The Best Workout Programs For Home

Everyone wants a workout program that's cheap, easy, and provides realistic results, all while having their own space to do so. Home workout programs are the best alternative when it comes to staying fit while keeping a schedule. You don't have to leave your house to complete these programs.

Most programs are indoor/outdoor depending on weather. On breezy sunny days, feel free to move outside and enjoy the fresh air while working out in your yard or on your porch.

There are dozens of home workout programs, but which ones are actually worth doing? In this article, you will learn about The 5 Best Home Workout Programs available today. Achieve a healthier body and mind while embarking on one of these fitness programs. 

Prior to starting a workout program, its essential to understand where you should begin. Have you done a fitness program before? Do you need a beginner program or an expert program? Where are your problem areas? Do you want to lose weight or just tone up?

Make sure to check into the program levels and exercises of each program to make sure you are getting the program that works best for you. This article will help you decide which program is right for you so you can get great the healthier body and healthier you that you deserve.

Top 5: Home Workout Programs Review

Recommendation #1

INSANITY Base Kit - DVD Workout


Recommendation #2

Focus T25 Shaun T's DVD Workout Program Alpha + Beta+Gamma+15 lb Elastic Band, Workout Exercise


Recommendation #4

Circuit Burnout 90: 90 Day DVD Workout Program with 10+1 Exercise Videos + Training Calendar, Fitness Tracker &Training Guide and Nutrition Plan


Recommendation #5

P90X DVD Workout - Base Kit


INSANITY Base Kit - DVD Workout

Insanity is a tough, but very exciting home workout by Beachbody. It mostly consists of aerobics and max-interval training as Shaun T. shows you the step-by-step moves. Insanity is available in different packages ranging from the base kit to challenge packs. There is even a nutrition program.

One of the best features of Insanity is that you use your own bodyweight for resistance so no weights or equipment is needed. Another feature is that it can be done almost anywhere, such as in the comfort of your own home instead of going to the gym.

INSANITY Base Kit - DVD Workout
INSANITY Base Kit - DVD Workout

The Insanity workout program can be performed even if you are not at home or in your usual exercise space. This is a great program to do outside in the fresh air or inside enjoying the air conditioner.

One of the benefits of this workout program, is the amazing journey from beginning to end. You can burn from 700-900 calories per workout along with a healthy diet that is planned out for you. Watch your body transform as your confidence rises and your body gets stronger.

Insanity also features an Insanity workout schedule, Beachbody on Demand to streamline your workouts, Beachbody Guide to Nutrition with customizable meal plans, and the meal-replacement Shakeology!

For everything that is included with Insanity, we would say that price is insanely affordable. There is a payment plan available as well. With just a few payments, you can experience Insanity and enjoy the benefits of this opportunity. Visit: Amazon to experience the Insanity!


  • Achieve an improved physique in just 30-days.
  • Free personal coach.
  • Different packages available.


  • Very tough workout.
Focus T25 Shaun T's DVD Workout Program Alpha + Beta+Gamma+15 lb Elastic Band, Workout Exercise

Focus T25 is a fitness program also by Beachbody. With Focus T25, you can get an hour workout in just 25 minutes! Beachbody understands that not everyone has time for a 60-minute workout. But, a 25-minute workout can be easier to plan, easier to carry-out, and therefore easier to achieve.

Some features included are the nutritional guide to help you maintain a healthy diet and a B-Line resistance band, just to name a few. This program is also labeled as Intermediate, so beginners are welcome to join in without getting overwhelmed. A benefit of this program is that it is only 10 weeks long. This is plenty of time to get your body in shape and ready for summertime.

Another benefit is the results you will get after doing the Focus T25. You will feel healthier and more attractive than before. These workouts include calorie burning cardio, focusing on your core and lower-body muscles for burning fat and speeding up your metabolism, keeping the fast-pace for fast-results, and body satisfying stretches.

The workouts are centered around training intervals. So plan to workout for five days and then take two days off. Try to continue to eat healthy even on the days off. A six-week workout tracker, a nutritional guide with 5-minute meals (perfect for the busy lifestyle), and customized Spotify music lists are just a few of great features that comes with this product.

This one is more affordable than others. Check out: Amazon for more information.


  • Only takes 5-minutes to prepare meal recipes provided.
  • Membership available.
  • 25-minute workouts.


  • Intermediate can be too slow for others.
Jillian Michaels Body Shred

Most of us already know that Jillian Michaels is no stranger to fitness and exercise. Jillian Michaels BodyShred is a high-intensity home workout program. This program consists of 20-minute workouts during a 60-day period taking you "from average to amazing".

