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If you have an elderly, injured, or disabled family member who you help take care of, I'm sure you know how difficult it can be some days, especially when they want to remain independent so they do not feel like a burden.

There are some age assisting tools out there like walkers, hand grabbers, and more, but did you know there are simple tools for things like getting dressed. One of the hardest things for people with these ailments is to bed over and put their socks on.

It can be one of the first things they do in the morning to get ready or comfortable and they have to wait for you or someone else to help them. That is why many use sock aids, one of the cheapest and easiest solutions.

Here are the top 5 sock aids out there now and why you or someone you love can benefit from using them.

Top 5: Sock Aids Review

Recommendation #1

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid


Recommendation #2

Vive Sock Aid


Recommendation #5

Carex Sock Aid


RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

Unlike most sock aids which are between 33 and 36 inches long, this RMS Deluxe Sock Aid product's rope length is 38 inches. Between that and the easily workable rope can be tied to adjust the height.

With the built-in slip-resistant foam pad that stops the sock or stocking from slipping off of the sock aid and the flexible plastic material that it is made of, it is no wonder why this is the most popular product on this list.

If you have rather large feet, like men's size 10 and up, you do not have to worry that this will not be big enough to fit your feet according to many different reviews.


  • Beneficial for the physically unable, the elderly, and pregnant women.
  • Works well with sandals too.
  • Works well with knee-high socks.


  • Tends to stretch socks out.
Vive Sock Aid

Another one of the more popular choices, this one which is made by Vive, is actually the most expensive on this list, though only by a few dollars when compared to the one that costs the lowest.

The main difference in the design of this one versus the others is that the slip-resistant foam that is on the plastic wraps almost all of the way around it where the rope meets the plastic, making your sock even less likely to fall off while you are putting it on.

This product also comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee from the company, too, which is something that most others do not have.


  • Reliable and comfortable.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Works well with tight socks.


  • Not the best if you have wide feet or large legs.
Rehabilitation Advantage Sock Aid

Having the standard and simple design, this Rehabilitation Advantage Sock Aid product is all white with a white rope and black foam handles for an easy grip. It also comes with a small black, slip-resistant foam patch that can be attached by the sticky side on the back of the patch.

One of the biggest issues most of them have is that they are not easy to use if you have large feet, but according to many large-footed reviewers out there, this product does not have that issue.


  • Easy to use with socks and stockings.
  • Optional foam piece.
  • Long lasting.


  • The sock tends to slide off more without the foam piece attached.
Eva Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid

Looking almost exactly like the first product on the list, the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid, the Eva Medical Sock Aid is another one of the more popular choices, especially since it has no latex in it at all, preventing fewer to no rashes for people with a sensitivity to the material.

Unlike many others, this one comes with a sizing chart reference for women and men's foot width and shoe size, listing which sizes it will and will not work with.

Several customers have noted that the plastic material is a lot softer and even more bendable than some of the other products.


  • Especially good with knee-highs and stockings.
  • Great if you have big feet.
  • Foam grip is strong.


  • Gets dirty easily.
Carex Sock Aid

Possibly one of the oddest designs when compared with all of the others on this list, almost everything about this Carex Sock Aid one is completely different. The most notable is the fact that it uses nylon straps instead of rope and foam grips.

Instead of having a plastic-based appearance, the main piece is covered in a blue, terry cloth material that protects it from dirt and wearing down. It also can be easier on the feet, according to new and old customers.


  • Can be used with big or small socks.
  • Comfortable and long lasting.
  • Useful for people with wide feet.


  • The nylon string can be difficult to hold onto.

Top Pick

The best option can vary depending on your foot size, but they are always comfortable, easy to use, and long-lasting, and they prevent the sock from falling off while putting them on. That makes the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles the best on this list.

If you think that you like a different sock aid, click on the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid link and compare the specs and the customer reviews.

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

Commonly Asked Questions

What Are Sock Aids?

They are at-home medical aids used by people who suffer from arthritis or people who have pain or a limited range of motion who cannot put on their socks.

It is sort of like a hand grabber that allows people to grab things that are either too high up or out of reach for people who have limited mobility. Instead of grabbing for something, they are simply putting their socks on.

They are usually a piece of plastic that is connected to two ropes. You, or the user, would put the sock on the plastic so that it is open enough for the foot to go into it. Then, while holding the rope, the plastic and sock are lowered to the ground.

After that, just slide the foot into the sock, lift the rope back up, and then do the other foot.

Why Would You Want to Use Sock Aids?

They can be very convenient for the elderly who have limited mobility due to arthritis or pain and are extremely independent. Depending on how capable they are, it may take a little while, but many would prefer every small thing that they can still do by themselves.

What Should You Look for When Buying Sock Aids?

Two of the most popular things that people look at when they are trying to make their decision is is the rope has a grip, which most of them do, and the length of the rope, usually the more sought after thing.

The two most common lengths are 33 and 36 inches, which is usually more than enough room.

However, a common complaint is that the ropes are too long for some people, but there is an easy fix for that. If the handles are moved down to the plastic, then the far end of the rope can be cut to the desired length and the end can be re-knotted.

Final Verdict

Actually, some of the products out there have an especially workable rope that can be knotted so that you do not have to cut the rope to resize it, like the first product, the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid.

If you do this and cut it to the wrong length, then you may have to buy a new one because most warranties will not cover length adjustments like this.


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