The Best Golf Bags

A high quality golf bag with ample storage can help you stay organize so you can stay on top of your golf game. While most golfers might invest in high-quality golf clubs, it's also important that you find a bag that is durable, lightweight, but reasonably affordable.

Prices can range from as low as thirty or forty dollars, up to several hundreds of dollars. It all depends on the size, shape, and overall quality and durability of the golf bag. The type of materials that are used when designing the golf bag will also determine the price range. 

Now it is time to begin listing and comparing the five products that have made their way into this review of the top five best golf bags. Each of these products has received exceptional customer reviews and provides great value to customers.

Top 5: Golf Bags Review

Cleveland Golf Men's Cg Stand Bag, Black

The fifth place product in this review is the Cleveland Golf- CG Stand Bag. This particular product has a large amount of storage space so that golfers always have enough room to place their important golf items.

The bag was constructed with high quality materials to ensure that it lasts a long time and can last against wear and tear. It comes from a reliable brand with Cleveland having an incredible reputation with customers.

While it retains a higher price range than the average golf bag, it does in fact have a lot of high quality features that push it to the top of the pricing spectrum. If you are looking for a golf bag that is consistently highly rated in every category, then you should most definitely consider this bag as one of your best choices.


  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Long term durability.
  • Positive customer reviews.


  • High end price range.
Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, Black

The next one clocks into the fourth place position on this list. This is the Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand and Carry Bag, a great option for the casual golfer.

There are multiple color options for users to choose from. This bag comes with one accessory storage compartment and a sturdy handle for transport. The ultra lightweight design is much more convenient to carry, especially if you're unable to rent a golf cart. This bag has a tremendous value at such an affordable price range.

Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, Black
Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, Black

Users have praised this product in the reviews, claiming that it is extremely cheap and affordable while still providing a solid amount of club storage space.

If you are on a budget and still want to purchase a high quality option, then you will definitely want to consider this Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand and Carry Bag for your needs.


  • Ultra light weight construction.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Limited storage space.
Tangkula Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight Organized Sunday Bag Easy Carry Shoulder Bag with 3 Way Dividers and 4 Pockets, Black

As we continue to make our way through this impressive list of products, it is now time to take a look at the third place spot which happens to be the Tangkula Stand Bag Lightweight Organized Golf Bag.

This product is equipped with plenty of storage space and a high level of quality to ensure the overall design is consistent with the high standards that are expected. The water resistant design makes it a durable choice, even for harsh and wet weather conditions.

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight Organized Sunday Bag Easy Carry Shoulder Bag with 3 Way Dividers and 4 Pockets, Black
Tangkula Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight Organized Sunday Bag Easy Carry Shoulder Bag with 3 Way Dividers and 4 Pockets, Black

The positive customer reviews are another factor to consider. It is difficult to build a positive track record, but this product has managed to bring in an incredible amount of positive reviews which has increased its overall popularity in the long run.


  • Water resistant design.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Two color options (blue and black).


  • Short term durability.
Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag, Black/White

This one comes from an extremely reliable golf brand known as Callaway. This product is known as the Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag and has an impressive reputation with customers because of its great value and high quality design. 

There are four color options to choose from. If you are looking for a convenient option that is highly reliable and manufactured by a top brand in the industry, then this could be your best choice.

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag, Black/White
Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag, Black/White


  • Four color options available.
  • Dual shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • Reliable design quality.


  • High end price range.
TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, White/Black

It is now time to take a look at the top product for this review of the best golf bags in the industry. This is the TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0 which has spiked in popularity because of the professional design quality that was used to construct this product.

There is plenty of space for golfing accessories like golf balls, golf tees and water bottles. There are also four different color options that can be customized to your preferences. A nifty golf stand is also attached so that you can set you bag down without needing to lay it in the mud.

TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, White/Black

This bag provides an outstanding level of quality while still retaining a reasonable price range. If you are looking for a premium product, then this is certainly at the top of your list for consideration.


  • Professional design quality.
  • Four color options available.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Positive customer reviews.


  • High end price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you most be concerned about when looking to purchase a golf bag?

It is reasonable to be concerned about the amount of storage space that is available in your golf bag. Having too little storage can be cumbersome and would defeat the purpose of your bag, but having too much space will make the bag bulky. 

The second most important thing could be durability. You obviously won't want a bag that is vulnerable to harsh conditions. You will definitely want to look for a high end product that is affordable and still provides professional design quality.

5 Tips to improve your golf swing

We compiled these tips for your next golf session. Not only will you have a new golf bag, but you'll have some good tips to try out!

