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Do you have a budding chef? Do you think your little one would enjoy their own play kitchen where they can make their own creations? It is a great toy that will encourage your child to engage in creative play.

There are so many different options when you are looking for a play kitchen for your little one. It can be overwhelming trying to pick the best product that will keep them engaged and entertained. Below, we have reviewed five of the best play kitchens to help you select the best one for your son or daughter.

Top 5: Play Kitchens Review

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen | Large Plastic Play Kitchen with Realistic Lights & Sounds | Pink Kids Kitchen Playset & 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set

The Step2 Fun with Friends Play Kitchen offers enough space for two young chefs to play and cook together. This product has appliances that are designed to look like their real counterparts. The doors for the refrigerator, oven, and microwave can all be opened and closed.

The burners on the electric stove stop can light up and make cooking sounds when a pot is placed on them. There is also an instant coffee machine where your child can make a cup of 'coffee' with a pod-style machine.

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen | Large Plastic Play Kitchen with Realistic Lights & Sounds | Pink Kids Kitchen Playset & 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set
Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen | Large Plastic Play Kitchen with Realistic Lights & Sounds | Pink Kids Kitchen Playset & 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set

There are two shelves along the bottom that will provide plenty of storage space for all your child's kitchen gadgets. Two storage bins are included to provide a space to store everything and keep it organized.

When you purchase this product, you will also receive numerous cooking accessories, such as pots and pans, silverware, mugs, plates, cups, and spoons. Your child will love using all the included accessories to whip up some delicious meals.


  • The burner s on the stove making cooking sounds when a pot is placed on them.
  • There are hooks to hang spoons and cups and two large shelves for storage.
  • This product is less expensive than many of the other options.


  • If your child isn't a fan of pink, they might not like this option.
Melissa & Doug Chef's Kitchen, Pretend Play Set, Cupcake (Easy to Assemble, Durable Wooden Construction, Multiple Working Parts, 39" H x 43.25" W x 15.5" L)

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef's Pretend Play Toy Kitchen is designed to provide lots of ways for your child to interact with the product, have fun, and learn. This is a high-quality wooden product. This kitchen has a sink, refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, and microwave.

There are numerous features that are designed to keep your little one excited and entertained. There is an ice dispenser that dispenses 'ice' cubes and doors that open and close on the appliance. There is also a spinning plate in the microwave and hooks that can move.

When playtime is over, there is a lot of space your children can use to store all their pretend foods and kitchenware. There are two color options available for this product. It comes in pink or charcoal gray.

This product is designed to allow multiple kids to play together and as such is on the larger size. It is meant for children who are three years or older.


  • This is a quality wood product.
  • There are two color choices available.
  • Many parts of the kitchen will engage your child. The ice cube dispenser dispenses ice cubes, the microwave plate can rotate, and the doors on the appliances can be opened and closed.


  • No pretend kitchenware or foods are included with this product.
KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

If you are looking for a bright and colorful option, consider the KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen. This product is a mix of bright pinks, blues, oranges, and yellows, so your young child is sure to love it. It includes a refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, and microwave.

This product has storage cabinets above and below the sink where your little one can store some of their favorite accessories and play foods. The sink is removable, so you can fill it with water for playtime, if you wish. The appliance doors can open and close and there are see-through windows on the oven and microwave.

To make your little chef feel like they are really cooking, the knobs on the sink and oven can be turned and will click. This option is designed to be large enough to allow multiple children to engage in imaginary play together. It is designed to be used by children who are three or older.

When you purchase this product, you will also receive a spoon, a spatula, a potholder, and a toy phone.


  • Your child will love the bright and colorful design.
  • There are two large storage areas for stashing pretend food and accessories.
  • This product is large enough to allow two or three children to play together.


  • You will need to make a separate purchase to receive any pots and pans or play foods.
Teamson Kids - Little Chef Florence Classic Kids Play Kitchen | Toddler Pretend Play Set with Accessories - Wood Grain, Burlywood (TD-11708A)

If you are tight on space, a smaller option to consider is the Teamson Kids - Little Chef Florence Classic Kids Play Kitchen. This is a wooden product that is compact enough to fit in tighter areas. There is a sink, microwave, refrigerator, oven, and stove included with this product.

