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If you've noticed that your computer has started slowing down or just isn't performing as well as it once did, it may be time for a tune up. There are many different software options that are designed to tune up your machine and free up space, increase its speed, and provide a better work experience.

To help you sort through the numerous software options out there, we've conducted a review of the five best tune up software programs on the market. Take a few minutes to read through our reviews, and then you should be ready to select the program that will best meet your needs and improve the performance of your PC.

Best 5: PC Tune Up Software Review

Recommendation #1

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense


Recommendation #4

CleanMyPC by MacPaw


Recommendation #5

AVG TuneUp


System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Iolo System Mechanic offers a lot of features designed to improve how your PC functions. This program will speed up your machine and deliver better performance when you are streaming videos, gaming, or performing other tasks. To do this, it speeds up your hard drive, CPU, and RAM and makes them more accessible to programs on your machine.

Any unwanted programs that may be running without your knowledge or consent will be removed by Iolo System Mechanic. This will also help improve the speed and performance of your PC.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Another one of the many features offered by Iolo System Mechanic is the ability to remove hidden files to provide you with more space for your media files, documents, and downloads. It is also able to detect and repair more than 30,000 problems using the updates sent from Iolo Labs.

Your browsing history will be erased regularly with this program to keep your information secure and private. Additionally, if anyone is trying to make any changes to your system which could put you or your information in danger, they will be blocked by Iolo System Mechanic.

The Windows internet settings on your PC will also be optimized to allow you to enjoy faster page loading speeds, less buffering, quicker downloads, and an improved video and gaming experience.


  • This option can remove more than 30,000 potential problems from your machine.
  • It will speed up your machine and improve your performance while playing video games or watching videos.
  • Unwanted programs that may be slowing down your machine will be removed by this software program.


  • To receive the DriveScrubber feature that will erase data from your hard drive, you will have to pay to upgrade to System Mechanic Professional.
AVG Ultimate - Antivirus+Cleaner+VPN

In addition to tuning up your PC, AVG Ultimate is also an Antivirus software and a VPN. This one purchase will help improve the performance of your PC while also offering privacy and protection.

The tune-up features offered by AVG Ultimate, are designed to help new computers run even faster and increase the lifespan of older computers. This program will uninstall unnecessary software and remove junk files from your computer to ensure it is operating smoothly and quickly.

Your programs will be automatically updated to keep everything performing at peak levels. This software also offers automatic cleaning of your registry. This feature works to detect potential errors that could lead to system crashes and fixes them in the background.

AVG Ultimate - Antivirus+Cleaner+VPN

If you've ever been frustrated by your computer taking forever to turn on or programs running slower than they should be, you'll love the Sleep Mode optimization feature. Programs will be put to sleep when you don't need them and woken up when you're ready for them. This will prevent excess programs from running in the background and slowing down your machine.

AVG Ultimate also comes with Disk Cleaner to remove the temporary files and other clutter that accumulates on your hard drive. It also uses the Browser Cleaner to clear temporary internet files that may be slowing down your online experiences.

The VPN, or virtual private network, that is also included with this program will help keep you and others in your home safe when you're browsing online or making purchases. It hides your computer's IP address so people won't know where you're located and will make it possible for you to gain access to online content all over the world by making it look like your computer is located somewhere else. The VPN uses 256-bit encryption to ensure safe data transfers and prevent others from accessing your information.

AVG Ultimate - Antivirus+Cleaner+VPN

AVG Ultimate also includes internet security features to protect you against viruses, hackers, and other online threats. Your computer will be frequently scanned for viruses, spyware, and other malware. You'll be notified if anything malicious is found on your machine so the necessary steps can be taken to remove it.

The internet security features also check websites, emails, attachments, and toolbars to ensure they are safe and pose no risk to you or your computer. This software also includes a firewall, password protection, ransomware protection, webcam protection, and a data shredder.


  • This is an all-in-one program that will tune-up your PC, provide protection against internet threats, and function as a VPN.
  • Programs on your machine are automatically updated to keep everything functioning properly.
  • Sleep Mode puts programs running in the background to sleep to speed up your computer and make the programs you are using operate more smoothly.


  • If you currently have an older AVG tune-up or anti-virus program on your computer, you will want to uninstall it before installing this one. Otherwise you may experience some issues with installation and accessing all of the features.
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17

Another excellent option for you to consider is Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17. This tune-up software offers a lot of features designed to help protect your computer and keep it operating like it is new.