3-2-1: With her 3-2-1 approach, you will do 3-minutes of strength, 2-minutes of cardio, and 1-minute of abs. You can burn up to 500 calories per workout with this program. This can be done at home or where ever you have space and privacy. A benefit is that you can stream or download your workouts in case you don't want to exercise in your normal space.

Jillian Michaels Body Shred
Jillian Michaels Body Shred

Do you have the motivation to give your body a good workout, but lack the willpower to eat healthy? Do you have the willpower to eat a healthy diet , but would like assistance and motivation along the way? A few great features of this program is that you get a Free BodyShred Fitness Guide, Free BodyShed Rotational Calendar, and a Free BodyShred 60-Day meal plan.

The BodyShred Fitness guide is a downloadable PDF that takes you through every step of the workout program. The BodyShred Rotational Calendar is another downloadable PDF that gives you daily workouts. There is also The BodyShred 60-Day meal plan. This is a sophisticated meal plan to help you stay on schedule with your diet.

Overall, you will completely transform your body physique, tone your muscles, shred fat, and feel healthier and more confident. You will feel healthier and more confident after completing this program.

You can get a Shredded body by visiting: Amazon and live the experience.


  • Cheaper than others.
  • Shorter workouts than others.
  • Download your workouts or stream them live.


  • Only comes in 1 package vs. multiple packages from other programs.
Circuit Burnout 90: 90 Day DVD Workout Program with 10+1 Exercise Videos + Training Calendar, Fitness Tracker &Training Guide and Nutrition Plan

Do you need to tone and strengthen your body? Well, this one may be for you. This high-intensity option combined with great nutritional planning is all you need to get into the best shape of your life.

Monique St. Pierre gives you everything you need with a 90-day workout that consists of 10 workouts that focus on three areas of your body: circuit training to get your heart pumping and body moving, toning which focuses on toning muscles and building strength, and yoga which you will need 1-3 pound dumbbells for.

Some features of this program are that you get a free training guide, free nutritional guide, and a free training calendar.

Circuit Burnout 90: 90 Day DVD Workout Program with 10+1 Exercise Videos + Training Calendar, Fitness Tracker &Training Guide and Nutrition Plan

The nutrition guide is important because in order to help transform your body, you need key nutrients to help you stay healthy. You will also get a free training that will help you with every step along the way. The free training calendar will let you count down the days until you are finished and have achieved your goal of creating a better you.

A benefit of buying this workout program is that you get a bonus DVD on stretching so you can help relax your muscles after the workout. It is important to stretch before and after exercises because it warms your muscles up. You should stretch before you exercises so you will be less prone to an injury during your workout. If you do not stretch after your workout, you will have tight and achy muscles longer than if you had stretched.

Another benefit is that you will get free 2-day shipping on orders in the United States. Are you ready to get this program on your screen? Just visit: Amazon to reserve your order now.


  • Free Bonus DVD to help you stretch your muscles.
  • Recipes are home-made in her own kitchen.
  • Free 2-day shipping on orders in United States.


  • 90-Day workout so you have to workout for a longer period.
P90X DVD Workout - Base Kit

P90X is also call the Power 90 Extreme and for a good reason. Specified to charge your metabolism and give you lean muscles, this program includes 12 workouts to get you in shape and feeling great. This was created by Tony Horton and is 90 days long. It comes in 3-different kits: The P90X Base Kit, The P90X Deluxe Kit, and The P90X Ultimate kit.

Do you want a workout program that gives you options on how hard you want to workout at that specific time? A great feature of this program is that you can customize your P90X experience! Choose between the Classic, Lean, or Doubles schedules for the workout that best suits you.

Another feature of this workout program is that you get a P90X 3-Phase Nutrition plan. ShredderBooster, and the Maximizer will get you on track for keeping a healthy diet. The 3-Phase Nutrition Plan is a great match for this program.

During this workout, you will learn how to strengthen you muscles, heavy cardio, as well as core exercises and yoga. You also get a free ab ripper workout when you purchase P90X.

When you are ready to sweat and get your blood pumping, just visit: Amazon to reserve your copy today!


  • Great for those who need a heavy but customized workout.
  • Available in different kits to best fir your fitness needs.
  • Comes with a 3-phase Nutritional Plan.


  • No Free-Shipping.

Buying Guide

Those are the Best 5 Home Workout Programs to get your body and mind where you want it to be. From high-intensity workouts to yoga, these programs will help you lose weight, boost your confidence, and feel young again.

