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It’s important for me to keep in shape. That’s why I block off the first hour of my day since it’s dedicated to my workouts. I know that I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t go through the morning without my regular scheduled runs.

While I spent the better of the previous year crushing my weight loss goals, I just can’t get enough of keeping off the weight and staying in the best shape of my life. But sometimes, I feel like something is missing. I know in my mind that I can cheer myself on. But that might not be enough.


So I thought to myself “what if there was some kind of guided fitness routine that I needed to follow”? That’s when I spent some time on Google to find a program that would guide me along the path to working out. Sure enough, I found Aaptiv.

After seeing what this app was able to do, I knew I had to use this every single time I worked out. Plus, it covers all of my bases as far as my workout program is concerned.

Aaptiv Features

  • Access over thousands of workouts available to you. Especially the workouts that actually make sense for your fitness goals.
  • Get 30 new classes every week so you can be able to include some new exercises in your routine and stay in shape.
  • Train for weight loss, long-distance running, and so much more. Name the goal and there will be a program tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Monitor your stats from calories burned to miles ran and everything in between.
  • Expert trainers guiding you along the way so you can stay focused and reap the rewards after every satisfying workout.

Audio-Guided Workouts

There was a time when I was at home and I was following exercise videos along with an instructor. No, the videos weren’t live. But I could access them anytime I wanted to. Let’s just say that I welcomed the audio coaching from a fitness instructor who was able to give me clear instructions and help me follow through with my workouts.







The question I had to ask myself is “where was this when I needed it a year ago?” I was busy losing weight and working out like it was going out of style. Some days I felt great and some days I just wanted to just drop it all and be done with it. But it was good to hear the positive reinforcement from those who do it best.

If you are looking for a guided workout without having to stay at home or watch a video, this is the app you want. Especially when you’ll be mostly out and about. You might also be at the gym. It all depends on the workouts you are doing and what your goals are.

Pick A Goal, Any Goal

Do you want to lose weight? There’s a program for that. Are you training for a 5K or a marathon? Yep, you can get a program put together for that as well. There are so many goals that you can achieve and a series of workouts that you need to do in order for you to crush your goals in the time allotted.


Aaptiv will put together the workouts for you so you don’t have to struggle with deciding on which workouts you should do. Think of Aaptiv as your personal trainer that is smart enough to figure out what needs to be done.

Always Updated With Classes

One of my favorite things about the Aaptiv course is that they always have new classes every single week. Name the category and there is always a new class that you’ll attend. Think about it like this...when was the last time you went to a fitness class at your local recreational center? And how much did it cost you?


Here’s the thing about Aaptiv. You get all the fitness classes you want at a fraction of the price. I get it, personal trainers want to get paid for keeping people in shape. But not everyone will afford it or much less have the time. You can access the classes any time you want regardless of your schedule. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, there’s always a good time for you to put in the work to be one step closer to your fitness goals.

Never more will you have to repeat the same classes over and over again. Because every class will surprise you. You’ll do some exercises that you’ve done before. And you might be surprised by something new. With these new classes with highly skilled instructors following you every step of the way, anything can happen. All you need to do is be prepared. Because you never know when the change of pace will start.

No Experience? No Problem

If you have never worked out in your entire life before, that’s fine. Because you can be able to access a course based on your level of fitness. Beginner courses, intermediate courses, even advanced courses. There’s something for everyone regardless of experience.


But to be on the safe side, I started a beginner’s course and worked my way up. I feel like sometimes the best thing you can do is just go back to the basics and go from there. You might know a lot about exercising, but sometimes doing the stuff that seems too basic might just jog your memory. Things will all come back to you and you’ll remember why it was such an awesome workout in the first place.

Sharing Your Progress

I’m never one to brag, gloat, or whatever else. But I take pride in my accomplishments. So much so that I am able to take selfies of my progress. What’s even better is that I am able to share my progress with like-minded individuals. Each of us has our own fitness goals and we are all here rooting for each other.


If you want to, you can share your selfies and be able to share your progress right in the app itself. If that isn’t one of the best features yet, I don’t know what is. I know that the need for support is important. But just to be clear, it’s always good to lend your support to others as well. Because you might know their story and their struggles better than anyone. And why is that? Because you probably lived it.

Aaptive Promo Codes

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  • Offers plenty of workout options.
  • You can do workouts just about anywhere.
  • No need for a computer or a TV.
  • Access to plenty of recipes that fall in line with your diet plan.
  • Different workouts based on various levels of fitness.


  • Payments are non-refundable.

Final Verdict

If you want a fitness app that will definitely be worth using for all of your workouts and goals, Aaptiv might just be the perfect fit for you. It’s like a personal trainer that you can take just about anywhere. And it’s the personal trainer that is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best of all, it comes with a 30-day free trial. Try it for yourself today.


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