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Do you want to take the operations of your bar to the next level? Does the workflow of your bar need improvement?

Trying to successfully manage all the operational processes in your bar can prove to be very hectic. From workflow to customer service, bar management app is just what you need to organize and manage the ongoings of your business.

Bar management apps automate your business and relieve you of needless paperwork. These help you ease up and speed up your bar inventory, ordering, and invoicing. Others help you create unique drink recipes, check IDs and get ratings on different beverages.

There are an array of bar management apps to choose from. In the sections below, we’ve reviewed five bar management apps for you to consider. When choosing one, you have to weigh its benefits, cons, price, and other factors. We have conducted the research and listed all the features of each one. You should be able to make an informed decision to decide which bar management app is right for you.

Top 5: Bar Management Apps Review

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Mixology App


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WS Wine Ratings+


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Bar & Club Stats


Mixology App

The Mixology App is a drink recipe app for creating unique cocktails for customers. This one has close to 8,000 drink recipes in its database, which makes it easy to create unique drinks requested by customers.

The database doesn’t just have cocktail recipes; it extends to hot drinks, punches, shots, and non-alcoholic beverages. With this option, you can input the ingredients you have available, and it will make recipe suggestions conveniently for you.

Mixology App

Apart from using ingredients, you can query the database by category. You may keep a favorites list to add drinks you like or to save up your custom drinks to the database. In addition to these basic functions, you can find nearby bars or liquor stores through the app.

Mixology can be purchased as a free option with advertisements. The Mixologist app is the paid version without any ads. Mixologist goes for $0.99 in the iOS App Store and $1.49 in the Android App Store.

What Makes the Mixology App Stand Out

Since 2009, the Mixology app has at the top of the drink recipe app game. Multiple users across the world have downloaded this one more than 10 million times, and its features are second to none.

It’s available on Android, iPod, and iPhone with plans to spread to iPad, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8. This option contains different features that are unique to it; we have outlined these features below.

Drink Recipe Database

Mixology contains a large number of recipes with instructions that both amateurs and experienced bartenders alike can use. You can find more information about the ingredients listed in the recipes section by merely tapping on each item in the recipe.

Mixology App

With this one, you can rate the recipes from 1 to 5 stars; the rating you give will affect the recipes that will show in the Top Rated section on your app. In addition to rating the recipes, you can also contribute personalized comments and add your own favorite recipes. The recipes in this app can also be shared using Email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

Bartending Guide

This product offers a bartending guide which provides useful information for new mixologists and bartenders. This guide also includes information on how to stock a bar and the different tricks of bartending.

Mixology App
Random Feature

This feature is useful to find out new recipes. Each of the spinners contains different liquor, mixers, and glassware types. This feature has a slot machine interface. All you have to do is lock whichever drink you want to make and tap the “Mix It Up” button and random recipes that meet your criteria will appear.

Search By Ingredient Feature

This feature makes it convenient to find out the ingredients that are compatible with each other. You can add the element you want to use to the criteria list to find all the recipes you can make with it. This feature also allows you to search using multiple ingredients to find out their compatibilities.

Where the Mixology App Needs Improvement

The major drawback of the mixology app is the ads. The ads often make it too congested and getting around them when using it may feel stressful. Albeit, the Mixologist app is free of ads.

  • It is free.
  • It is very user-friendly.
  • Metric units are available for all recipes.
  • Amateur bartenders can comfortably make use of this one.
  • It improves the recipe knowledge base of users.
  • Bars can advertise their featured drink recipes conveniently on this one.
  • The ads in it affect the user interface of the app negatively.
  • Editing of custom drink recipe is a cumbersome process.

This app founded in 2014 helps bar owners/ managers take control of their whole operation using any device with cloud back up. BevSpot allows you to effectively manage your bar by taking inventory, placing orders, and analyzing sales data directly from the app.

This option also provides users with inventory reports to let them know which products are still on the shelves to ensure that they save money by making better buying decisions. For managers that are managing more than one bar, BevSpot offers an enterprise dashboard where they can easily switch between the different accounts easily.


What Makes BevSpot Stand Out

This easy to use platform allows users to take control of the entire operation of their bar using any device. All data taken using this app are backed up instantly to the cloud and users can access it anywhere with any device. It offers different and distinct features; we have outlined them below.

The Visual Bottle Slider

The visual bottle slider lets you take inventory across all the storage areas in minimal time.

The Offline Mode Feature

The Offline mode feature allows you to continue taking inventory without an internet connection.

Inventory Calculator

The interactive inventory calculator lets you weigh your kegs or bottles.

Custom Sorting

This feature allows you to customize your storage locations and arrange the items like they are in your bar.

Collaborative input

With this feature, bar staff can be able to take inventory with their own devices.

Online Purchasing

Using this one, you can order products from your vendors directly. You can also text or email your vendors from the app even when they don’t make use of it.

Digital Invoicing

Take a picture of your invoice to save it in BevSpot database and put in the details of the items you have bought using this option.

Smart Cart

This feature allows you to develop automatic replenishment levels; it also ensures that you track your inventory levels over time.

Insights and Reports Feature

This feature allows you to see the items that are making a profit and which recipes need tweaking. You can use this one to track the cost of the drinks you sell and find out the least and best performers.