Which program did you already look over 2-3 times? Keep your main goal in mind and ask yourself:

  • Do you need to overall lose weight and/or tone your muscles?
  • Do you want to make your muscles bigger or leaner?
  • Do you want an exciting high-intensity workout or a workout that is not as extreme, like yoga and low-impact exercises?
  • Do you have the willpower to work hard and stick to a healthy meal plan?

Before you buy one, check out other options and study them a little bit. Make sure that it won't be too hard or too easy. If it is too hard, you will have a very tough time completing the whole program.

If the program is too easy, you will not get the results you were wanting. You will complete the program unsatisfied and feeling hopeless that you did not achieve your goal.

You should also check the required equipment. You may end up spending extra money if you don't already have the necessary equipment needed for each workout program.

best home workout program

I recommend that you buy Insanity by Beachbody because it is tough, but challenging and exciting. Shaun T. really knows how to help people create the body they have been working hard to get, but have not succeeded.

Just be careful, because this program is intensive and may be too hard for beginners. Make sure that no matter which program you decide to accomplish, you drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. You will be sweating so you need to replace the electrolytes that you are losing.

INSANITY Base Kit - DVD Workout

Remember to take a break if you need to and do not forget to BREATH! Improper breathing can cause you to get cramps or even pass out.

Once you are ready to take this leap, feel free to head over to Amazon to make your purchase. Just imagine how much better you are going to feel once you have lost weight and completely transformed your body!

our 10 tips for working out from home

Why Should We Work Out From Home?

There are many reasons why a person might benefit from working out at home. There might not be a lot of flexibility in their schedule to find a proper gym, or they might not live near a gym at all. These days, we have stay-at-home orders that advise us not to leave our houses, let alone to visit a gym full of strangers.

Working out at home presents its own challenges. The very fact that you are at home, in your comfort zone, tempts you to take a day off, which can lead to another day off. Suddenly, you realize that it’s been weeks since you hit the treadmill, or bothered to look at it.

Gyms make us feel like working out because of their environments: When you’re surrounded by people working hard to meet their fitness goal, sweating and stretching and lifting weights, you are encouraged to raise the bar and reach your own.

This is not the case when your gym is in your house; motivation can be fleeting, and you come up with all sorts of reasons why working out is not your priority. Suddenly, the dishes are more interesting than the treadmill.

Setting The Mood

This does not have to keep you from living an active, healthy life. You can adopt better habits, even if you’re forced to do so in your own home. With the right mindset, you can lose the inches at home as well as in a gym.

Don't be too hard on yourself, either; at home, you do have chores other than working out. You might not be able to exercise when you’re chasing a toddler or fixing dinner. Do the exercise that you can, and you'll be surprised at the difference your mindset can make.

Healthy Living In Your Home

It takes willpower to make you go to the treadmill instead of kicking back and watching television until bedtime. In the end, you'll be glad that you did.

It’s possible to feel that post-workout adrenaline rush from the gym in the comfort of your home. You can feel the same sense of accomplishment when workout time is in your basement. In the end, it's not where you are but what you're doing that counts.

Here are ten tips for working out at home.

1 - Set a workout time
Whether it’s study time or workout time, it always helps to set aside a specific hour of your day to focus on the challenge of exercise. When you’re in your house surrounded by distractions to choose from, a schedule is useful.

Most people choose the early hours of the morning for their workout because it's when the kids haven't woken up. Choose a schedule that can be flexible to your lifestyle. Get it done consistently enough that you not only become used to it, but your body asks for workout at that time out of sheer habit.

2 - Compile a workout playlist
Music or podcasts are huge sources of motivation during workout. If you’re using a machine like the treadmill, your mind wants something to focus on. Compile some songs that you know will get you in the mood for running. If you want something different from music, look for podcasts that will keep you interested while your body is in motion.

The beat of the perfect song will keep you motivated to stay in motion until the very end. A podcast with an engrossing story will keep you listening as you go.

3 - Take Breaks
If you haven’t worked out in a while, it isn’t a good idea to try running for an hour uninterrupted. Your muscles will have softened, and forcing them to keep working when your body is exhausted can cause injury.

You don’t only risk muscle injury by going further than you should. Vigorous workout on a body unaccustomed to it can trigger heart problems or cause fainting.

Start your workout slowly, and learn what your body is capable of. Build up to the routine that you want.

4 - Have Snacks
Many people keep healthy snacks close at hand before or during workout. If it’s been a while since you were last into fitness, you’ll need to fuel your body while you get it used to being more athletic. Energy bars and protein shakes are great for making you stronger and more capable of ambitious goals.

