The Best Soccer Net Recommendations

If you are a fan of playing soccer, it is likely that you crave the idea of having your very own soccer net in your backyard. There are several popular products that have been included on this review so that you can begin to consider making this type of purchase.

The options in this review are all extremely popular and have an outstanding reputation with customers. These five products are a great place to begin your search so that you can confidently purchase a soccer net for outdoor use.

Top 5: Soccer Nets Review

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal - Soccer Net - Soccer Goal for Backyard - Steel Construction - 12 Ft by 6 Ft

This fifth place product is known as the Franklin Sports Competition Steel Construction Soccer Goal. It is extremely popular among customers because it features a strong steel design that is also weather resistant so that it can be used in harsh outdoor weather conditions.

There are multiple size options available if you are looking for a specific target size. All sizes are equipped with stakes to increase the net stability. Each individual soccer net is also integrated with an extremely strong steel construction design to ensure that all of them are reliable and durable for long periods of time.

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal - Soccer Net - Soccer Goal for Backyard - Steel Construction - 12 Ft by 6 Ft

A minor assembly process is required, but for the most part all of the pieces snap right into place. The total assembly process should take less than ten minutes. The price range for this particular one leans slightly towards the higher portion of the marketplace because of the custom size options as well as the reliable materials. This could be a perfect choice for your outdoor soccer matches!


  • Multiple Size Options Available.
  • Weather Resistant Design.
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews.


  • Expensive Price Range.
  • Assembly is Required.
  • No Warranty is Included.
QuickPlay Q-Fold 6X4' | The 30 Second Folding Soccer Goal for Backyard [Single Goal] The Best Weatherproof Soccer Net for Kids and Adults - 2YR Warranty

This is a premium product that comes in four different sizes for backyard soccer matches. The design of this soccer goal is impressive because it is weather resistant. It also has a flexible joint system that reacts when a soccer ball impacts the goal post.

This item can be folded up into separate pieces with ease for storage purposes. The customer reviews are outstanding for this product, so you definitely will want to consider this one for your backyard. As an added bonus, a two year customer warranty is included with all purchases.


  • Two Year Warranty is Included.
  • Weather Resistant Design Quality.
  • Folding Soccer Frame for Storage Purposes.
  • Four Custom Sizes Available.


  • Expensive Price Range.
Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goals [6 Sizes] - Premium Weatherproof PVC Home Soccer Goal Posts

It is time to take a look at the Net World Sports Forza Soccer Goal. This product features a simple assembly process that only takes a few minutes to setup. There are multiple size options available and users can expect a high level of durability and strength when shooting soccer balls into this net.

Users can play with this net in outdoor conditions and all weather types. It features a completely weatherproof design to ensure long lasting reliability. Ultimately, this product comes with everything that you need to have a great time playing soccer!


  • Several Size Options Available.
  • Easy Assembly Process.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.


  • High End Price Range.
  • No Warranty is Included.
AmazonBasics Soccer Goal Frame With Net - 12 x 6 x 5 Foot, Steel Frame

Unsurprisingly, the second place product comes from a reliable brand known as Amazon Basics. This is the Amazon Basics Soccer Goal that has earned an outstanding reputation with customers because of its durable design aspects and high quality steel soccer goal frame.

There are two size options available for purchase, both of which are designed with weather resistant materials to ensure long lasting reliability when playing outdoor soccer. It is ideal for backyard matches between small families and groups of friends.

AmazonBasics Soccer Goal Frame With Net - 12 x 6 x 5 Foot, Steel Frame


  • High Quality Steel Frame.
  • Durable Netting Mesh Material.
  • Includes Ground Anchors for Stability.


  • Assembly is Required.
  • No Warranty is Included.
Vallerta 12 x 6 Ft. Black Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Soccer Goal w/Net. 12x6 Foot AYSO Regulation Size Portable Training Aid. Ultimate Backyard Goal, All Weather, One Year Warranty. New

Finally, it is time to take an in-depth look at the Vallerta Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Soccer Goal. This is a regulation soccer net that meets all of the standards that are required to be considered a professional soccer net. It mirrors the designs of a professional goal that can be used in professional league matches.

The customer reviews for this product are outstanding because of the high level of quality that is achieved with the design of this item. The materials are weather resistant and there are two color options available as well. All users can take advantage of a one year product warranty if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

Vallerta 12 x 6 Ft. Black Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Soccer Goal w/Net. 12x6 Foot AYSO Regulation Size Portable Training Aid. Ultimate Backyard Goal, All Weather, One Year Warranty. New

It would be extremely difficult to find a higher quality soccer goal than this one. It is priced exceptionally reasonably for all of the important design features that it is integrated with. This would be a great investment if you plan on playing competitive soccer on your property.


