Atomic Beam Sunblast – A Super Bright Solar-Powered Light

If there is one thing I know about my house -- I know the inside of it like the back of my hand. But when I’m outdoors at night, it might be tough to navigate my front yard. Plus, the porch light that I have really isn’t enough. Some of my neighbors tell me I should get a floodlight for the garage. But I want something that won’t crank up my energy bill.

There was only one way to find out which light was best for me. I decided to search on the Internet. After a short Google search, I came across Atomic Beam Sunblast. After reading up on some reviews about how bright it can get, I figured trying it out myself would be a start. After installing this (which was surprisingly easy), I decided to test it out after dark. Needless to say, I was impressed with what I got in a porch light.

Atomic Beam Sunblast

Atomic Beam Sunblast Features

  • Includes an industrial-strength adhesive that you can use to easily install it on various surfaces. No pliers or wires, ever.
  • A built-in motion detector that has a 120-degree radius that detects movement from up to 25 yards
  • A quick charging Lithium-Ion battery that will always be working so you won’t have to make any changes ever so often.
  • Built to withstand all kinds of weather and seasons. Have a light that works year-round rather than just part of the year
  • Uses LED lighting so you are able to see better in the dark compared to other light fixtures.

Solar-Powered Lighting

I’m not ashamed to say that I am someone who wants to save on energy costs. When I saw that it was solar-powered, you best believe that I was already in the process of buying this. Whether it’s day or night, I know that it can rely on solar power to kick on anytime I’m within that trigger distance. And since it’s solar-powered, I don’t need to worry about any complex wiring or installation.

Atomic Beam Sunblast

120-Degree Motion Sensor

Remember how some motion sensors will have a limited distance or radius. Some lights will automatically turn on if you are up close in personal. With the Atomic Beam Sunblast, it has a radius of 120 degrees. And it can detect movement up to 25 feet. This means that when it’s dark out, I can see the light kick on the moment I’m about ready to pull into my driveway. It’s as if it knows I’m about ready to step out. Plus, I don’t have to stand too close in order for the light to actually activate.

Atomic Beam Sunblast

Here’s a little secret I can tell you about this feature -- when this kicks on, I know it will serve another purpose other than helping me see better in the dark. It can also give suspicious persons who might be roaming around the neighborhood an idea that someone is up and around. And they probably would want to steer clear of that house before considering the idea of breaking into it. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good security system. But these bright lights may have inadvertently (but thankfully) prevented a break-in at one point.

LED Lights That Last A Lifetime

If there is another thing I don’t like, it’s having to replace light bulbs outdoors. Yes, your regular lightbulbs will burn out after it’s lived its “lifespan”. But with these LED lights, they will last you pretty much forever. That means you don’t need to switch them out or replace them. I consider that a good thing because I know that LED lights have a pretty long lifespan.

Atomic Beam Sunblast

So when I found out that the lights they have will never burn out, that was another good reason to purchase it. Plus, they have a pretty good range of lighting. It can cover a good amount of my front yard, doorway, and my driveway. That means I can see clearly and not have to worry about tripping over any objects.

All-Weather Construction

I have to say I’m really happy that this can handle any weather condition known to man. It can be very helpful during the winter time when the snow is coming down hard. When it’s foggy or downpouring during the mild or warm months, I can still be able to navigate my front yard. It’s a pretty cool light to have whenever I need it. There are some porch lights that won’t do a great job even in bad weather conditions.

Atomic Beam Sunblast

Easy Installation

We’ve already talked about how you don’t need any wiring to set this light up. But how do you post it up on your doorway. What if you need a hammer or nails (or any other tool for that matter)? The good news is that you don’t. There is an adhesive that you can attach to any surface and it will still hold up quite well. In fact, it’s so strong you swear that you superglued it to the side of your house.


  • Very quick and easy to install.
  • LED lights last pretty much forever.
  • Plenty of light coverage.
  • Reasonably affordable compared to most lighting systems.


  • None.

Final Verdict

I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t like this light. I absolutely love it. The Atomic Beam Sunblast is exactly what I needed for my home. This is the kind of light you want in your doorway or garage. That way, you can be able to see better at night. Plus, you have a light that will last you a long time and will only rely on a renewable power source and keep your energy bills low. There is no other porch light that can hold a candle (no pun intended) to the Atomic Beam Sunblast.


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