The sink on this product is designed to look like a stainless-steel sink. The sink can be removed for easy clean-up if you decide to put water in it for playtime fun. When the knobs on the stove are turned, they make sounds you would hear in a kitchen.

The oven can be opened and also serves as a storage area when the kitchen is not in use. This product comes with a pretend phone, spatula, and three spice shakers to give your child some props for their creative play.


  • The sink can be removed, so you'll be able to fill it up with water for extra fun.
  • The oven doubles as a storage space.
  • The knobs on the stove can be turned and will make sounds one would hear in a kitchen.


  • This kitchen is only big enough for one child to play.
KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set, Large, Multicolor

The KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set is an attractive, modern kitchen. It features a large farm sink refrigerator with a water and ice maker, oven, sink, and storage cabinets. There are three fake ice cubes to make the ice maker seem more realistic.

The cooktop features lights and sounds to make it look and feel like the burners are hot enough to make your pans sizzle. The faucet on the sink lights up and makes running water sounds. There is also a chalkboard where you little one can post the special meals they'll be offering each day.

This product also comes with an 18-piece accessory set. Some of the products you'll receive include pots and pans, a spatula, a cutting board, and storage bins. There is also a window planter box along with play carrots and purple onions so your little chef can pretend to grow some of their own delicious ingredients.

The manufacturer recommends this product for children who are between three and ten years old. It is easy to assemble when you download the BILT app on your apple or android device.


  • The stove makes cooking sounds and the sink makes running water sounds.
  • When you purchase this product, you'll also receive the 18-piece accessory set.
  • There is a chalkboard where your child can write the daily specials.


  • This is the most expensive product we reviewed.

Buying Guide

A play kitchen is a toy that your child will be able to enjoy for many years. They encourage imaginary play and can help your child learn through play. When your purchase your child one, they can start to develop a love of cooking from an early age.

There are many options when you do your search. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide which option is best. That is why we picked the five best options for you to consider.

Before you make your decision about which one you'd like to purchase, there are a few different items you should consider. First, you'll want to think about the available space you have. You want to make sure that you purchase a product that will fit in the space you have.

Next, think about the overall design and look of the product. Pick something that has colors and designs that you think your child will love. You want to make sure that they like the overall design and feel of the kitchen to make them more inclined to play with it.

Another thing you can consider is whether the kitchen has any sounds or lights. Do you think your child would enjoy their kitchen more if it made cooking sounds or lit up while they used the stove or the sink?

You can also look for features that make the kitchen seem more realistic, such as doors that open or ice cubes that come out of an ice cub dispenser.

Finally, you should pay attention to whether food and cooking accessories are included with your purchase. If they are not, you will most likely need to purchase them separate to ensure that your little one has everything they have to cook up a delicious meal.

Top Pick

Out of the five products we reviewed, our top pick is the KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set. We think this is an attractive and realistic looking product that will make your child feel like they are cooking in your real kitchen. This product has some nice features to offer. The stove can sound like it is cooking and sizzling and the sink lights up.

KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set, Large, Multicolor

This is a large enough product for two or more kids to play with together. It has a farm sink, refrigerator, oven, stove, and cabinets for storage. This product includes an 18-piece accessory set. Your child will love having what she needs to make something in her new kitchen as soon as it arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Play Kitchens Make Sounds?

Yes, some of them make sounds. For example, you might be able to find options that make cooking or sizzling sounds when your child turns on the stovetop to 'cook.' If you are looking for an option that does not have electronic sounds, you will also be able to find plenty of options.

What Material Are Play Kitchens Made From?

There is some variety in the materials used to make them. There are many options that are made from plastic, but there are also products that are made from wood that you can choose from.

What Is the Recommended Age for a Play Kitchen?

You'll want to check the manufacturer's recommendations for the specific product you are interested in, but most of them are for children somewhere between two years and eight years old.

How Much Does a Play Kitchen Cost?

The cost will vary based on a few factors such as size, material, and features. Most of them will cost somewhere between $75 and $200.

Final Verdict

You may agree that the KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set is your favorite, or perhaps you are more interested in one of the other products we reviewed. Either way, now is time for you to make your final decision. Read through the reviews again, and think about the various pros and cons for each item.

Once you have made your decision, be sure to purchase your new play kitchen. Hours of fun and enjoyment await your little chef!


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