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There is no better way to protect your personal belongings than purchasing a high-quality home safe. A safe can act as a personal locking mechanism that holds your treasures and protects them from potential thieves. What features are integrated on the best home safes? This is a common question that customers ask about and there are several important answers to consider. Most users agree that the overall effectiveness of the safe is the most important factor to consider when browsing the market.

Household safes can vary in price significantly, but many cost-effective choices might catch your attention on Amazon. We will be taking a look at several of these household safes and they will be placed based on their overall balance between quality and value.

There is no doubt that this product search can be stressful, but we intend on making this process a whole lot easier by focusing on the important product specifications. The following reviews will outline a list of pros and cons that have to be factored into your purchase. These pros and cons will make it significantly easier to narrow down your options on the market.

We are now completely ready to begin taking a look at each of these products. We will kick off our review section by taking a look at our highest recommend home safe that is currently available on Amazon's online marketplace.

Top 5: Home Safe Reviews

AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe - 1.52 Cubic Feet, 13.8 x 13 x 16.5 Inches, Black - 42SAM

It was a pretty easy decision to place the Amazon Basics Home Keypad Safe at the top of our review list. This particular product is designed with heavy-duty steel construction and it is integrated with an effective electronic security keypad system that can prevent unwanted users from accessing the contents inside.

This home safe is available in three varying sizes and each of these configurations is paired with its generous price range. The customer feedback for this product is outstanding and there are very many reasons to consider purchasing this high-quality household safe.


  • Electronic Security Keypad.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction.
  • Generous Price Range.
  • Three Size Options Available.


  • No Resistance to Fire and Water
Tigerking Digital Safe Box, Safe for Home, Security Safe -0.85 Cubic Feet

Our runner-up selection goes to the Tigerking Digital Safe Box because of its general consistency throughout its design features. If the durable construction is not enough to convince you that this is a fantastic safe, perhaps the in-depth electronic locking system will convince you otherwise. There are also three slightly different variations available so that users can select the size that they are looking for.

This household safe is slightly more expensive than some other similar products, but it does have an outstanding level of quality. This product might be particularly useful for customers that are looking for a premium home safe to protect their personal belongings.


  • Sturdy & Durable Construction.
  • Electronic Security Keypad.
  • Three Size Options Available.


  • Expensive Price Range.
SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad 1.23 Cubic Feet

This household safe from Sentry Safe might be an ideal selection for customers that are specifically looking for resistance to fire and water. Other previous safes within this review specifically ignored this aspect, but this high-quality Sentry Safe product is designed to withstand heat and water for extended lengths of time. There are three size options available and customers can select either a digital keypad locking mechanism or a dial combination lock.

The customer reviews for this particular product are slightly above average and the price range seems reasonable for the features that are included. This could certainly be a home safe that many customers find themselves heavily interested in purchasing.


  • Variations for Keypad Lock or Dial Combo Lock.
  • Three Size Options Available.
  • Resistant to Fire and Water.


  • Expensive Price Range.
SLYPNOS Digital Security Safe Box with Electronic Keypad for Home Office Hotel Jewelry Cash Storage(0.58 Cubic Feet)

Our fourth product review will focus on the SLYPNOS Digital Security Safe Box. This multi-variation household safe is available in two sizes and is crafted with a professional level of design quality. This particular safe is also extremely affordable and is probably one of the most affordable selections that you can find within the entire industry.

There are indicator lights on the digital keypad system and it is important to remember that batteries are required to power the keypad lock. The safe can easily be mounted with the pre-drilled mounting holes and bolts are included for that purpose.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Two Size Options (Small and Medium).
  • Professional Design Quality.


  • Batteries are Required (Digital Keypad System).
Nakey Digital Electronic Safe Security Box, Steel Deposit Safe for Home & Office, Cabinet Safe with Keypad for Jewellery Money Valuables, Wall-Anchoring Design, 0.7 Cubic Feet Capacity

The final product that will be included within this review is the Nakey Digital Electronic Safe Security Box. This product is available in four separate color options and features two different lock types. Users can either unlock their safe via the digital keypad or with an emergency override key. This product is tagged with a generous price tag and it could be an ideal selection for customers that are on a tighter budget.

This household safe is easy to install and it can be used to protect several types of small items, including jewelry, cash, coins, books, treasures, and more. This safe is not certified to withstand the effects of heat or water, which happens to be one of the disappointing factors regarding this safe.


  • Four Color Options Available.
  • Multiple Lock Types (Key and Pin Code).
  • Affordable Price Range.


  • No Resistance to Fire and Water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Safes Resistant to Water and Fire?

This is a common question that many customers ask, but not all products are certified to protect from these potential hazards. The Sentry Safe is one of the only products that protect from these dangerous hazards. Many of the other products focus on other areas of their design.

What Types of Locks Are Integrated on a Standard Home Safe?

Most safes utilize either a spinning dial combination lock or a digital keypad. In some cases, manufacturers will include an emergency override key to unlock the safe. The price is also heavily impacted by the type of lock that is integrated into the design of the safe.

Final Verdict

Household safes are an important protective utility that can lock your personal belongings away from other people. Safes can also protect items from flooding or fires in emergency situations.

Each of the five home safes that we reviewed today is specifically focused on a certain purpose. You will have to determine which product is best suited for your personal needs. Don't forget to evaluate the pros and cons of each item, as well as taking into account the information within the FAQ portion of this post. You should now be prepared to make a purchase decision that satisfies your needs and gets the job done.


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