  • Two Color Options Available (Black and White).
  • Outstanding Customer Reputation.
  • One Year Warranty is Included.


  • Assembly is Required.

soccer net Buying Guide

Now that we have had an opportunity to look at five different high quality products, it is time to begin considering each of these products for a potential purchase. These are great outdoor soccer goal that can be used for casual or competitive soccer games. There are several affordable choices that can support users that might be on a tight budget.

The specifications of each one have also been listed out through each of the product descriptions in this review. Most of these products are ideal for competitive soccer games because they are made with high quality materials and mirror the designs of professional soccer goals. There are also some casual products that are perfect for kids that are looking for a new outdoor soccer goal to play with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size soccer goal should I buy?

While any sized goal can be used to play soccer, soccer leagues use the age of the player to dictate the size of the goal used. Younger players will use smaller goals than older players.

Below are the different goal sizes used by leagues to help you select the right goal for yourself or a soccer player in your home:

  • 6- to 7-year olds: 4 feet high, 6 feet wide
  • 8-year olds: 6.5 feet high, 12 feet wide
  • 9-year olds: 6.5 feet high, 18.5 feet wide
  • 10- to 13-year olds: 6.5-7 feet high, 18-21 feet wide
  • 13-year olds to adults: 8 feet high, 24 feet wide

Should I get a permanent or portable soccer goal?

There are a few factors you will want to consider when deciding whether to purchase a portable or permanent soccer goal.

First, think about the space where you'll be using your goal. Will you always be using it in the same location? Will the goal be in the way if it is left there at times you aren't playing soccer?

Next, consider how you plan on using the goal. Typically, permanent goals are the best option for competitive games, but portable goals can be a good option to consider if there is a reason you won't be able to permanently install a goal on the field.

You should also think about how frequently the goal will be used and whether you'll want to leave it set up all or most of the time. If the goal will be used regularly and left outside, a permanent option is likely best. This option will be more durable and resistant to damage, both from the player and the weather.

If you'll only be pulling the goal out occasionally or want to be able to move it to different locations, a portable goal will probably be the best option for you to consider.

What are soccer goals made from?

Soccer goals can be made using plastic or metal. Each material comes with its own pros and cons, so you'll want to think about your specific needs and how the goal will be used to help you determine the best material to purchase.

Plastic soccer goals are less expensive than metal options. They are also easy to install, portable, foldable, and weigh less than metal goals. These are a good option to consider when training, for younger players, or to use for recreational, not competitive, play.

On the other hand, metal soccer goals are designed to be used for competitive and professional games. They are made using heavy-duty materials that are very durable and designed to last for a long time. Metal goals are designed to be installed and stay installed.

You can purchase metal goals in a variety of sizes, making them a good option for professional leagues, schools, soccer clubs, and soccer tournaments. Their durable and more professional design does make metal goals more expensive than their plastic counterparts.

Do I need to buy a soccer goal with depth or without depth?

When shopping for a soccer goal, there are a few different styles you'll be able to choose from. Your purpose for purchasing a soccer goal can help you select the right type to meet your needs.

Goals without depth feature a simpler design. They have a single top cross bar, which lets the net hand down at a 45-degree angle. Since these goals are not very deep, they do not provide space for a goal to be inside the goal to defend it.

Goals without depth are better used for practice than for a competition. They are also typically lighter in weight and more easily portable than goals with depth.

As the name suggests, goals with dept offer more space inside the goal for the goalie. In addition to the top cross bar, they also have two bars on the side to extend the depth of the next. These goals are typically made using higher quality materials and may be either portable or permanent.

A box goal provides the most space inside the goal for the goalie. They feature a large, rectangular shape and are constructed using durable metal materials. Box goals are used by professional soccer organizations and more advanced soccer clubs.

How Much Does a Regulation Soccer Net Cost?

There are several products that differentiate in terms of price range, but one strong example is the Vallerta Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Soccer Goal which features a regulation size design that clocks in at exactly one hundred dollars.

It is probably possible to find a cheaper product than this option, but the material quality might be less reliable or the net may require an extensive assembly process. If you are looking for a high quality soccer net like the Vallerta, you should probably expect to pay at least one hundred dollars.

Is the Assembly Process Difficult for Setting up a Casual Soccer Net?

Most can be assembled in as little as ten minutes. It usually depends on the design materials and how long it takes to attach the net meshing to the frame.

Some nets can be attached and grounded nearly immediately after opening the packaging, while other types can take up to an hour to effectively piece together.

It might be useful to look at the customer reviews to analyze the average assembly time if this is an important factor for your purchase.

10 Ways To Improve Your Soccer Skills

Since you are thinking about getting a new soccer net, we want to provide you with some tips to improve your soccer game!

Every soccer player would love to get to the full potential of playing the game. However, becoming a star in soccer is not something you wake up one morning, and you become perfect. It requires ambition, dedication, skills, talent, and technique.

