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I was looking for a new refrigerator when I found had attractive fridges. Apart from finding a large refrigerator suitable for my family, I also benefited from a 5% money back offer which I later spent on cooking utensils.

If you’re looking for home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, electric cookers or even furniture, the company’s website offers a wide range of products to choose from. It even sells appliances for businesses.

Since my first purchase, I continued shopping online. The diversity of products and various discounts prompted me to update my home’s appliances. For example, I took the 10% discount offer when purchasing 3 Samsung appliances which saved a few hundred dollars.

Appliance Connection Review

Appliance Connection Features

  • Large selection of appliances which can be ordered online.
  • The offer includes smart appliances, controlled by a smartphone.
  • Rewards and discount programs run through the year.
  • Free delivery is offered on all orders over $99.
  • Registered members can participate in the trade program of the website.
  • New products include furniture, plumbing, and commercial appliances.
  • There’s an option for professional installation on all deliveries.
  • Includes a wide range of popular brands such as Bosch, GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, LG and Samsung.

Washers and Dryers

There are many regular and smart washers you can order on I’m particularly interested in top load washers which are compact and perfect for my laundry room.

If you’re also looking for top or front load washers, you can find them in the dedicated laundry section of the website. You can filter options out according to your favorite brand or by budget. I know I specifically used the sizing filter as I had limited space in the first place.

Refrigeration Appliances

Electrolux, Monogram, and Smeg are just a few refrigerator manufacturers in stock at Appliance Connection. There are a few reasons why I like shopping for refrigerators on the company’s website. Apart from the products themselves, the company also shows compatible accessories on the product page.

Appliance Connection Review

Information such as user guides is also published on the product’s page. If you’re unsure about your purchase, you may read user reviews as I did whenever I ordered products from the website.

If there’s a certain discount offer, it also appears right on the product’s page. It is here that you can find out more about discounts with multiple product purchases from the same brand as I did with my Samsung appliances purchase.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances are now better than ever. They offer considerable improvements over the appliances made just a decade ago. However, I feel I don’t understand all of them, especially electric cooktops.

As a result, I spend a lot of time researching and reading product reviews. I soon found out about Appliance Connection’s policy on product reviews. If you already have one of their products, you can earn $5 by leaving a review. You can also earn $7.5 by leaving a photo of the appliance in your home. Video reviews are rewarded with $10.


Any modern home needs a good dishwasher. There is plenty to consider at the Appliance connection. Portable dishwashers, panel-ready dishwashers, and built-in dishwashers are just a few options.

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, it’s worth navigating to the rebates section of the dishwashers where you can find considerably better prices for products with small defects.

Air Conditioners

One of my next purchases is going to be an air conditioner. I still can’t decide on the type of air conditioner I need for my home.

Wall and window are conditioners are in the stick at Appliance Connection. I know they also sell portable air conditioners but a need a potent machine to cool my living room.


One of my favorite sections of the website is the furniture area. There are thousands of impressive products to choose from. The website categorized furniture according to its use. Users navigate to living room furniture or to bedroom furniture to see products.

Appliance Connection Review

Kitchen Appliances Packages

I still wish I remodeled my kitchen at once. It’s the type of deals you can find in the kitchen appliance packages which make me regret individually purchasing a refrigerator and then buying a dishwasher and other kitchen essentials.

This is the savings area for kitchen appliances. However, these packages are not subject to other discounts offered on the website. These packages already include discounted prices.

Deals, Discounts, and Pricing

There are various deals to find at Appliance Connection. Some of these deals are seasonal. For example, you can purchase discounted appliances on Black Friday or with stock clearance.

However, other discounts are offered all around the year.

5% back gift card

5% discounts are offered when spending at least $999. This discount is offered to loyal customers and to those who hold the Appliances Connection gift card. A few other discounts may also be applicable, even to those who’ve already got 5% back in-store credit. For example, you still benefit from free shipping even with the 5% discount.

Appliance Connection Review

Appliance Connection Credit Card

If you’re not looking to pay in cash, there’s an Appliance Connection credit card you can order and shop online.

Appliance Connection credit cardholders have a few payment methods to rely on. There’s no interest for those who manage to pay the full price in the given timeframe. Options include full payments in 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

Payment Methods

Most popular credit and debit cards are accepted at Appliance Connection. You can pay using VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and even PayPal.

All of these payments have the same status. You will need to keep evidence of your purchase in the form of a bank statement for warranty and possible returns.


It takes anywhere between 7 and 14 days to have complete the shipping in major metropolitan areas. All appliances are delivered by truck. To ensure you’ll be home for delivery. The delivery company usually calls an hour before the delivery for confirmation.


  • Free shipping on all orders over $100.
  • Thousands of home appliances to choose from.
  • Price match guarantee.


  • Bitcoin payments are not accepted.

Final Considerations

Appliances Connection is certainly a growing name in the online retail space. Some of their policies have created loyal customers.

In my case, the savings were considerable when taking advantage of their offers. My 3 Samsung kitchen appliance purchases led to savings of a few hundred dollars.

The growing number of products now includes furniture. In this section, I think most people can benefit from shopping by design. For example, Colony is a kitchen furniture layout that you can order for your home. It includes both appliances and furniture.

But social media accounts also come with interesting kitchen design ideas. The official Appliance Connection Instagram account shows a few great ideas.

If you’re seeking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, you can start by making a plan and a budget. You can simply calculate the total amount you’re going to spend. Once you’ve got the total in mind, you can see what discounts you’re eligible for and the exact savings you can enjoy.

If the budget is above what you can pay in cash, you may still purchase all appliances using the Appliance Connection credit card. You can check your eligibility for the credit card program on the Appliance Connection website.


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