In all, it offers 38 different modules designed to improve the performance of your computer. These modules will automatically be updated each year to ensure the best performance possible and that they are compatible with both old and new operating systems.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17

One of the features you'll enjoy with this program is the task scheduler for optimizing and maintaining your computer. You can set it up to automatically perform tasks when you won't be using your machine.

This program comes with an early warning system to protect you from system failure. It also offers an uninstall manager that will help remove programs that are bogging down your machine. You will also be in control over which of your passwords, photos, and other pieces of information are shared and which are kept private.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17

The 1-click optimization feature will make your life easier while performing essential tasks for the health and performance of your computer. When you activate this feature, it will automatically activate three different modules: Internet Cleaner, Drive Cleaner, and Registry Cleaner.

The Internet Cleaner removes your traces from the web to protect your privacy, the Drive Cleaner will delete any unnecessary and redundant files to provide you with more disk space, and the Registry Cleaner help prevent errors and improve system performance by getting rid of invalid entries. All of this will be taken care of in just one click.


  • With the 1-click optimization feature, you can activate the Internet Cleaner, Drive Cleaner, and Registry Cleaner at the same time.
  • The task scheduler will let you set up for automatic system maintenance when you won't be on your computer.
  • The early warning system is designed to protect your computer from failing.


  • This program may not provide as noticeable a change in performance as some other options.
CleanMyPC by MacPaw

MacPaw's CleanMyPC can help you provide your computer with the ultimate levels of care needed to help it live a long life and deliver the performance you expect and deserve. This option is designed to go through your files and remove everything that is useless and just weighing your computer down. These files include log files, cache files, temporary files, and other unnecessary items.

CleanMyPC also cleans up your computer's registry to make it easier for your computer to quickly access the files and documents you need. Unlike the free uninstallers you may receive with your computer or other apps, when you use the CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller, you'll be able to remove the full program as well as the cache files and toolbars.

CleanMyPC by MacPaw

Another great feature offered by this software is the ability to speed up your computer's boot time. You will be shown a list of auto-run programs that are always running in the background and hindering the speed of your computer. You can choose to close any of these programs that aren't needed, allowing your computer to boot up more quickly.

This program also includes security features to protect you and your information. You can easily wipe your entire browser history clean with just the click of a single button. It will also securely delete and shred files you no longer need to prevent others from being able to access them.


  • Your computer's registry will be cleaned to help files open more quickly.
  • By stopping auto-run programs, you'll notice an improvement in the time it takes your computer to boot up.
  • Files you no longer need are shredded to prevent others from being able to access them.


  • Other programs let you know more about the software they are planning to uninstall from your machine.
AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is a great option to consider if you're looking to speed up your computer and improve its overall performance. Using this program can improve your startup time by up to 79% and deliver 30% faster work performance times.

One nice feature included with this program is the Software Updater. It will automatically provide updates for over 50 different apps to help keep your computer and all of your programs running as they should.

AVG TuneUp

The Disk Cleaner and Browser Cleaner are designed to remove unwanted files and data to improve the overall performance of your machine. The Disk Cleaner automatically removed temporary files and older backups that are just weighing your computer down without serving any necessary purpose. The Browser Cleaner deletes temporary online files to help improve your browsing capabilities.

Getting rid of bloatware, such as trial versions of programs, unneeded toolbars, or other programs that you no longer use or need can free up space on your computer and increase its speed. The Software Uninstaller included with AVG TuneUp will take care of all of this for you.

Another great feature of this program is its Sleep Mode technology. This puts your programs to sleep when you don't need them to help improve the performance and speed of the programs you do need.


  • Apps will be kept up to date with the auto updater.
  • Bloatware is removed from your computer to increase speeds and free up space.
  • The programs you aren't actively using are put to sleep until you need them.


  • Some customers had trouble getting the software activated.

Buying Guide

Regular tune-ups and system maintenance for your computer are important. When these don't occur, your computer slows down and gets bogged down by unnecessary files and documents. If you've ever dealt with these issues, you know how frustrating it can be waiting for your computer to start up or for programs to load.

PC Tune-Up software programs are designed to keep your computer operating at peak levels. They include various features that will remove unnecessary files, delete your browsing history, and perform other tasks to ensure your computer functions as it was intended to.