Fruit is a great way to keep yourself energized. Have plenty of fruit for breakfast; apples really do help with fitness. Snack on strawberries or raspberries instead of sweets throughout the day.

5 - Have Gym Clothes Ready
When you’re preparing for your daily workout, it can be disagreeable to put on the same gym clothes you wore yesterday. They’ll still be covered in sweat and probably smelling bad.

If you’re a regular at working out, you likely have more than one set of workout clothes to choose from. If you’re only now starting to do exercise, you’re not likely to have four choices of workout clothing in your closet.

Have enough clothes for working out that you don’t have to cringe at yesterday’s outfit; bright colors and designs help, too.

6 - Invite a Workout Buddy
Do you have a best friend who is also into fitness and workout? Invite them over so that you can do some yoga or cardio together. What used to be a pajama party will now be a workout party, and you can encourage each other when it feels like too much.

If your workout buddy has kids, have them bring their kids over, too. That way, your own children will be distracted and won’t interrupt you when you’re “in the zone.”

This also works as a family workout time. Find fun ways for your kids to exercise with you; that way, you’re not only keeping them in your sight, but you’re helping them to become healthier.

7 - Sleep
For a successful workout session, sleep is critical. It gives you the energy you need to run those five extra minutes or lift weights a bit longer. Waking up too early or sleeping in too late can be the reason why you feel so sluggish.

Sometimes people don’t sleep because of insomnia. Make the necessary changes in your habits so that you can get a full night’s rest. Remove distracting lights from your bedroom, make sure the temperature is comfortable enough for you to rest, and if necessary, take a natural sleep aid.

Try these suggestions for a good night’s sleep.

8 - Do Your Stretches
Before you start your day, it’s a good idea to begin stretching your muscles. There are some simple stretches that can be done before you leave your bed; they loosen stiff muscles, and release adrenaline to help you take on your day.

When your preset workout time comes around, you’ll be ready for it. Stretches do not only affect you physically. They brace yourself for the challenge ahead, whether it be on a stationary bike or elliptical. When your mind is ready to do the workout, it’s easier to feel motivated

9 - Wear Shoes
A lot of people decide to work out barefoot when they’re doing it at home instead of at the gym. Wearing shoes in the house can prevent injury if you lose your balance. Aside from that, it helps you go faster on the treadmill than if you were trying it barefoot.

Not only that, but putting on shoes is part of the workout mindset. You get into your gym clothes with a goal, and it can motivate you more than if you were to do yoga in your pajamas.

10 - Turn Your Phone Off
You’re already distracted because you’re working out in the basement of your house. Having your smartphone nearby can make the distraction even worse.

The temptation to reach out and answer one text message might put a good session to an abrupt end; by the time you have replied, it takes more of an effort to start moving again.

Working out from home has its challenges, but that’s no reason to give up on living a fit and healthy life. You can meet your goals in your personal gym like you would do in a real gym. It’s only a matter of getting your mind in the right place.

When you start noticing the positive changes in your body, you’ll realize that the challenge of working out at home is worth it. Bit by bit, you’ll reach the fitness you have always wanted, without stepping outside your front door.

And of course it goes without saying, following the right home workout program can make all the difference in structure!

Commonly Asked Questions

Are home workout programs effective?

If you follow through and are consistent with your training, a home workout program can be very effective. These programs offer a convenient solution for people who have a hard time getting to the gym, either because of time/work constraints, not having someone available to help watch their children, and a variety of other reasons.

Home workout programs are designed by professional trainers and can help you target the different areas in your body you want to work on. You'll learn different exercises and receive directions on proper technique to help you achieve your goals.

If you want to get the most out of a home workout program, consistency and motivation are key. Set a schedule for your home workouts and stick to it. Remind yourself regularly about why you want to work out and what your goals are. Set small intermediate goals and find little ways to reward yourself for meeting these goals to help you keep your motivation up.

Should I sign up for a home workout program or join a gym?

Everyone is different; some people find that working out in a gym is the best option for them, while others think that a home workout program is the best choice. A variety of factors can impact which option will be the best fit for you.

Some of the benefits of using a home workout program is that you don't have to worry about paying for expensive monthly gym fees. Depending on the program you choose and the equipment you'll need, you can get by without spending a lot of money on workout equipment.

Using a home workout program is much more convenient as well. You don't have to allot time to travel to the gym. Whenever you have a few spare minutes, you can fit your workout in.

When you work out at home, you also don't have to worry about waiting for someone else to finish using the piece of equipment you'd like to use.

