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One thing that just about every PC gamer has is a high quality gaming keyboard that is specifically designed with gaming in mind. These keyboards often integrate unique gaming features that would assist players in their gaming sessions. This could mean unique features like colored back lighting or specific gaming key binds.

There are so many gaming accessories that fill the market. Gaming keyboards are extremely popular because they are useful and capable of providing users with a hardware advantage in competitive online gaming. PC users often look for keyboards that fit their preferences so that they can ultimately reach their optimal performance level during gaming sessions.

The price range for a sufficient gaming keyboard can range from around fifteen dollars all the way up into the hundred dollar range. It all depends on the quality and durability of how it was constructed. Generally a keyboard in the middle of the pricing spectrum can provide a good balance between value and quality.

The main factors that we will be taking a look at when browsing the market for a high quality gaming keyboard are customer reviews, price range, and durability. These aspects are all extremely important for users in this industry.

The general design of the keyboard is also important because some users like soft buttons while others enjoy a larger responsive keyboard button. This can be a major difference between customers that some companies have addressed when designing their products. Each of the next five products have received exceptional customer reviews because they offer great value to customers.

If you are ready to begin exploring some of the most popular gaming keyboards that have made it onto this list, then lets go ahead and start looking at the following product reviews.

Top 5: Gaming Keyboards Review

Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 6x Programmable Macro Keys - USB Passthrough & Media Controls - Fastest Cherry MX Speed - RGB LED Backlit - Aluminum Finish

The first product on this review is the CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This device belongs on the premium portion of the market because of its outstanding quality and wide collection of unique features that customers are demanding in this industry.

The overall design of the keyboard is designated to be comfortable and durable for long-term gaming sessions. The durable frame is made with high quality materials so that it does not wear out over time. The multi-color back lighting system is also a nice touch that many products feature nowadays.

In-game macros are supported with up to six programmable buttons designated for that purpose. This keyboard manages to accomplish a wide variety of tasks without losing quality in other categories. The design seems sufficient and price range is acceptable, even though it is certainly at the higher end of the market.

All things considered, this product considered the best option in the market as of right now. There are so many factors to consider but this particular device manages to check off all of them with high quality standards.


  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Custom programmable keys for macros.
  • Rainbow LED lighting system.
  • Long term durability.


  • Expensive price range.
Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 9 Programmable Buttons, Dedicated Media Controls

The number two position belongs to the Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that features nine programmable buttons and dedicated media controls for users looking for more customization options.

The actuators on this product are designed to be among the fastest in the entire industry. The custom rainbow illumination allows users to select from up to sixteen million different colors so that they can add a personal touch to their own keyboard.

There are also dedicated media controls that offer a one-touch capability so that users can have quick access to volume controls and control buttons for videos and music playlists.

While this product is priced in the higher portion of the spectrum, it does in fact offer a lot of great features that could significantly enhance your overall gaming experience. It comes from a reputable brand with Logitech, ensuring that a high level of quality will be provided to customers that commit to a purchase.


  • Custom rainbow LED illumination.
  • Dedicated media controls.
  • Positive customer reviews.


  • Expensive price range.
VicTsing Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard, Quiet All-Metal Panel Spill-Resistant Keyboard with Ergonomic Wrist Rest, Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard for Desktop, Computer

This VicTsing USB Wired Keyboard with Ergonomic Wrist Rest is extremely popular on Amazon because of its outstanding quality. Moreover, it has received a #1 Best Seller rating for its incredible performance since its launch.

One reason that it has earned a podium spot on this countdown is because it is designed for comfort and durability. The ergonomic wrist rest is great for users that want to rest their arms comfortably on the keyboard.

VicTsing Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard, Quiet All-Metal Panel Spill-Resistant Keyboard with Ergonomic Wrist Rest, Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard for Desktop, Computer
VicTsing Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard, Quiet All-Metal Panel Spill-Resistant Keyboard with Ergonomic Wrist Rest, Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard for Desktop, Computer

The LED rainbow back lighting system features up to seven different colors that create a fun atmosphere for gaming, especially at night in a dark room. Customers have expressed positive comments towards the general design of the keys as well, particularly because they don't conflict with one another when typing.

From a complete perspective, it appears that this keyboard checks off all of the boxes that many players are looking for. The price range is reasonable and the product has built an outstanding track record for its performance and effectiveness. With that being said, this is certainly a product that you should consider if you are looking for a well balanced option.


