can use the BuddyBoss Platform, along with the WP Job Manager plugin, to share job listings with your members. You can also set it up so others will also be able to post jobs on the board.

When you use BuddyBoss, you'll be able to customize your emails. You can add your brand or logo information and modify the themes or colors to match the services you offer.

A few other features you may find helpful include the ability to set up a notification bar and/or email notifications to alert your members to new activity that is relevant to them. You will also be able to offer a unified search bar which will let your members search through your entire network for information they are looking for.

Solutions Provided by BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss offers a variety of solutions designed to help you meet the specific needs of your business or online community. You will be able to create social market places and online learning platforms.


BuddyBoss can also help you customize a solution to meet your specific needs. If you have something in mind, share what you're looking for, and they can help you create it.

Other Services Provided by BuddyBoss

If you are looking for services tailored to your specific needs, BuddyBoss is here to help. They can help you create a customized mobile app to match your vision, build a website for your company, create your online community, and build websites for your online courses.


Basically, if there is anything specific you are looking for that you don't see offered, reach out to the team at BuddyBoss, and they'll be able to help you bring your vision to life.

Mobile Apps

As mentioned above, one of the services offered by BuddyBoss is mobile app development. You can select the category that best meets your needs, and BuddyBoss will work with you to create a customized app that includes all the features you're looking for.

There are three main types of apps for you to choose from. They are the learnerApp, SocialApp, and forumApp.

If one of these app types doesn't quite meet your needs, you can request a quote from the AppBoss team for building a customized app. You can share what you're looking for, and the AppBoss team will help you transform your ideas into a fully-functioning app.

Selecting the Right Plan

You'll be able to choose from four main plan options to help you get all the features you'll need. The four plans are the Essential Plan, the Pro Plan, the Done for You Plan, and the VIP Plan.

The Essential Plan provides you a license for one site, one year of updates and priority support, and a fully featured them and plugin. The Pro Plan includes everything in the Essential Plan, but includes licenses for five sites instead of just one.


If you are looking for more support, consider one of the higher-tier plans. The Done for You Plan comes with everything included in the Essential Plan, but also includes custom feature development services, setup for your new site or migration for an existing site.

The VIP Plan also includes everything from the Essential Plan, but adds setup, design, and branding for your own mobile app. The app you create will also be published on the Apple App Store and you'll receive Google Play Store accounts.


  • You can create online communities with WordPress to meet your specific needs.
  • BuddyBoss is a great option if you are looking to run an online class, lead a training, or create an online membership program.
  • You can assign permissions to let your users create their own profiles, send messages, upload images, join groups, post on a discussion forum, and more.
  • You can have the AppBoss team help you create a customized app that will meet your exact needs.
  • There are a variety of plans to choose from to help you select the features you need most.


  • Since WordPress is an open source platform, you'll enjoy more flexibility when you use BuddyBoss compared to using a SaaS platform.
  • You can create online communities and allow members to post and share their ideas with other members.
  • If you want to create a customized app that offers all the features you want, the AppBoss team can help you do so.


  • The VIP and Done for You Plan cost significantly more than the Essential or Pro Plan.

Final Verdict

BuddyBoss is a great option to consider if you are looking to create an online community for an online course, training, membership program, or more. You will be able to stay connected with your members and keep them engaged with what you have to offer. Give BuddyBoss a try; visit their website today to get started.


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