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A harmonica is a unique and fun musical instrument that can liven up any party. If you enjoy the melodic hum of the harmonica or have been wanting to try out this classic musical instrument, then you are in the right place. Harmonicas can be played in many types of musical genres. Since there are several popular types of harmonicas, this buyer's guide has set out to review five of the best options.

Top 5: Harmonicas Review

Recommendation #4

Mugig Harmonica, C Key Harmonica for Beginners or Kids, 10 Holes 20 Tones, 1.2mm Plate Structure, Stainless Steel Cover, with Carry Box, Black (Standard)


Kids Clearly Colorful Translucent Harmonica, Assorted Colors

Children are often extremely connected to musical instruments, which is why the HOHNER Translucent Harmonica is a great recommendation for all children over the age of three. This product comes in several vibrant colors, so your kid can pick their favorite color and be that much more excited to play! Overall, this is certainly an affordable plastic harmonica to introduce to your kids at an event like a birthday party.

Since there is no tuning required, the notes will sound great the second it is played. This product was also designed for added lip comfort, but will stand up to whatever a youngster might put it through.

A protective sleeve case is included so that your harmonica can be safely stored. This one is constructed and designed by the HOHNER brand and is recommended for younger children.


  • Ideal for children (ages 3+).
  • Several color possibilities.
  • Protective sleeve included.
  • Extremely affordable price range.


  • Built with plastic (lower quality than most).
Mugig Harmonica, C Key Harmonica for Beginners or Kids, 10 Holes 20 Tones, 1.2mm Plate Structure, Stainless Steel Cover, with Carry Box, Black (Standard)

This pocket-sized harmonica from Mugig is extremely popular because it is affordable and easier to play than several other similar harmonica instruments. It is designed with a lip-friendly base so that you can easily grip the harmonica surface and play tunes with no disturbances. This product comes Richter-tuned so you know that it will perform for blues, folk and pop music.

This harmonica is made with high hermeticity, which means that it is easier to play since there is a resin on the comb. Your lips will hurt less after long hours of jammin'. The construction of this brand is a really great, since it comes with phosphor bronze reeds and a stainless steel cover. The rich, crisps sounds of the Mugig is just astounding. 

Mugig Harmonica, C Key Harmonica for Beginners or Kids, 10 Holes 20 Tones, 1.2mm Plate Structure, Stainless Steel Cover, with Carry Box, Black (Standard)

The portable aspect of this product is one of the major reasons that it has received such exceptional reviews from users. One other thing that helps as well is the affordable price range. These elements and product specifications align to create a top-notch product that is respected within the industry.

If you are looking for a varied version of this product, you might be interested in selecting the diatonic version, rather than the standard design. This one is designed towards beginners and has earned an endorsement from Amazon based on its overwhelming positive reviews.


  • Pocket-sized design.
  • Lip-friendly surface.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Ideal for beginners only.
  • Easily scratches surface.
Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Key of F

Over 1,200 customers have left a positive review for the Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, key of C. As well, this harmonica comes tuned to other keys like F and A. This harmonica is crafted with stainless steel covers and is considered a professionally designed harmonica.

The Hohner is priced at a slightly higher price point. The reasons for this is mainly because of the higher quality materials and professional design elements that go into these top tier harmonicas. For added comfort, Hohner also designed this harmonica to be injected molded plastic combs, so the plastic won't be bothersome. 

In addition to the impressive instrument design, all customers of Hohner products are also rewarded with a month of free online lessons. This means that users of all skill levels can utilize this harmonica and begin learning immediately.


  • Outstanding customer reviews.
  • Free online lessons.
  • Professional design quality.


  • Higher price range.
  • Faulty design.
Hohner M2009BX-C Harmonica, Key of C

Next is the Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, a harmonica that is extremely affordable and popular in this industry. In fact, Amazon touts this product as one of the world's mot recognized harmonicas since it was made famous by musicians like Little Walter, John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen. It comes tuned to the key of C, but it is available in other keys and octaves.

You can expect this product to be made with 20 reeds and 0.9 mm brass reedplates. A premium quality case is included with this product so that all customers can safely protect their instrument from damage.

The customer feedback for this item is extremely positive, featuring positive comments from over 500 different customers. If you want a classic harmonica that will be loved for ages, then the Hohner Marine Band is the perfect choice for you.

This instrument is known for its full tone and wooden comb. You can purchase your very own for an affordable price on the Amazon marketplace. You can also take advantage of free online lessons for 30 days.


  • Several versions available.
  • Professional design quality.
  • Amazon recommends this product.


  • Higher end price range.
  • Short term durability.
Chromatic Harmonica Professional Grade 10 Hole 40 Tone Key of C Stainless Steel Heavy Duty with Case & Cleaning Cloth for Professional Player,Band,Beginner,Students,Children,Kids

We have finally reached the last product that we are going to be reviewing within this buyer's guide. This chromatic professional grade harmonica is ideal for all types of players, including beginners and children. The Eison-Swan chromatic is a beautiful instrument designed with a metal body and metal reeds. 

This item is crafted with heavy duty design elements and professional grade quality. An outstanding sound quality is achieved so that players can achieve outstanding notes when using this one.

After being designed by Eison, it was immediately clear that customers appreciated the effort that went into the creation of this instrument. All of the design aspects are pieced together to create an outstanding harmonica that is affordable and durable. You will love the blues-y sounds that this harmonica emits. Let's get the band back together!


  • Ideal for beginners & children.
  • Heavy duty design quality.
  • High sound quality.


  • Higher end price range.
  • Short term durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Harmonica Hard to Learn?

It is relatively simple to begin playing the harmonica, although it can be challenging to piece together songs in a short period of time. The good news is that many of the items within this review offer free online lessons with a purchase of their product. This is a great way for beginners and children to learn about the basics of playing this beautiful instrument.

Do You Use Your Tongue to Play Harmonica?

The main goal when playing a harmonica is to achieve a crisp and clear sound. Usually it is ideal to not block the instrument holes with the edge of your tongue. Some lessons recommend utilizing your tongue to smooth out the transitions from each hole. A lot of it comes down to your experience level and how comfortable you are when playing your instrument.

What Is the Difference Between Harmonica Diatonic and Chromatic?

Chromatic harmonicas can play all notes within the chromatic scale, while diatonic instruments usually have some notes missing. In many cases, customers will be presented with the opportunity to buy either option from the product page.

Final Verdict

Now that we have addressed all of the important questions and topics about harmonicas, you might be interested in finally visiting each of these five product pages to make a decision regarding your purchase.

It doesn't really matter what your budget or skill level is, the most important element is related to your desire to learn. All of these harmonicas are extremely popular and could potentially be a great purchase for you!


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