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Do you find that your trunk is always a mess? Do you need to keep a lot of tools, sports equipment, or other necessities in your trunk to have on-hand when they are needed? A trunk organizer can help you regain your trunk and keep it organized so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

When you are shopping for a new organizer for your trunk, you'll want to think about what items you'll want to store in your trunk. This way, you can find one that is the right size and has an adequate number of compartments to meet your needs. We have reviewed five of the best trunk organizers to help you find the ideal one for you.

Top 5: Trunk Organizers Review

Untimate Car Trunk Organizer by Absolute

The Untimate Organizer by Absolute is an extra-large option that is best suited for SUVs and other larger vehicles. This product features a total of 16 different pockets and compartments that will allow you to keep everything in its place. The large center pocket is a cooler that can keep your food hot or cold.

There are two small Velcro pockets on the front and 12 elastic mesh pockets going around the outside of the organizer. For the main compartment, there are removable and interchangeable walls which allow you to customize the size and number of compartments to meet your needs.

Untimate Car Trunk Organizer by Absolute

This product features a side strap that can be used to secure it in your trunk or to the anchors in the backseat. This item is made using a strong polyester material. The polyester material helps to make it durable so it will last for a long time.

When not in use, this item can be collapsed for easy storage or to make space in your trunk for other items. The manufacturers of this product are so confident in it that they offer a lifetime money back guarantee if the product does not meet your standards.


  • There are 16 different pockets and compartments that will help you keep your trunk organized.
  • There is a large cooler section so you can keep food that you are transporting hot or cold.
  • A side strap is included which will allow you to secure the item in your trunk or backseat to prevent it from sliding around.


  • If you have a car or smaller vehicle, this product may be too large to fit.
Tuff Viking SUV 3 in 1 Trunk Organizer

The Tuff Viking Trunk Organizer is best suited for SUVs and large vehicles when it is fully expanded. When all the compartments are expanded, this product is almost three feet long. The entire interior of this item is lined with a water-resistant material to help protect it against spills.

There are three different ways you can use this product. You can expand all three compartments to provide you with a large organizer or disconnect one section to give yourself two smaller compartments. Each of the three main compartments is about 12 inches wide and 14 inches deep.

When removed, one compartment is a good size to be used in the backseat of your vehicle to organize items for you kids, hold a bag of groceries, or store other items. There are optional straps you can use to tie this item down to prevent it from moving around in your trunk. If you need to store this product or make space in your trunk for something else, it will collapse.

This product is made to last a long time. It is constructed using heavy-duty polyester and double-thread stitching. The side handles are also heavy-duty to allow you to use the organizer to carry or move various items.


  • There are three large main compartments that can be collapsed or broken apart for various uses.
  • This product features professional grade construction, so you can feel confident that it will last for a long time.
  • Straps are included that allow you to tie it down so it doesn't slide around your trunk.


  • This product is more expensive than most other similar products.
HiHiLL Car Trunk Organizer

This black and gray option by HiHiLL can help you tame your messy trunk. It has numerous pockets and compartments that will help you find a space for everything you need to bring with you. There are three main large compartments and 12 smaller pockets along the outside of the organizer.

This product can collapse so it can be stored or moved to make space for something else in your trunk. Additionally, you can collapse only one compartment, which makes it a good size to be used in the back seat of your vehicle.

HiHiLL Car Trunk Organizer

To prevent this product from sliding around in your trunk, it has non-slip pads and straps to tie it down. It is also waterproof due to the two layers of Oxford cloth covering it. This product was made using high-quality materials and construction, so you can be confident that you will be able to get a lot of use out of it.


  • You can use this item in two ways. You can either have it fully expanded or collapse half of it to provide you with a smaller product that will fit well on one of the seats of your vehicle.
  • There is a strap in addition to non-stick pads that will help keep this item from sliding around in your trunk.
  • With three large compartments and 12 pockets, you will be able to organize everything you need to bring in your vehicle.


  • Depending on the size of your trunk, you may need to collapse one section of this product to be able to use it.
Backseat Trunk Organizer by Etre Jeune

The Backseat Trunk Organizer is designed to help you organize your trunk without taking up all the available space. This one hooks to the back side of the seats in your SUV, van, or hatch-back vehicle. There are eight large storage bags that make up this product. Four of these are deep mesh pockets along the bottom of the product. The other four are pouches along the top.

The mesh pockets in this product are large enough to hold grocery bags or fit multiple items. Since the items in this product are secured against your back seat, you don't have to worry about anything sliding or moving in your trunk.