Playing soccer involves not only your body technique but also your mental ability.

Yes! You need to be fit both mentally and physically. Like other sports, soccer can be fun and dangerous. It’s not news to see the best athletes getting terrible injuries that ruin their soccer career. Soccer skills not only help you become a better player but also help you understand all the mechanisms of the game for maximum performance and to minimize injuries.

So, you want to perfect your soccer skills? Read through to learn everything you need to improve your skills outlined by soccer experts.

1. Ensure you have Love and Passion for Soccer

If you want to achieve something in this life, you need to have that burning passion and love for that particular activity. The same principle applies to soccer. Many people play soccer because they see the success associated with it or just as a hobby.

These kinds of people can never go anywhere in their soccer careers. Passionate people put a lot of effort into it and dedicate their time to practicing and learning more about the game. As an aspiring soccer athlete, you need to join the multitude by applying a lot of effort to it and working towards becoming the best.

Put a lot of practice even if you have already achieved just to make you better. Always have incomprehensible practice hours. The practice should not only focus on the time you spend at the pitch, but you should also spend time watching and analyzing soccer matches.

Analyze the performance of certain players when they are on the pitch and even how they train if possible. Whatever you do occasionally should always reflect your passion and love for soccer. It doesn’t matter if you spend your whole life learning about soccer as long as you understand everything you need to know.

2. Practice Ball Control

Once you understand that your love and passion for soccer is real, you now need to dedicate your time to learning about the physical side of the game. Talking of that, let’s start with learning about the ball.

Being able to control the ball is one of the skills you need as a soccer player even before you enter the pitch. You need to learn to collect and gain control of the ball using all your body parts such as head, chest, legs, and every part allowed to touch the ball.

Having good control of the ball will make you be able to receive ball passes both on the ground and on-air with first clean touches as you keep the ball close to your body. You must learn to maintain the ball possession and protect it from your opponent.

A proper ball control also helps you with quick turns and sharpness without losing it to the opponent. Ball control, therefore, is one of the essential elements that play a vital role when it comes to improving your soccer skills.

3. Gain Tactical and Physical Knowledge

To improve your soccer skills, you should understand the nature and structure of the game before you get to the real soccer competition. Know the formation you are going to use as this is what will influence the tactics of the game.

You will need these tactics to win in any competition. Stay up to date with all the tactics and formations of the game because things keep changing and you might be left out

Being great tactical allows you to move across the entire field as you create gaps in the opposing defense until you can get enough space to attack. The tactics also help you study the moves of your opponents and prevent easy passes.

If you’re lucky, these can force your opponents to make mistakes hence giving you a pass. If you are a center back or a central midfielder, then you probably have to be tactical because you are in a position to see the entire pitch and also command your teammates.

4. Improve Your Speed

Soccer is a fast-paced game, and only those who can react fast both mentally and physically thrive. Your feet need to be fast enough so that you can run as fast as possible, turn quickly and reach the ball.

Speed should go hand in hand with your balance and coordination throughout the game. The quick speed you employ gives you the ability and agility to weave through the defenders as you can keep up with the opponents’ mark, as you dodge and sprint passed them with the ball.

The speed across greater distances is also essential since it assists the player to beat their opponent to the ball by running down the sidelines on both the defense and offense. You cannot show your agility with the ball when you don’t have the speed.

5. Stay Composed Mentally

Without composure and mental strength, then your love and passion for soccer can go to waste. You badly need that mental composure to make a great decision both in the pitch and outside to achieve success in soccer. Here is how mental composure will help you improve your soccer skills.

• It enables you to perform under pressure since most players normally play
frantically when they realize that the time is running out.
• The composure will help you make a rational decision towards the end of the match.
• Being composed also helps you in times of penalty shootouts and also breakaways. You
will not panic during these times and end up affecting your performance.
• When you’re mentally fit, you’re able to accept any outcome of the game, whether
it’s your victory or defeat. This enables you to train and play with a clear mind
and no regrets.
• Composure prevents you from getting aggressive with your opponents in case of any altercation like pushing, elbowing, and even stepping on your feet. Being composed helps you not to retaliate, which might get you in trouble with the referee. If you are not composed, you can become raged and cause losses to your team.

Composure is important for both your team and your opponents. You need it to make good decisions, play fairly, and accept the outcome. So, as you work on improving your skills and soccer tactics, don’t forget to work on your mental health.

6. Look for a Good Coach

No matter how perfect you may think you are, you still need a trainer to take you to the top. Be willing to learn from a coach; however, much you are talented. Even a teacher is taught how to teach, so don’t despise the coaches because they play a very vital role in harnessing talents not only in soccer but even on other field related activities.