  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon.
  • Ergonomic integrated wrist rest.
  • Seven colors rainbow LED backlit.
  • Strong technical durability.


  • Cosmetic wear over time.
Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Compact 87 Key Mechanical Computer Keyboard KUMARA USB Wired Cherry MX Blue Equivalent Switches for Windows PC Gamers (Black RGB Backlit)

This mechanical option is priced directly in the center of the pricing spectrum. There are nice features that come equipped with this Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. One of those features is the multiple color LED back lighting system. This feature adds a lot of value by itself, but there is also a large amount of compatible devices and operating systems.

Users can expect a high quality experience when purchasing this particular product. Everything is done at the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction. It is designed to be durable and effective for long periods of time.

There are four different keyboard presets that offer different baselines in terms of features and LED lighting. Users might want to check out each of these four options in order to find the choice that is best for them.

This product is reliable, efficient, and high quality, which is why it has received exceptional reviews from a majority of customers after they have purchased this device.


  • Four different keyboard designs.
  • Multiple color rainbow LED.
  • Amazon endorsed this product.


  • Higher end price range.
  • Short LED durability.
Rii RK100+ Multiple Color Rainbow LED Backlit Large Size usb Wired Mechanical Feeling Multimedia Gaming Keyboard For Working or Gaming,Office Device

The Rii RK100+ Multiple Color Rainbow LED Backlit Large Size USB Wired Mechanical Feeling Multimedia Gaming Keyboard is the fifth keyboard on this list. This keyboard is compatible with all USB supported devices and is designed to be efficient and effective.

Users might be intrigued to purchase this product because of its low price range. It is extremely affordable, allowing users on a budget to consider making a purchase. It includes nice features like a rainbow colored LED back-lighting system that can be toggled on or off.

Rii RK100+ Multiple Color Rainbow LED Backlit Large Size usb Wired Mechanical Feeling Multimedia Gaming Keyboard For Working or Gaming,Office Device
Rii RK100+ Multiple Color Rainbow LED Backlit Large Size usb Wired Mechanical Feeling Multimedia Gaming Keyboard For Working or Gaming,Office Device

The customer reviews for this product are outstanding and has resulted in Amazon endorsing this product. It is certainly one of the highest rated gaming keyboard products at this price range.

This keyboard provides great value so that users can enjoy the benefits of an affordable product while not having to spend an outrageous amount of money. For all of these reasons, it has earned its rightful place on this countdown in position number five!


  • Affordable price range.
  • Multiple color rainbow LED.
  • Positive customer reviews.


  • No warranty is included.
  • Short term durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Keyboard Factors Are Important for Serious Computer Gamers?

There are some features that tend to stand out to serious gamers. One of those features is custom buttons for in-game macros. These keys could be set up for commands so that a simple button press accomplishes an otherwise 'difficult' task. 

If macros are not a high priority for you, then another serious factor to consider is overall durability and comfort. Some keyboards can be uncomfortable after playing for some time. Usually softer key response and a well-designed keyboard frame can make things more comfortable for long gaming sessions. Some keyboards even offer a customized wrist rest so that users can comfortably rest their arms during breaks or intermissions.

What Is the Overall Price Range for Modern USB Gaming Keyboards?

The price range can vary depending on all of the features that they keyboard has. The market typically ranges from as low as ten dollars, all the way up to two or three hundred dollars. Everything depends on the brand and the quality of the design. Every keyboard is somewhat different which can have an impact on the price.

Basic USB gaming keyboards with standard features typically range around thirty or forty dollars. A high end premium keyboard like some of the devices on this list can reach up to two hundred dollars. These higher end products typically feature more comfort and longer periods of durability. It also seemingly results in more positive customer reviews for the more sophisticated gaming keyboards.

Final Verdict

To conclude this review of some of the best gaming keyboards in the industry, it is now time to establish a final evaluation of these products. There is no doubt that they are all exceptional options for players to consider purchasing. They are all designed to optimize the gaming experience in their own way.

Some of these devices focus on comfort and quality, while others focus on value and affordability. Depending on your circumstances, you may value some of these potential factors more than others. That is why we have included a collection of five products to choose from so that you are not restrained to just one single option.

It is important to review all of the features and specifications before finalizing a purchase so that you know exactly what you are getting in terms of quality. When you believe you are ready to make a purchase, you can be confident that every single product on this list has exceptional customer reviews because of their outstanding performance and overall high quality design.


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