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Our challenge within this review is to find five high-quality subwoofers available under the $500 price range. It can be quite difficult, but with the right research, we should be able to come up with some solid items for you to choose from.

The biggest challenge will be comparing each of the subwoofers against each other. We will be making that process easy by providing you with in-depth reviews, customer ratings, and pricing information. All of this will be included in the following section of this review. We will also include an in-depth list of pros and cons for each product.

Top 5: Subwoofers Under $500 Review

Recommendation #4

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) - 12-inch Driver, 300-Watts RMS, Sealed Cabinet


Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass at a Great Value | Easy integration Home Theater Systems

Our top selection is the Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer. It is designed to be ideal for medium-sized rooms. It provides high levels of sound quality and blends well with all types of speakers. Is also offers a large list of compatibility options and can easily be configured to work with most home-theater systems.

There are also over 4000 positive customer ratings that talk about the impressive value of this product. If you are looking for a reliable high-quality subwoofer, then you have certainly found our top recommendation. Amazon has also endorsed this product and recommended it to new customers.


  • Ideal for Medium-Sized Rooms.
  • Clear Sound Quality.
  • Outstanding Customer Feedback.


  • Short Term Durability.
Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10" 300w Powered Subwoofer (Black)

If you are looking for an extremely reliable powered subwoofer, you might want to consider this selection from Klipsch. Users can take advantage of several unique features, including the ability to blast bass because of how powerful this product is.

It is durable, reliable, and powerful, which is a great combination for customers to consider. Existing customers have left incredibly positive reviews regarding the overall performance of this subwoofer.


  • Extremely Durable Design.
  • 300 Watts of Dynamic Power.
  • Line/LFE Inputs for Compatibility.


  • Average Price Range.
  • No Customer Warranty.
Yamaha 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer - Black (NS-SW100BL)

You might be interested in this Yamaha 10" Powered Subwoofer that features a stylish design and new levels of technology. It is priced within a reasonable portion of the pricing spectrum, but it does lack some of the highly desirable features that some customers are looking for.

Even still, this product is extremely popular among customers and is perfectly capable of producing high levels of crystal clear bass. It might not be ideal for all stereo systems, but it should function perfectly with most home theaters.


  • Stylish Design.
  • Advanced YST II Technology.
  • Reasonable Price Range.


  • Not Ideal for All Stereos.
  • No Customer Warranty.
SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) - 12-inch Driver, 300-Watts RMS, Sealed Cabinet

The SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer is one of the most impressive premium subwoofers that you can get for this price. It won't be ideal for all customers because of its significantly higher price, but it should be perfect for buyers that are looking for a product that is capable of producing high levels of distortion-free bass.

It can be set up right out of the box and provide high levels of crystal clear clarity. If you are willing to spend this amount of money on a professionally designed subwoofer, then this is the product that you should look at.


  • Distortion-Free Bass.
  • Premium Design Quality.
  • Outstanding Customer Feedback.


  • Expensive Price Range.
Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer - Gloss Black

The final product that we are going to take a look at is the Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer. It features a glossy black design and a high-quality amplifier. There are several important control settings that make this device easier to operate and more efficient than other similar brands of subwoofers.

The customer ratings for this item are extremely positive because of the premium level of design quality that is available for purchase at this price range. Users can take advantage of a really solid subwoofer product without having to fork up the significant prices that some other alternative brands are asking for.


  • Premium BASH Amplifier.
  • Adjustable Crossover & Volume Controls.
  • Outstanding Customer Ratings.


  • Expensive Price Range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Cheapest Subwoofers?

This review is designated to finding the best products under $500, but what if you wanted the most affordable subwoofer? We have already looked at one of the most affordable options, the Yamaha 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer. It is extremely popular and is significantly lower in price than most similar products.

What Is a Subwoofer Used For?

A subwoofer is designed to create high levels of bass, while still retaining a high level of sound quality. There are powerful subwoofers with enhanced features within this review. It will be extremely tough for you to evaluate all of these products and make a purchase decision. Hopefully, that process is made significantly easier with the additional information that we have provided to you.

Final Verdict

Now that we have taken a look at five of the most popular and cost-effective subwoofers in the industry, it is time to take all of this information and put it to good use. Your purchase decision will be a tough one, but you will likely be able to make a great decision by utilizing the extensive information that is available within this post.

If you are in need of some general information, please refer to the FAQ portion of this post. There are several important facts about subwoofers, as well as some pricing information regarding the cheapest selections on the market. This will be particularly useful if you are on a tighter budget.

If you already know what you are looking for, you might want to take a look at the five products that we have presented. We have already provided in-depth descriptions and a list of pros and cons for each product. We have utilized customer reviews to help create the placement for each product.

Now that we have covered everything, it is time for you to ultimately make your purchase selection. You can utilize the information within this review to make your search significantly easier and less stressful.


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