Here are many of the features found in different programs. Identify the ones that are most important to you to ensure they are included in the program you select:

  • Auto-updating of apps and programs.
  • Putting programs to sleep you aren't using.
  • Deleting temporary and hidden files.
  • Removing clutter from your hard drive.
  • Registry clean-up features.
  • Task scheduler.
  • Clearing your browsing history.
  • Deleting and shredding unneeded files.
  • Optimizing windows internet settings.

In addition to these tune-up features, some software options are more comprehensive and can also function as VPN or anti-virus software. These are other important programs that you may want to purchase separately anyways, so choosing an all-in-one option may be something you want to consider.

Best pc tune up software

After compiling our reviews above, we have concluded that Iolo System Mechanic is our top pick. You'll be impressed with how this software can help speed up your PC and improve its performance.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

It removes unwanted and unnecessary programs that operate without your knowledge and consent. Iolo System Mechanic can also get rid of your temporary files and documents. Cleaning these programs and files from your computer can have a drastic impact on how well it performs and you'll likely notice a huge difference in how quickly the programs you do want will load.

Your Windows settings will be optimized by this software as well. This can help ensure videos load and display properly and will also offer an ideal experience for gaming.

Keeping your browsing history clean can protect your privacy and security. Iolo System Mechanic regularly deletes your history. They also will block anyone who is trying to access your PC to make any unauthorized changes to your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a PC Tune-Up Software Do?

PC tune-up software programs are designed to improve the performance and speed of your computer. They can remove unnecessary files to clean up available space, speed up the time it takes programs to load or your computer to boot up, and defragment your PC. These programs can also improve your internet browsing experience by clearing your browsing history and deleting temporary internet files that may be slowing you down.

Do I Need a PC Tune-Up Software?

Getting a PC tune-up software is almost always a good decision. As you use your computer more and more, it begins to slow down and does not perform as well as it once did. The hard drive gets bogged down with temporary files and other unneeded documents that serve no real purpose other than to slow down your machine.

Purchasing a PC tune-up software can help you restore your computer and improve its performance. Those unnecessary files will be removed and you'll notice that your computer starts running more smoothly and quickly.

Even if you have a new computer, installing a PC-tune up software can help it continue to perform well and prevent it from getting bogged down with all of those unnecessary files that will eventually cause it to slow down and frustrate you.

Why Is My Computer Running so Slowly?

Overtime, unnecessary programs and files accumulate on your hard drive. These files and programs take up space and cause the programs you do want/need to use to open more slowly. Programs running in the background when you boot up your computer can also make it take significantly longer for your computer to start up.

Another thing that can impact the speed of your computer is the hard disk drive. When information and documents are saved to your hard drive, the PC spreads them out and saves them in different places. When this happens, it can take your computer longer to find all the different pieces of a file it needs to open the file.

Yet another thing that can be slowly down your computer and impacting your ability to complete tasks for work or pleasure is your web browser. If your web browser is out of date or has extra extensions or add-ons, it could be slowing down the speed of your computer when you're browsing online.

Some other possible reasons your computer could be operating too slowly included hardware that needs to be updated or insufficient memory.

How Can I Increase the Speed of My Computer?

To increase the speed of your computer, you'll need to address the issues covered above. First, try removing any unnecessary programs. Check out the Task Manager to see which programs are open and how much memory and CPU is being used for each program. Close the ones you don't currently need and delete programs you no longer need, and it should help.

Disabling programs that start-up automatically with your computer can also have a huge impact on its speed. If you look under the Startup Tab on the Task Manager, you can view which programs automatically start when you boot up your computer and disable the ones you don't need to start on their own.

Next, check to make sure the latest version of your web browser has been installed. Removing excess extensions and add-ons can also speed up your browsing capabilities.

Since PCs store files in different spaces and then need to search for all the pieces of a file when they open it, defragmenting your hard disk drive can be very beneficial. This will put all of the pieces of a file together to make it quicker for your PC to give you what you need.

Most of these steps you can perform on your own using the features included by Windows. However, if you choose a tune-up software program for your PC, they will be taken care of for you on a regular basis. This can save you the time and hassle of trying to go through the many tedious steps on your own.

Final Verdict

Iolo System Mechanic is a great option to consider if you're looking to enjoy using your computer again or keep it functioning at peak levels. You'll be amazed at how well it operates!


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