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Finding the right toys for your kids is always interesting. With thousands of figurines and dolls to look at, you and your children are spoiled for choice. I wanted something a bit different for my little ones once they got their hands on the same old figurines. They got tired of the same type of playsets.

After discussing the idea with my partner, we decided to look for smarter alternatives. We needed to encourage creativity, critical thinking, and memory. As a result, I ended up on Fat Brain Toys where most products fit the description.

Fat Brain Toys

Toddlers might need to have fun but they also need a bit of a challenge. Early learning toys and imaginative play categories are among the most popular on the website. I think the idea of letting the little ones exercise their brains at a young age is great.

The store operates as a regular e-commerce business. You can shop for products by age, by category and even by country of origin. Most are made in China. But there are a few toys which come from other countries as well.

Fat Brain Toys Features

  • Smart toys for all ages.
  • A selection of STEM toys is included.
  • Included category for special needs’ toys.
  • Special offers for educators and businesses.
  • Flat rate $3.99 shipping.
  • Domestic and international UPS shipping.

Early Learning

Even at an early age, the right toys can make a difference. I’m still surprised how motivated my little ones were with these toys even if I thought they’d find them too challenging.

SpinnyPins is one of the simplest and most interesting toys my kids and their friends have seen. A large plastic bowl is the base of this game which the little ones have to use to sort textured wobbly pins. These pins come in different colors which encourages their visual memory as they try to repeat the color names.

Fat Brain Toys

But this game also requires a bit of attention to coordination. Motor skills are enhanced every time they play. Smooth and textured surfaces are added to the pieces of the toy. Children learn to distinguish between these surfaces at an early age.

WhopsyDo Bead Coaster comes with cubes and spheres which move along metal bars. This simple game requires little attention and patience. It enhances motor skills and visualization skills. In terms of how the little ones interpret shapes, they can learn more about basic objects such as cubes and how they look like.

Imaginative Play

These types of toys require the best imaginative minds. They don’t have a certain type of linear playing like those above.

Fat Brain Toys

Snuggle and Hug Babies come with soft quirky velvet designs. These toys are among the few my kids go to bed with. They take care of the little toys and they pretend play by feeding and washing the huggable toys. These are the baby’s first doll type of toys.

Since it is the first experience with a doll for many kids, the toys are special and they create many memories. While this is fun for them, parents know that toys that are used a lot need to be cleaned properly. I like that I can wash these toys with the regular laundry to have them clean and germ-free for my kids to play with.


The books on the website are among the best. I know other parents struggle with ripped books and pages thrown around and even chewed.

But you will find interesting books with are chew-safe on the website. They’re rip-proof and made with strong materials. Furthermore, made with non-toxic materials, they can even be washed as regular toys.

Fat Brain Toys

Among the books with such rugged construction, Old MacDonald Had A Farm is one of the favorites in my house. Something about the story and animals constantly attracts the little ones to this book.

This release is also 100% washable. It means it handles all types of intensive use. Even when children play with friends and siblings and fight over the book, they still can’t rip it.

In terms of learning abilities, books are still the best. Kids get used to reading and interpreting shapes, characters and letters. I try to explain the different letters on the cover and inside the book. At an early age, they already know a few letters.

But many books come with a twist, to keep things interesting. For example, the farm book above is inspired by South American farms. Instead of naming chicken and horses, kids have to remember how lamas look like and what they’re called. They can have a bit of fun by comparing them to sheep.


A big hit at various ages, plush toys are among the most interesting for the little ones. Representing various characters, these toys are suitable for imaginative play. They also come at a low price. Most plush toys representing famous characters can be too expensive for my budget.

Fat Brain Toys

Bunny plush toys are particularly popular in my home. These toys are often what my kids carry around when they watch cartoons. Whenever they see a bunny on TV, they look for their own bunny plus toys.

In terms of safety, keeping these toys dust-free is crucial. I wash them every few weeks to keep them free from bacteria. There’s no special manual wash required with most of these toys. You can simply have them clean by washing them together with another laundry.

Shop by Interest

You can automatically select the toys you want to view with the interest filter. This groups the toys differently. For example, popular categories include animals, music toys, friends and cooking.

Fat Brain Toys

The benefit of this shopping method is that it saves you time. I try to purchase toys from all categories for my little ones to play with.

Prices are low and they allow me to purchase them frequently. For example, a plush bunny costs $14.99. An indestructible book costs $5.95. A snuggling velvet toy costs $17. Compared to other websites, you’ll be able to find the most interesting toys at a very competitive price.

Fat Brain Toys Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Fat Brain Toys discounts & coupons...


  • The toys are safe to chew.
  • No small parts in any of the toys.
  • Sorted by categories such as cooking and pets.
  • Online exclusives are published frequently.


  • No free shipping.

Final Verdict

I like the website a bit more than its direct competitors because of the toys I find on it. While the technical side is friendly on other online shops as well, these toys fit their description as they are made for brain, memory and physical skills’ improvements.

The low prices on the toys also make the life of parents easier. For most kids, it’s an opportunity to meet these types of toys for the first time in their lives. For example, plush toys at a young age are going to be the first of their type of many kids. Even before they begin to walk, they can start taking care of these plush dolls.

You can check the new releases section of the website for the latest toys. There’s a dedicated program for teachers and small businesses. If you’re a teacher and you need to purchase toys in bulk, there’s a dedicated account option which gives you access to lower prices you can sign up to.


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