Where the BevSpot App Needs Improvement

BevSpot is an ideal option for medium to large hospitability establishments; this means that a lot of its features will not be useful for small and upcoming bars.

  • It is straightforward to use.
  • It fosters collaboration between bar staff.
  • It helps bar managers save cost and make smart decisions.
  • BevSpot allows users to access their bar data from anywhere on any device.
  • BevSpot is not ideal for small bars.

Partender is a SaaS app solution that reduces the time it takes bar managers or staff to complete inventory. This one which is available on both iOS and Android digitizes the entire inventory process and stores it in the cloud.

In this app, there are different pictures of liquor bottles of varying sizes; all that is required is for you to fill the line on the bottle to where it corresponds with the one on the shelf. This way, you can find out how much liquor you have sold since the last inventory.


What Makes Partender Stand Out

This option, which reduces the inventory time to 15 minutes, saves bar staff and managers a lot of time. Partender features instant purchase orders and cloud-based analytics which make it stand out.

Consumption Analytics

This feature shows you analytics on your worst and best selling products. It also shows you your dead stock and reminds you of the items that you are low on so you are never out of stock or lose a sale.

With this feature, you will be able to know the products you should buy more of and those you should buy less.

Fast Purchase Orders

Partender sends you emails instantly after every inventory with Purchase Orders in MS Excel format which you can send to your rep and finish the inventory and ordering process.

Where the Partender App Needs Improvement

The partender app is not favorable to small and medium bars with thier pricing. The Pro monthly plan goes for $249 per month while the Pro annual goes for $165 monthly.


  • Fast Inventory Time.
  • Fosters collaboration between staff as it features unlimited user logins on different devices.
  • Analytics help users make better purchasing decisions.
  • Partender ensures that stock is never low.
  • Available on both iOS and Android Platforms.


  • It is a relatively costly option.
WS Wine Ratings+

This one allows you to get expert reviews and advice on wines directly on your smartphone to ensure that your bar offers the best rating wines. WS Wine Rating+ offers different other information like release prices, tasting notes, ratings, auction prices, and wine recommendations.

This app features both a free and paid version which offers users a database of over 300,000 wine reviews. You can make use of this one to stay updated on what’s new with its news feed and helpful videos.

WS Wine Ratings+

What Makes Wine Ratings + Stand Out

This app that is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android offers a lot of features unique to it. Its database of over 300,000 wine reviews will help you make the best decision when it comes to wine for your bar. We have highlighted the features unique to this app below.

Vintage Charts

Apart from the reviews and ratings, this one also includes vintage charts which will help you improve your wine knowledge. These charts guide users to the best vintages for different regions and varieties of wine.

News Feed

The news feed provides content from Wine Spectator magazine which shows a timely view into the culture of wine tasting and collection.

Video Content

This one also features educational videos on wine tasting and collection.

Where the Wine Ratings + App Needs Improvement

The free version of this app offers helpful information; the paid version, on the other hand, provides too much information than bar owners or managers need.


  • It provides helpful information on wine.
  • It helps bars stock up on highly rated wines.
  • Allows you to save their favorite wine for reference in the future.
  • Its vintage charts are very educative.


  • The paid version is more or less not useful as the Free app offers adequate information and features.
Bar & Club Stats

This SaaS ID verification app is used by bars to reduce and eradicate underage drinking. This app also provides you with legal protection as well as reduces your liability insurance. You can easily download the app for free for iOS or Android.

Bar & Club Stats also offers an ID scanner attachment that can be used to read mag stripe IDs for rent or purchase effectively. With this option, you can know the number of patrons you have, gender split, repeat customers, and other reports in real-time.

Bar & Club Stats

What Makes Bar & Club Stats Stand Out

This app allows users to create extensive marketing and promotional opportunities with its distinct features and functions.

iPhone an Android ID Scanner App

If you have an iPhone or an Android, you can effectively make use of it to scan the ID of your customers.

iPod 6 ID Scanner

Once you have downloaded the software from iTunes, you have to purchase or rent the scanner attachment to be able to read mag stripe IDs effectively.

Where the Bar & Club Stats App Need Improvement

Without the ID scanner attachment, it will not be able to read mag stripe IDs. This drawback is an issue as this means that the apps are not enough.


  • It helps you protect your business.
  • Free.
  • Marketing and promotional processes are possible with this one.


  • The mobile app is not able to read mag stripe IDs.

best bar management app

The Winner among these top 5 bar management apps is BevSpot. This cloud-based app takes the lead because its features cut across most of what the other apps offer you.

BevSpot will help you effectively manage all of your bar operations from invoicing to inventory to sales and reporting from any device and at any location.


The Top 5 Bar Apps Working Together

The Mixology app provides you with different drink recipes so you can achieve better drink and cocktail mixes. With BevSpot, you can effectively manage inventory, invoicing and operations in your bar.

Partender makes it very easy for you to do inventory and get consumption analytics on your products. With Wine Ratings+, you get expert reviews, ratings, and educational information about wine.

On the other hand, Bar & Club Stats ensures that you serve drinks to customers of legal age. All these apps have distinct functions that are effective to bar operations; collectively, however, they can take your bar to the next stage.


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