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PastBook was developed to help people preserve their important events, photographs, and memories. They can help you create products such as photobooks, calendars, or posters as a tangible memento of the pictures you post on social media. Years from now, you'll be able to look back at all the important events and images you posted about on your social media pages.

If you're curious to learn more about what PastBook has to offer to decide if you would like to give their services a try, read through our review below. We have highlighted the products they offer and other key features you'll want to know about before giving them a try.


Benefits of Using PastBook

The products you purchase through PastBook will be high-quality products that you're sure to enjoy. Images are printed on a smooth 200-gram paper. You'll also be impressed with the quality of the binding on the photobooks your order.

If you want to incorporate more images and memories into the photobook you are creating, you can also invite friends or family members to collaborate with you. They can import their photos into the book you are creating to help you get a more complete picture of an event or experience.


With PastBook, you'll be able to create quality-products from any device or platform. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, a computer, your phone, or a tablet to upload your images and create your masterpiece.

One of the things that really makes PastBook stand out from other photo printing companies is how easy it is to make an attractive product. They utilize smart technology to organize your photos for you. Once uploaded, just sit back and PastBook will take care of all the hard work of making a beautifully organized product for you.

There are no hidden fees with PastBook. All of the prices you'll see displayed are what you'll end up paying. Their prices even include tax.


Products can be shipped to anywhere in the world. The delivery time will vary depending on where you are located, but most orders should be delivered within 10 days.

Payments made on the site are secure. You can choose to pay with a credit card of PayPal.

Your information is also kept secure when you use PastBook. They won't share your images with anyone; you'll be the only one to decide who you want to share your books and images with.

And, finally, PastBook offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, contact a member of their team, so they can make it right. The customer service team can be reached 24/7.


PastBook's signature product is their photobook. You can create a stunning photobook to showcase your memories from Facebook or Instagram. Your photobook will also include captions and dates from your memories to help you relive some of your most treasured memories as you look back at your book.

Creating a Facebook or Instagram photobook is quick and easy. All you'll need to do is select which type of photobook you'll want to create, then PastBook will automatically create it for you.


For Facebook, you can select a time range for the photos you want included, or you can select to have photos from a specific album or Facebook page added to your book. With Instagram, you can choose to have photos added by time or by a specific hashtag.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram books, you can also create other photobooks. Simply upload the images you want to have included and PastBook will create a beautifully organized photobook for you to enjoy. Some of the sources you can use to upload images include your computer, Dropbox, Flickr, and Google.

The last type of photobook you can create is a Year in Review book. This type of book will compile all of your favorite Facebook or Instagram memories into an attractive format that you'll enjoy looking back on over the years. Don't let all of your memories from this year get lost in the shuffle; create a photobook, so you'll always be able to reminisce.


Another product you'll be able to create with PastBook is a wall calendar. You can choose to have them select some of your top pictures from the year to create your calendar with just one click. Or, if you'd prefer, you can upload or select the images you would like to have on your calendar yourself.


Whichever option you select, your final result will be a vibrant and attractive calendar that will allow you to relive some of your favorite memories each month.


Photo cards are another product you'll be able to create with PastBook. With just one click, some of your favorite images from Facebook or Instagram will be added to these beautiful cards. You may choose to display your cards, or you may choose to send them to friends or family to share about your experiences.



A poster can make a great addition to a room. And, when that poster features some of your favorite images and memories, it can be even more meaningful.


PastBook will soon allow you to create your own high-quality posters that you'll be able to display in your home. This will allow you to look back at all of the important events and people in your life on a daily basis, which can add some happiness and cheer into your life.

PastBook Gift Options

If you think a friend or family member would enjoy PastBook, they offer different gift options. You can give them a Facebook Photobook, so they'll be able to preserve their favorite memories or images. You can choose from a Facebook Year Book or a Facebook Friendship Book.


If you'd prefer to let your friend or family member pick out their favorite product, you can also purchase a gift card. You can choose a $25, $40, or $50 gift card. The $25 gift card will cover a 26-page photobook, the $40 gift card will cover a 50-page photobook, and the $50 gift card will cover a 100-page photobook.

The gift card you purchase will be an e-gift card, so you'll be able to share it electronically with your friend. The gift card will be a special code they'll be able to use when they check out to see the discount on their order.


  • You can create a photobook with all of your favorite memories from Facebook or Instagram.
  • You can also upload your own images from your computer or a photo site to create your photobook.
  • You can also create calendars and cards using your favorite images.
  • If you want to share PastBook as a gift for a friend, you can purchase a gift card or a Facebook photobook.
  • Photobooks are printed on 200-gram paper.
  • You can invite friends or family to share their images for your photobook.
  • Photobooks and other products can be created with just one click.
  • PastBook offers upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • You can create attractive photobooks to preserve your images and memories from Facebook or Instagram.
  • They also offer calendars and photo cards, and will soon be offering posters, as additional ways to document your favorite memories.
  • Your order is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Be sure to review your photobook to make sure that you want to keep all the images that PastBook selects.

Final Verdict

PastBook offers a unique service that will allow you to capture and preserve your favorite memories from social media. You'll be able to create attractive, high-quality products that will let you look back on the exciting times in your life. Visit their website today to see how easy it is to create a photobook, calendar, or other photo product!


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