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Are you a frequent traveler? Are you looking for a product that will allow you to get comfortable and catch some zzzzz's whether you are traveling in a plane, on a train, or in a car? The Infinity Pillow is designed to help you enjoy comfort and relaxation no matter where you are.

The Infinity Pillow seems to have a lot to offer, but is it worth purchasing it? Read through our review below to help you decide if this pillow could be the answer for your travel needs. We'll share some of the key features of the Infinity Pillow to help you make your decision a little easier.

Infinity Pillow

What Is the Infinity Pillow?

The Infinity Pillow is an innovative travel pillow that is designed to provide you with comfort and support regardless of where or how you are sitting. It has a Möbius shape that you'll be able to twist, bundle, or wrap to give your body and neck the support you'll need.

Infinity Pillow

You can use the Infinity Pillow for neck support, as a lumbar pillow, a desk pillow, an eye mask, or as a noise cancelling pillow. The pillow's unique shape and design allow it to provide 360-degree support for your body to help you sleep better.

Materials and Design Features

This pillow is crafted using a high-quality bamboo fabric. The bamboo fabric is soft and breathable, so it will feel great against your skin.

Additionally, temperature regulating materials have been incorporated into the fabric to help you feel more comfortable when you sleep. These materials are designed to prevent you from feeling overheated, as you often do with other travel pillows.

Infinity Pillow

This pillow is very soft to keep you comfortable, but at the same time it is able to provide much-needed support for your back or neck. You'll find that you are able to get much more comfortable on an airplane seat or in the backseat of a car that you normally are with just a standard travel pillow. You may also enjoy using this pillow at home when you have more room to spread out on your bed or sofa.

When you are packing for your next trip, you'll be able to roll up your pillow into a compact bundle so it will fit easily in your bag. This feature will also allow you to easily store the pillow at home when you aren't using it.

Different Ways to Use the Infinity Pillow

As you use your new pillow, you'll find a variety of ways that it can help you stay comfortable. If you are sitting upright, you can loop the pillow around your neck twice. Then, if you pull on one of the loops, you'll be able to adjust the amount of support your neck receives, allowing you to find the ideal position and comfort level to snooze.

If you are looking for higher levels of neck support, there is another way you can wear the pillow. If you place the pillow around your neck and put one of the ends through the other end, your neck will feel nice and supported.

Infinity Pillow

Trying to get comfortable on the window seat of an airplane is tricky since the wall is so hard and cold. You can wrap part of this pillow around your neck still leaving enough to have a soft cushion against the wall where you can rest your head.

Yet another option is to use this pillow as a cushion for your back. If you place the pillow behind your back and place your arms through the loops, you'll be able to provide the support your back needs to keep you feeling good as you travel.

Looking for back and neck support? Just place the pillow on like you're wearing a backpack and you'll be able to provide support to your neck and back to help relieve pain and keep yourself comfy.

Infinity Pillow

If you need a quiet environment to sleep, you'll love that this pillow can also cancel-out the noises around you. If you loop it around your neck twice, and place one of the loops over your ears, you'll be able to sleep in peace without being disturbed by those around you.

The Infinity Pillow can also be used as a desk pillow. If you bundle it up and place it on your desk or airplane tray, it will make the perfect spot for resting your head.

And, finally, you can also use this pillow as an eye mask. If you wrap the pillow around your head and cover your eyes, it will block out light and allow you to get to sleep more easily.

Other Useful Information About the Infinity Pillow

The Infinity Pillow is 100 centimeters (39 inches) long and 17 centimeters (6.5 inches) wide. Its size allows you to easily use it in the numerous ways shared above. You'll be able to experiment with it and find new and different ways to keep yourself comfortable when you travel.

Infinity Pillow

When you need to clean your pillow, it can be washed in the washing matching at a low temperature. For best results, the manufacturer recommends that it is hung up or laid flat to dry.

To help you find the pillow color that best matches your personality and preferences, there are six different color options that are offered. You can choose to purchase your new pillow in navy, burgundy, pink, green, gray, or tan.

When you purchase this pillow, you will also receive a strap to help you wrap it up to keep it compact when you travel.


  • You can use this pillow in a variety of different positions to help you find comfort in any seat.
  • The pillow is made using a soft and breathable bamboo fabric.
  • Temperature regulating materials are added to the fabric to prevent you from getting overheated when you use the pillow.
  • The pillow can be rolled up and strapped together when packing for a trip.
  • There are six different color options available.
  • The pillow can be washed in the washing machine.


  • There are more than eight different ways you can use this pillow.
  • The pillow is soft and supportive.
  • This pillow will roll up to make it more compact when you are traveling.


  • You will need to line-dry the pillow, it is not recommended to put it in a dryer.

Final Verdict

The next time you travel, you'll be so glad you decided to purchase an Infinity Pillow. You'll be able to find the ideal position to catch a nap while providing your back or neck the support they need. Visit the website and order your Infinity Pillow today!


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