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Let’s get this party started right! Nothing injects life into your next party like a costume. They’re fun to wear and entertaining for guests, making them the ultimate ice breaker. You get to step out and be something you’re not for a night, and the more you stand out the better.

One themed costume doing this in new ways is actually old school, and I do mean old. We’re talking prehistoric. Welcome to the world of dinosaur costumes.

Dinosaurs are enormous and yet mysterious creatures. We haven’t seen them alive, so they bring up all kinds of interesting questions. What are they like to talk to? What’s their favorite beer? You have the chance to answer these profound questions and many others.

And walking around in a full-length, extra tall costume in a room full of people holding champagne glasses creates just the right surreal feeling. The absurdity will put your party at a whole other level.

An important factor to keep in mind when buying any costume is quality, and this is especially the case here. If you’re going to be a dinosaur, do it right. Choosing well means you will look good throughout the night and not like you’re just survived a car wreck.

Luckily, we’re going to make choosing a quality costume easy. Here are the top 5 best dinosaur costumes on the market today. Let’s roar right into it…before they go extinct.

Top 5: Adult Dinosaur Costume Reviews


This costume has many, let’s say, unconventional characteristics that make it one of the top 5.: First off, this costume is award-winning. That’s right. It won a Toy of the Year Award. Secondly, it is an authorized Jurassic Park costume.

Though this may have you asking how many out there are unauthorized, this is actually a very good thing because if a movie gives its stamp of approval, the quality is there. 

But wait, there’s more… The costume roars! There is an onboard battery-operated roaring machine. Just imagine saying hello to your friends at your next party.

It is also well priced while being good looking. And the design covers you from head to toe to create an authentic feel as you walk around the party. It is so realistic that endless clips on YouTube show people wearing them while doing hilarious daily chores.

This company offers a range of choices from a T-Rex, a T-Rex with sound, Triceratops, Velociraptor, or Velociraptor with sound. Pick your favorite and have your friends by other designs to create a themed party. This particular model comes as a standard size, which is discussed on the link, so be sure to review it or you may look ridiculous.

It requires 4 AA batteries but they are not included. I recommend wearing the costume when you stop into your local battery store… for no particular reason. 


  • A wide range of styles.
  • Good looking design.
  • A fun, bouncy look while you walk.
  • Strong overall reviews.
  • The company replaces if there are quality issues.
  • The ultimate crowd-pleasing costume.


  • A challenge to eat and drink or go to the bathroom.
  • Requires air inflation.
  • Requires batteries (not included)
  • Available in “standard” size only.
  • The face mask can get foggy, making it hard to see.
  • Can get warm unless the fan works properly.
  • Can be hard for people to see out the window if they are 6 feet or taller.


What would we do if dinosaurs were alive today? Duh. We would ride them! At least the friendly ones. Now you can with this inflatable dinosaur costume. A great choice for Halloween (the name of the company is Spooktacular Productions), it also works for any party any time of the year.

In this theme, you are an explorer out for a ride. Where? Wherever you want. The explorer theme comes complete with your very own explorer hat.

The costume is nice in its ability to let you move around freely. You won’t worry about bumping your head on door thresholds. You also have full freedom of holding food and drinks more easily than the previous costume. Your head is out in the open, keeping you cooler and breathing easier.

It is also a one-size-fits-all design, allowing other family members to use it at their next party, saving you on future costume trips.


  • Money back 90-day guarantee. Will refund or ship a replacement.
  • One size fits all, allowing you and other family members to wear it at future parties.
  • Easy to walk around, speak and eat in than other inflatable costumes.


  • Requires batteries (not included)


We’re back to the taller costumes on this one, giving you more options for some dramatic impact at your next party. In fact, you even have an option of a headless model similar to the last entry.

You can be a Diplodocus or even a T-Rex in standard and skeletal versions for added spookiness for your next Halloween party.

You have an open face and arm design with some, and even more freedom of movement with the explorer version called “Dinosaur Ride On”. You’ll be sure to find an inflatable option that works well for you here. 


  • A dramatic look for your next party.
  • Different styles to choose from.
  • Open access to face and arms for easy eating and drinking.
  • Comfortable inside.
  • Fits a wide range of sized people from 5 feet to more than 6 feet.
  • Though Amazon’s reviews show 3 stars, overall the reviews are quite positive.


  • Cooling fan runs through batteries quickly.
  • Can be tight on some people.
  • Requires batteries.


Who says being a dinosaur can’t be cute and comfortable? With a range of sizes for women and men, you and your partner can hit the party in a comfortable fleece that is super soft, keeping you warm in the cold Fall and Winter months.

They are so comfortable you can wear them around the house at night, and is ultra-cute as a sleepover costume. These are loose fitting and gives you full movement, making you a hit on the dance floor. And it even comes with pockets, making it ultra-relaxing loungewear. 

If green isn’t your color, you can opt for pink. A real dinosaur would even want to wear these. A real dinosaur would be jealous. 


  • Ultra soft and comfortable.
  • Multiple sizes to choose from.
  • Open face and hands for easy movement.
  • Able to move and stretch with ease.
  • Comfortable enough to wear at home.
  • Comes in a range of sizes for him and her.
  • A cute way to attend costume events with your partner.
  • Easier to take off than inflatable costumes.


  • Unless you wear the hood, people may mistake you for an alligator or lizard in the green costume.
  • Pockets sit low on the costume.
  • The hood can appear a bit floppy compared to the rest of the costume.
  • The design is a bit misleading and it is recommended to order one size up for better comfort.


Of all on our list, this one gives you the most flexibility in what to wear. By choosing either of the two head options, you can wear these with any clothing to confuse your friends while looking stylish. While at your next party you may look like a creature in a Star Wars cantina.

You can easily go to the bathroom and provide a dramatically effective costume with little cost, without sacrificing the overall effect. You may have some trouble drinking, eating, and being recognized, if you want that.

It is made of 10% natural latex, is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is soft and easy to wear and you can easily see and breathe through the mask. This is a great option if you attend multiple parties throughout the year, even masquerade parties. 


  • An affordable costume idea that is still ultra-creative.
  • Works with any outfit you own.
  • Easy to transport and store due to its small size.
  • Easy to breathe and see through.
  • Works for any size, making it a welcome, long term family addition.


  • Will need to remove mask for comfortable eating and drinking.
  • Some customers had issues seeing out of the costume.

Final Thoughts

This list shows a range of small to big costumes to fit your preference, ranging from simple to more complicated. This means you can make a choice that fits your goals. All costumes work for men and women.

And with many of these products having more than one option available, you have a wide selection of styles to choose from.

We’re also here to help make your choice easy…

  • If you are looking to create a statement, there’s no question the #1 and #3 are the best options. These costumes are guaranteed to raise a smile.
  • If you like to appear more creative while still having easy interaction through the night, then the explorer #2 and ride on #4 are the easy choices.
  • If you are looking to still create some fun while maximizing your creativity at a low budget, then #5 is the choice to make.

Final Verdict

When ordering dinosaur costumes, it is good to evaluate what you will be doing that evening:

  • If it is a large party in a large space, such as a ball space, then maybe a larger inflatable costume is the preference for a more dramatic effect.
  • If you will be indoors in a warm space, perhaps a costume with the face and arms more exposed will cool you off more.
  • If eating and drinking at a cocktail party, it’s important to evaluate the designs to see what type of movement you will need. Will you need fingers ready for finger foods? Is holding a drink going to be a problem with some designs?
  • In the location you are in, what is the bathroom situation? If it is a porta potty, maybe something small will work best?

In the location you are in, what is the bathroom situation? If it is a porta potty, maybe something small will work best?


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