Backseat Trunk Organizer by Etre Jeune

This product attaches securely to your back seat. There are three buckle straps that hook around the headrests in your back seat. Then, you just need to tighten the straps and you are ready to use this product. This item is made from a heavy-duty polyester, so it is very durable. It is also water-resistant and easy to clean by wiping it down with a cloth.


  • Since this product attaches to the back of your seats, you will have more available space in your trunk than you would with most other products.
  • There are eight large pockets you can use to keep your belongings organized.
  • It is fast and easy to securely attach this product to your backseat.


  • You won't be able to store larger items in this product.
Tomser Upgraded Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer

The Tomser Trunk Organizer is a red or black item that collapses for easy storage when it isn't being used. The product is chock-full of storage spaces to keep everything organized. It features 13 different pockets and compartments.

There are three large main compartments. You can use the two included divider walls to break two of the compartments in half, which will provide you with five center compartments instead of three. There are also six small mesh pockets, three large mesh pockets, one large covered side pocket, and two small covered side pockets.

Tomser Upgraded Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer

If you store tools in your trunk, this product also features a strong toos grip inside one of the main compartments. This one is built to be tough and last. It features reinforced stitching that allow it to hold up to 100 pounds.

If you wish to take this product out of your trunk and use it to carry items, there are two sturdy handle options for you to use. One of the handle options is longer and the other; Is shorter, so you can decide which works best for you.

You can collapse one or two compartments to customize the size of this product to meet your needs. With some of the compartments collapsed, this product is a good size to fit on the back seat or front passenger seat of your vehicle.


  • You can customize the size of this product by collapsing one or two of the compartments.
  • There are 13 different compartments or pockets to help you keep everything you need organized.
  • Two handle options are included to allow you to easily take this organizer out of your vehicle for camping, sports events, and more.


  • There are no straps to allow you to secure this item in your trunk.

Buying Guide

A trunk organizer can help transform your trunk from disorganized chaos to an organized oasis. These products provide you with multiple compartments and pockets so you can find the perfect place for everything you need to keep in your car.

When you are deciding which option is right for you, consider the size of your vehicle and the sizes of the different available options. Be sure to pick something that isn't too big to fit in your car. You should also consider the configuration of the pockets and their relative size to find one that is best suited to meet your needs.

Top Pick

The Tuff Viking SUV Trunk Organizer is our favorite product. This item gives you so much flexibility and storage space that it should meet all of your car storage needs. You can customize the size of this product which allows you to either have a large, medium, or small organizer.

Tuff Viking SUV 3 in 1 Trunk Organizer

In addition to the large interior pockets, there are also numerous mesh pockets around the outside of this product. There are included straps which allow you to secure this product to prevent it from moving around in your trunk.

It is also a professional grade product, so you can feel confident that you will be able to enjoy many years of use. It is lined with a waterproof material, so it will be easy to clean in the event of a spill. This would be a great product to help keep your vehicle organized. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Organize My Car with Kids?

The age of your children will influence the best way to stay organized, but there are some general tips that might help you. Try to keep a few items for your children in the backseat to keep them entertained. You might also want to have some cups for water and a few snacks where they can get at them too.

In your trunk organizer, keep other necessities, such as diapers and wipes (if you have young children), a few changes of clothes, snacks, extra toys, and sport equipment. This way, everything is where you can get at it easily when your children need it.

How Can a Trunk Organizer Help Keep Your Car Tidy?

When you use a trunk organizer, it provides you with a place to keep various items. Rather than having loose items in your back seat or strewn about your trunk, you can place them in the different compartments of the product. This will help your car look more organized.

Since you have a spot for everything, it might also encourage you to keep your car organized and regularly put things where they go in the organizer instead of leaving them in your vehicle.

Can You Change the Size of a Trunk Organizer?

Some of them can partially collapse, which will provide you with the option to make the organizer about half of its fully expanded size. Not all oft hem offer this feature though, so be sure to look at the description before making a purchase.

How Can You Clean a Trunk Organizer?

Most of them are made with a waterproof or water-resistant material, so they should be easy to clean. You can get a soft cloth wet and use it to wipe the sides of your organizer.

How Do You Stop a Trunk Organizer from Sliding Around in Your Car?

If you are worried about an organizer sliding around in your trunk, look for one that has straps that will allow you to tie it down in your trunk to keep it secure. Some products also have non-stick pads on the bottom that will provide more help in stopping it from sliding when you have to stop abruptly or make a sharp turn.

Final Verdict

However, if you prefer one of the other ones we reviewed, they would be a good choice too. The important thing is to make your decision about which one you like best and to purchase it so you can start enjoying an organized car!


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