As you listen to the coach’s instruction, also seek out, accept, and integrate feedback without being defensive. You should be able to demonstrate the ability to be self-corrected and put up with new actions, which will, in turn improve you as a soccer player.

Ensure you listen and not disrupt your coach. Also, have some respect for your coach. Don’t be discriminative in terms of age and gender of your coach because we’re only for experience and skills.

Here are the qualities you need to look for when choosing an ideal soccer coach:
• Get someone who’s enthusiastic about soccer
• Have an experienced coach who knows everything concerning soccer
• A patient coach will help see you grow and guide you without giving up
• Get an open minded coach that can accept and implement ideas from other people
• Your coach should have the right attitude to guide you towards success

7. Learn Trapping and Dribbling

Learn how to trap the ball on air. You can do this by kicking the ball as high as you can and then be able to control it. You also need to sprint to remain fit and be able to control the ball on your feet when it lands. You must as well learn to relax the ball to the ground in a very comfortable manner.

Make sure the ball doesn’t bounce away or get high from your feet. Mastering trapping will help you keep the ball close to you as you are able to become a fast soccer player.

The dribbling technique will help you skip your opponents in a soccer match with a lot of ease. As you dribble, your mind is focused on the plays ahead, enabling you to master how to kick the ball where the opponent defender cannot access. You should be focused when dribbling by maintaining your eyes up as you look ahead.

You can lose focus and get confused when reaching to your opponents if you keep your head down. Improve your dribbling by training with pets such as dogs where you enhance your soccer skills by moving with the ball past your dog.

8. Learn by Kicking the Ball against a Wall

You can never imagine the kind of equipment you need to improve your soccer skills. Many times, you will not need an actual field or other players to practice. Something as simple as a wall can be of great help when working on improving your soccer skills.
Here is a step by step guide on how to practice soccer on a wall.

• Choose the correct site that is free from any damage. Don’t kick the ball towards
the window or door.
• Train on the brick and concrete surfaces so that you don’t drill holes on the wall.
• Position yourself almost two feet from the wall, and make some backward steps as
your soccer skills improve.
• Make sure you alternate both your feet as you kick the ball against the wall.
• Use your instep foot to kick the ball.
• Ensure the ball bounces only once before kicking it again.
• Practice this continuously because it needs consistency and mastery to improve your
soccer skills.

9. Learn the Passing and Spreading Out Technique in the Pitch

To improve your soccer skills, you need to train with other soccer players, whether they are teammates or opponents. You can start by understanding that during practice, there are no opponents, and you can even form teams with the other players and practice together as you learn from one another.

Train how to pass the ball to your teammates in an easy way. You can learn how to be good at both through and long passes. Practice in an empty field or at your backyard. Train both your feet to pass the ball because it will help you to overlap and change wings in the game.

Mastering how to pass the ball on both the ground and in the air will enable your teammates to trap the ball with ease. Giving accurate passes will not allow your teammates to strain too much. You’ll be able to get ball by lifting your foot a little bit above the ground and allowing you to trap the ball and apply speed.

Here is how you practice spreading and passing the ball:
• While practicing these, don’t forget to spread out in the pitch to avoid causing
panic that can interfere with your performance.
• There is no need to be close to your opponent.
• Learn to position yourself strategically in order to support your teammates as you
are able to give them a good space to play and move freely.
• You should not follow the direction of the ball all the time.
• Train to mark your opponent one on one and don’t allow any of your teammate to join
you on marking or challenging an opponent.

10. Put Some Power and Strength

Success doesn’t come so easy in soccer. You have to possess qualities such as hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and resilience to achieve success. You have to also learn and study what you are going to do.

For you to have the ability to shoot, make passes, defend, and even shield the ball or even win the ball from opponents, you need strength and power. Your leg should have great strength to pass and shoot the ball in long distances. Always train on your leg workouts to gain the needed strength.

Apart from the leg, make sure to train all your body parts to keep them strong and fit for soccer. Do all sorts of power exercises. Don’t forget your upper body as this is what you need to improve your posture, body composition, and have the ability to withstand all forces in the game.

Having great strength and power improves the athleticism. Being fit and strong will also improve your game endurance and protect you from unnecessary injuries. So, don’t forget to work on your body strength and power is you plan on becoming a successful soccer player.

Final Remarks

Soccer is a game of skill and not just power. You need the coordination of your body and mind to succeed. Remember, once you become a player, you’re not only representing your team but your fans as well.

People are watching you from all corners of the field, and you don’t really need to win all the time. Impressive performance and excellent display of skills and techniques are enough to gain you the admiration of the fans and take you places as far as your soccer career is concerned.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the final choice will come down to you as far as which one you decide to purchase. The main differences have to do with price, quality, and durability. The one aspect that all of these nets seemingly have in common is the fact that they are all extremely popular and have outstanding customer reviews.


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