Some people still prefer to sign up for a gym membership. There are advantages of joining a gym you may also want to consider.

If you work out in a gym, you can choose to receive guidance from a personal trainer. This person can help you work on your form and ensure that you are performing each exercise correctly.

When you work out in a gym, you're surrounded by other people. If you are a more social person, you may perform better in this setting. You can also schedule times to work out with other friends and family who have a membership to the same gym you use, which may be challenging due to space constraints at your home.

Gyms will provide a wide variety of equipment for you to choose from. This can help you work on different areas of your body and switch up your routine so you don't get tired of using the same equipment all the time. Money and space constraints will likely make it hard for you to purchase such a wide array of equipment for a home gym.

What do you need for home workout?

If you're planning to work out at home, the equipment you'll want to purchase will depend on your budget and the types of exercises you want to be able to perform.

Some basics you will want to purchase for just about any home gym include a set of dumbbells, a stability ball, and an exercise mat. If you have some extra money in the budget, adding in a workout bench will make it possible to perform more exercises with your dumbbells.

If you have the money in your budget, there are some other items you may want to consider purchasing or adding to your home gym down the road.

Some items to think about adding to your home gym include weight machines like a chest press or leg press, treadmill, rower, elliptical, and exercise bike.

Adding some other features can help enhance your gym too and improve your workout experience. You will want to purchase some exercise mats to protect your floors from being damaged by heavy equipment.

You may also want to consider setting up a sound system or mounting TVs in your space. These could help you stay focused on your workout and make it easier for you to press on. Mounting TVs would also make it easy for you to play any of the exercise videos from the home workout program you choose.

Do home workout programs come with equipment?

Some home workout programs may come with a few basic pieces of equipment, such as a resistance band or free weights. Many of them are designed to be done without the need for much additional equipment.

In addition to the training videos, some home workout programs will also provide additional resources to help you meet your goals. These resources may include workout plans, nutritional guides, food plans/diaries, workout trackers, and workout music suggestions.

What time of the day should you work out?

If you can only fit in a workout at a specific time, that is the best time to work out. Getting a workout in at some point during the day is more important than trying to fit one in at a time that you'll end up skipping it too often.

There are different opinions about whether mornings or evenings are the ideal time to exercise. When you work out in the morning, you can start your day with feeling like you've accomplished something. You also won't have to go all day wondering whether you are going to be able to get your workout in or psych yourself out and decide to skip a planned workout.

Some scientific studies have also shown that morning workouts can lead to people being less distracted by food, which could help with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Plus, a morning workout can help increase your metabolism, which can help you burn off more calories throughout the day.

Other studies have also shown that when you work out on an empty stomach that you can burn more fat. This is most easy to achieve in the morning than in the afternoon when you've been eating all day.

On the other hand, many people prefer to work out in the afternoons or evenings. When you work out in the evening, it makes is possible to sleep in a little later, which is important for many people.

Some scientific studies also support working out in the evening. It has been shown that a person's body temperature is at its highest between 2:00 and 6:00 in the evening. A higher body temperature can increase your endurance and improve your strength.

People also tend to have a faster reaction time in the evening. This can make many exercises, such as working on improving your speed on the treadmill and different types of training, more effective. Your blood pressure and heart rate are also lower in the evening than they are in the morning, which can make it less likely for you to sustain an injury during your workout.

Is it OK to exercise every day?

Most experts recommend exercising around five or six days a week. If you're going to try to exercise every day, it will be important not to push yourself too hard on all of those days. Our bodies need time to recover in order to help us achieve the best results and prevent us from over-using or injuring our muscles.

What is most important when planning your weekly exercise schedule is to aim for at least 150 minutes of light to moderate exercise every week. You may also try to get at least 75 minutes of intense exercise per week.

How long does it take to see results once you start working out?

Every body is different and some exercises are more effective than others. This means that the amount of time it will take you to see results will likely be different from what someone else finds once they start working out.

However, as a general rule, you shouldn't expect to see any huge differences for at least 12 weeks. Most bodies take between 12 and 16 weeks to adjust to training and produce a noticeable change.

How can I make a home gym with no money?

While purchasing some equipment for your home gym can be helpful, there are many different exercises you can perform at home without the use of any equipment. Doing stretches and exercises that do not require the use of anything other than your body can be quite effective. Some of these exercises include squats, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, planks, mountain climbers, and more.

You can also find many exercise videos online. Many of these will not require you to have any equipment on hand and can guide you through different exercises that will help you work various areas of your body.


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