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I’m not too keen on the idea of talking about my health. Usually, I disclose my health issues to my doctor. However, I do suffer from allergies so I can talk about that as much as I like. I really hate those days when I’m out and about and I’m sneezing like there is no tomorrow. As much as I love saying goodbye to Winter, Spring is another season I’m not a fan of. It’s the time of year where airborne allergens are triggering my sneezing fits. And that leads to me stocking up on Kleenex.

Not to mention, I unknowingly bring in these allergens into my home. Even on days when I don’t go outside or when the weather is bad, somehow I’m still getting sneezing fits. What gives? So I decided to take action and find an air purifier that would eliminate allergens and keeps your air clean inside your home. I came across air purifiers that looked good on paper, but it seemed like they were limited in doing their job.


That’s when I came across Airocide. Imagine my amazement when I found an air purifier that is developed by NASA. Yes, the same NASA that launches shuttles, satellites, and exploring space.

Airocide Features

  • Uses NASA technology to eliminate mold spores, viruses, bacteria, VOCs, and PM 2.5 particles from your home, medical rooms, etc.
  • Sleek and revolutionary design that makes it save space and doesn’t give off that “clunky” look.
  • Has three different fan speeds that you can set to your own personal preference.

Space-Age Technology That Goes to Work

Did you know that well over half of the stuff that we use on a regular basis may have components developed by NASA? Even I was fascinated. And yet, this air purifier is one of them. This uses technology developed by the space agency that will eliminate every single allergen, virus, bacteria, VOCs, and harmful particles known as PM 2.5.

For those are you who are not familiar with PM 2.5, let me give you a brief overview of what it is. The PM stands for particle matter. It’s a particle that is a mixture of harmful gasses and dust particles that will be hazardous to breathe in.


What’s even more surprising is PM 2.5 can be produced just about anywhere in your home. I was shocked to find that cigarette smoke contained these particles. What surprised me was doing something as harmless as cooking foods may also produce PM 2.5. Needless to say, I don’t have to worry now knowing I was able to get an Airocide air purifier in my home.

Now, I seem to be veering off course. But I am happy to report that it has the ability to eliminate any viruses and bacterias that can cause various illnesses. I hate it when I and anyone in my family gets sick. You’ll never know what’s hanging in the air wherever you go these days. And you might catch something even if you don’t come in contact with someone.


A Design That Saves Space -- Not Take It Up

If you are someone who wants to keep it simple in their home, office, or medical facility this air purifier might be a good choice. Especially when it comes to the futuristic design that you probably won’t see on any other air purifier on the market. Typically, the air purifiers I see look bland and clunky. You can set it on the floor or hang it up on the wall. It all depends on where you are setting it up. Who knows...the design much just be a conversation piece. And that might just be enough to get an Airocide air purifier in their homes.


Three Different Fan Speeds

This has three fan speeds: low, high, and auto. No matter how fast you set the fan, the Airocide purifier will do the work. And it will eliminate all of the airborne bad guys that might be hanging around in your home. You can set it to full speed during the day and set it low for a much quieter operation. So you’ll be able to operate this 24 hours a day without having to jack up your energy bill.

Airocide Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Airocide discounts & coupons...


  • Wall mountable -- especially for those who prefer to save space.
  • Excellent for homes, doctor’s offices, surgery rooms, kitchens, food storage, etc.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Eliminates up to 99 percent of airborne allergens, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles.


  • Might be a bit pricey for budget shoppers.

Final Verdict

I am a huge fan of the Airocide air purifier. And it will definitely outperform any Hepa filter or small air purifier on the market.

Your current air purifier might do you some good, but what I can tell you that it may not be enough. Plus, you can be able to save a good amount of energy if you plan on running this all throughout the day and night.

Once you have this set in your home, restaurant, or medical facility you will definitely prevent a lot of illnesses. You can prevent a good amount of colds and flu illnesses just by placing either on the floor or the wall.

If you are in the market of an air purifier and want something that will be worth every penny, the Airocide air purifier might be exactly what you’re looking for.


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