Golf might be the calmest sport, but that doesn't mean it's any less popular than its more action-packed counterparts. In fact, more than 20 million Americans love to play golf.

Unlike high-impact sports, golf relies on precision accuracy most of all. You need to understand the physics involved in your golf swing to maximize your results. Still, that's not the only thing you need to work on.

To sharpen your game, take a look at these tips for improving your golf swing!

1. Know Your Neutral Hand Position

Anyone can pick up a club and strike a ball with brute force. Improving your swing means paying attention to how you hold your club.

Find Your Neutral Position

To find your neutral position, stand up, and let your arms dangle at your sides.

Now look at your hands and look at the way they're angled. You can clearly see your index finger's knuckle, and behind that is the knuckle of your middle finger. This is what you should see when you're gripping your golf club.

Duplicating this grip allows you to naturally square the clubface more consistently. This makes it more likely that you'll hit the ball at the center of the clubhead.

Gripping the Club

Put your dominant hand on the club and lightly hold it so that your thumb points down. You should still see your middle and index knuckles from this position.

Many beginner golfers point the V-shaped gap between their index finger and thumb towards their chin. You should actually point this toward your rear shoulder.

Now put your other hand below the dominant hand, maintaining a neutral position.

Improving Grip

There are three basic grips to strengthen your hands:
  • Vardon: This is the most common grip. You lift your non-dominant pinky finger and fit it between your dominant middle and index fingers.
  • Interlocking: Another common grip, the interlock works for people with less strength in their hands, wrists, or forearms. You literally lock the fingers together by wrapping the non-dominant pinky around the dominant index finger.
  • Ten-finger: Absolute beginners and players with joint pain find this grip best. Simply put your non-dominant pinky adjacent to the dominant index finger.

Finding the right grip for you is the best way to improve your golf swing. It gives you the most control over your swing, helping you impact the ball solidly on the face of the club. It also gives your wrists hinge, which gives your swing more power overall.

Don't worry about feeling like a beginner because you prefer the ten-finger baseball grip, either; different professional athletes use all three of these grips in real tournaments! Choose whatever gives you the most control over the club.

2. Perfect Your Stance

Turn on any golf tournament, and you can see how effortless the pros make a great golf swing look. On the other hand, beginners can often find themselves entirely missing the ball because they're not standing correctly.

Relax Your Stance

To avoid a comedy of errors that leaves you on the ground next to your tee, take some time to correct your stance:
  • Align yourself: Imagine there are railroad tracks connecting your tee and the green. The ball is on the outer rail, and your body is on the inner rail.
  • Spread your feet: Maintain a shoulder-width stance, balancing your weight on the balls of your feet.
  • Correct your posture: Keep your spine straight, bend at the hips, and slightly flex your knees.
  • Relax your body: Don't grip the club too hard. Remember the neutral position. Don't tense your body, either.

Coupled with the right grip, the proper stance will set you up for intense swings. You'll stay in balance, strike the ball accurately, and won't struggle to follow through with the motion.

Practicing Your Stance with Drills

A simple three-step drill can help you practice getting into a consistent stance.

Stand at a shoulder-width stance and keep your body perfectly straight. Don't bend your knees yet. Extend your arms and hold your golf club in front of you.

Now you can slightly bend your knees, lowering your arms until they're against your chest.

At this point, the club should remain parallel to the ground. Imagine how you'd look if you tried to sit on a high bar stool. You only need to bend a couple of inches before you reach the seat.

Finally, you can slowly bend forward at the waist. Stop when the club head touches the floor. This will be your perfect setup.

If you perform the above steps correctly, you will feel the weight of your body shifting to your feet. Your hands will align themselves right under your chin. Your spine will tilt forward but remain relaxed.

3. Getting More Power

Most golfers love those moments when they shatter the ball right off the tee. There's something sensational about the sound of a ball popping off the dead center of a well-aimed club head. You can almost feel the energy vibrate back into your teeth.

Unfortunately, most players find these magnificent moments arrive seemingly at random.

If you're desperate to add some distance to your golf swing, it's essential to be blunt about your weaknesses. Only then can you address them and figure out how to efficiently draw more power into every swing.

Signs You Need More Power

Let's take a look at some common reasons you might not have the power in your swing you'd like:
  • Do you always release early?
  • Do you move your lower body before the upper half?
  • Do you struggle to grip your club correctly?

Like we mentioned before, you won't get the power you need without the correct grip. Once you're sure you have that figured out, examine how you rotate your body when swinging the club. Remember, your lower body should only rotate after the upper body rotates.

