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When you set up a new company nobody knows about it. When I launched my online gift shop, I struggled to attract visitors and customers for months. I’ve tried ads and social media marketing. But the solid results I was expecting were failing to arrive.

I think many strategies were good in my head. But I haven’t tried reaching out to media outlets. After trying out all other types of mediums, I decided to reach out to media outlets. But most of my emails got no response.

At this time, eReleases gave me a hand and sent out my press releases for me. Most of their media contacts published my press releases and I started to see traffic increasing. Clearly, their reach is considerably higher than my social media advertising and posts.


It took a few press releases to see what works and what doesn’t. The company intermediates press releases on an individual basis. You get to see the results of your strategy for one campaign outreach. But this also helps you craft better press releases in the future as there are no mixed signals. This was an issue for me when publishing various promotional texts on other websites on my own.

eReleases Features

  • Media outreach packs for 60, 90, and 120 sites.
  • Optional press release writing services.
  • Same-day response on customer requests.
  • Detailed reports on traffic and engagement.
  • Hyper-targeting for niche promotions.
  • Improved search engine presence.

Buzz Builder

If you’re just starting out with press releases, you’re still not sure what to expect. In my case, I had to write a few of them in order to see what reactions I get. Whenever I published about discounts, I would only get customers buying those discounted products.

But whenever I announce the entire weeks of discounts, customers would also purchase regular-price products. A good combination of local and national customers works for me the best. In my state, locals have their deliveries faster and I think it makes sense to focus on them a bit more.


Buzz Builder is the backs pack for you to choose as a distribution strategy. At $299, it sends out our press release to around 400 journalists and 60 media sites.

Even this basic package should already tell you what you need to know about your business. New customers might even tell about technical limitations such as site speed. You need to be ready for a higher number of daily visitors if you’re advertising a website.


This package costs $399. It sends out your press release to 90 media outlets. It also offers it to 500 journalists and media contacts.

With this package, you have access to premium websites such as Associated Press. At this time, you need to craft your press release to be news-worthy. Not every promotion your business has is actual news. But with the right intentions, you may be able to present even promotions as something readers need to be aware of.

PR Pro

This is the top package you can select at the PR company. It costs $499 and it sends your press release to more than 120 media sites. It has an impressive reach and it can be one of the serious options for top businesses.

If you’re launching a restaurant or if you’re doing volunteer work and you need extra help, this is the type of package to choose from. Very small businesses would struggle to get the most out of it. As I see it, this press release pack can be an option for a business already making a profit. It will only accelerate its growth.


But at the same time, if you’re running a non-profit, it is the type of service to consider to get the media exposure you need. It's best to be as concise as possible and present a real case, an example of what you’re trying to achieve. Presenting your entire non-profit is not an option. Such organizations are launched every day.

One of the most important aspects of press release writing is the new character of the information. What your business is going through is new for you, but not for those running newspapers. You need to focus and write the press release so they’re interested in it.

Many news organizations take press releases and turn them into a story that is easy to read. You need to be prepared for journalists to heavily edit your press release. Simply paying for the best service and expecting all news outlets to publish it as it is may not be realistic.

Writing Services

But as a business owner or a non-profit organization, you don’t have the time to understand these fine details of the public relations world. The online press release company can do it for you.

I understood that I need to delegate my work, even if I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it at first. I simply contacted the company and asked them to write the text for me before agreeing to send it out.


The wording on a text with a few paragraphs was superb. It would have taken me 2 pages to write the same information. As a result, I was very happy with the writing service.

Since then, they handle all my press releases. Here’s how it works. I send the company an email with basic information. This includes what I’m trying to achieve and a few useful information to support this objective. Then they phrase it in a way in which it sounds professional. The way my company is portrayed is far superior to what I could have done.

Measured Results

An advantage this company offers compared to others is their tracked results. After each text is published by the media, they show me a final analytical situation. I know the number of people who have read my text. I also know how many of those readers clicked the link inside the text to reach my business.


From an outreach perspective, this is exactly what I need. Furthermore, the company also offers hyper-targeting. This is a type of filter they apply to press releases. They know which media outlets are more likely to resonate with my business.

Since I’m into gifts, they’re going to prioritize media outlets in the lifestyle niche. I think their readers are much more likely to convert into buyers on my website. But they also offer national distribution. When I want to get more customers from across the country, I know I need to ask them to prioritize national media over local websites.

eReleases Promo Codes

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  • 3 simple PR plans.
  • Up to 120 media outlets reached per the press release.
  • Statistics are available after publication.


  • Not the most affordable press release writing service.

Final Verdict

If you’re struggling to get off the ground with your business, you need to reach out to the media. Too many people have told us that the media is dead. But their impact is still impressive if not better than before.

I see it in my own sales. Whenever customers come from these channels, they already have a background of information on certain promotions. This can’t be said about those who simply find my shop on Google and click on it. There’s nothing these visitors know about my website when they click that link.


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