Finding Rhythm and Balance

After focusing on the basics, you can focus on the rhythm and balance required for a good swing. Here's a drill that can help you work on both:
  • Two Balls: Put two golf balls on the ground, so they're right next to each other but not touching. Slip your club between the two and swing without hitting both balls. If you tap the back ball when you swing, you're hurrying too much!
  • Counting Game: Start repeating "one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand" at a slow, steady pace. Once you hit a consistent beat, swing your club back on the "one" and bring it down on the "two." Keep practicing this drill, and you'll find your rhythm improve!

4. Improving Your Chipping Game

Honestly, chipping is not the most exciting part of a golf game.

So far, we've talked about hitting a ball powerfully off the tee. You could also apply the same techniques for a long drive from any green terrain, or even an accurate putt on the green.

Chipping usually means that best-case scenario, you're hurrying to save par. It's not often the swing that drives home how well you're paying. Because of this, golfers too regularly ignore their chipping game or otherwise fail to periodically practice it.

Learning to Chip Lowers Your Scores

This may come as a surprise, but improving your chipping swings is one of the fastest ways to lower your game scores.

Think about it: If you don't get on the green and don't chip well, you're almost guaranteed to get a bogey. On the other hand, if you get a useful chip, you stand a much higher chance to keep your par and stay in the tournament.

How to Improve Your Chips

Choose just one club to master your chipping swings with. With practiced technique, you can hit all kinds of shots using this one club, which improves confidence in all of your rhythms over time. We'd recommend the sand wedge for this task, but use whatever gives you consistent results.

Before chipping, walk to the hole and think about where you want to make your final putt from. Unless you manage to hit the hole in one go, you'll have to putt from somewhere. Narrowing down this area will make it easier to get out of the sand.

If flat terrain surrounds the hole, the read isn't as essential; you just need to reach as close to the hole as you can from the chip.

If the hole rests on a slope, then make sure you aim so the putt is uphill. Putting five feet uphill is almost always easier than putting downhill at three feet. Keep that in mind when you point your chip shot.

5. Practice Like It's Your Job

If there's one common theme you should notice from the other tips, it's that you need to practice regularly.

Serious golfers perform drills to sharpen their accuracy, rhythm, and swing power. They address specific flaws in your movements and can even help you strategize on the course more thoughtfully.

Reducing Tension and Lengthening Your Swing

Tensing your body can make your swing too fast, and the lousy tempo kills your speed and accuracy.

On the driving range, put a ball on the ground. Stand so the club is two feet away from the tee, and take a big practice swing.

Then move forward so the club is only one foot away and practice that same, tension-free swing.

Finally, put the club behind the ball and swing without hesitation, striking the ball.

Increase Club Head Speed

Less experienced golfers struggle with shifting their weight from their dominant to their non-dominant leg on the downswing. As a result, the speed of the clubhead suffers.

On the driving range, take an iron and practice a three-quarter swing. As you finish the follow-through, lift your dominant foot all the way off the ground. If you can't do this, you're keeping too much weight on it for too long.

Practice this drill until you can comfortably raise your dominant foot while balancing on the other.

Rotating, Not Sliding, Your Hips

If your hips slide too quickly, the upper and lower halves of your body get out of sync. This will hook your shots, and that will devastate your straight shot to the green.

Picture a wall just outside of your front foot. When you swing, finish so your belt buckle presses against this invisible wall. The goal is to keep your non-dominant leg firm as your upper torso rotates on the downswing.

If you struggle to keep the image of the wall in your mind, you can stick an umbrella in the ground a few inches outside your dominant foot. If you bump the umbrella when you swing, you're sliding too far to the side than you should.

Imaginary Golf at Home

This isn't daydreaming from childhood: This is a mental focus drill.

Take your driver and imagine the first hole of the course you regularly play in. In particular, keep in mind how vast the fairway is.

Hit the drive and see if your shot lands in this zone. Estimate the distance and imagine how far you'd have to hit on your next shot. Then get the right club, pick your target, and swing the club again.

Next, imagine the second hole and repeat the steps. Keep it going for either nine or 18 holes. This drill can do wonders for your confidence and accuracy when you return to the real course.

Never Stop Learning!

With these tips in mind, you're well on your way to improving your golf swing and lowering your score. Keep on practicing and keep yourself educated, and you'll find your scores improving along the way.

Final Verdict

Five of the highest rated products have been reviewed and compared against each other in this post. It is now time for you to make your final decision and choose one of these great golf bag products.

Hopefully, you will be able to narrow down which options you prefer when looking for a golf bag. All of these golf bags are capable of enhancing your golfing experience by providing an additional comfort for you when you are out on the golf course!


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