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If you have your own website, you work hard to maintain it and create original content. You shouldn't need to worry about someone coming along and stealing your content and presenting it as their own on a different site. This is where DMCA comes in and can help.

DMCA was developed to help you protect your content from be plagiarized and help you removed any plagiarized content or images from other sites. With DMCA, you can feel confident that what you post on your website will be protected. Read through our full review of DMCA below to learn more about the services they offer and decide if you want to sign up for protection.


Why You Should Consider Trying DMCA

Unfortunately, content thieves and other bad actors are lurking all over the internet. Content is stolen from millions of websites each day. DMCA was developed to help users like you learn how to keep their content protected and secure.

Protection Services

There are a variety of services that are designed to help you protect your website and your content. With the Website Protection Pro, you can ensure that what you post will remain only on your site. The Protection Pro plan allows for unlimited watermarking of your images, unlimited Takedowns (do-it-yourself), and premium badges to alert possible thieves to the fact that your website and content is protected.

DMCA - Premium Badges

Premium Badges

DMCA - DIY Case Manager

DIY Case Manager

DMCA - Web Detective

Web Detective

In addition, there are also no-badge protection options that you can choose from. No-badge options will protect your website without you needing enter code or index your page. You will also receive a protection certificate to verify that your page is being protected.

Another protection service that is offered is the DIY Case Management. With this service, you'll find it is simple to hand numerous DMCA Takedowns at the same time. You'll be able to easily create Takedown notices using the provided templates.

DMCA - Web Scanner

Web Scanner

DMCA - Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark

Part of the protection plans include a copy scanner which will scan the internet looking for copies of your website. You'll just need to enter your search criteria, and the scanner will do all the work for you to ensure your content hasn't been copied.

If any duplicate copies of your website are found, you will receive one free Takedown every year you subscribe. You will be able to complete as many DIY DMCA Takedowns on your own as you need. Plus, doing so will be simple with the support and forms you'll receive from DMCA.

Protection Badges

Adding a badge to your website lets visitors know that your page is protected. There are numerous badge design options that you can choose from to add to your site. You can also use the badge builder to design your own protection badge. Choosing a basic badge to add to your site is free; you'll just need to register the badge you select with your name and email address.

DMCA - Protection Badges

If you are interested in a premium badge, you will need to sign up for the Protection Pro plan.

After you add a badge to your website, their system will check to ensure that the badge is installed correctly. Then, the source code is recorded and encrypted. After you have had the badge on your page for 30 days, it will officially become protected, and DMCA will take care of taking down a website if someone steals your content.

Selecting a Plan

There are three main plans for you to consider: The Free Plan, the Pro Plan, and the No-Badge Plan. The Free Plan allows you to use up to 100 of the free protection badges or to make customized protection badges. It includes one free Takedown each year, HTTPS delivery, a right-click block, two website copy scans, a WordPress Plugin and a Blogger Plugin.

DMCA - Plan

Both the Pro and the No-Badge Plan include text and image monitoring, 10 tracked badges IDs, DIY DMCA Takedowns, DMCA Takedown templates, real time image watermarking, a custom branded watermark, account verification, unlimited website copy scan, and the website detective code. With both of these plans, you will also receive 10 free Takedowns each year.


  • Thieves will be deterred from stealing your content.
  • The free plan will provide you with some protections without costing any money.
  • If you want to avoid needing to change the code on your website, you can choose the no-badge protection option.
  • If you need to perform a DIY Takedown, you'll be able to use the provided templates which will simplify the process significantly.
  • With a paid plan, you can add watermarks to your image to protect them.
  • The paid plans include 10 free Takedowns each year.


  • When a potential thief sees the DMCA protection badge on your website they will likely be deterred from copying your content.
  • Paid plans include 10 free Takedowns every year.
  • You can add watermarks from your images to make it less appealing for them to be stolen by someone.


  • The free plan only includes one Takedown each year.

Final Verdict

Signing up with DMCA can help you keep your website and your contented protected from being stolen. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that all the hard work you put into running your website won't be stolen by someone else, and, in the off-chance that it is, that you'll be able to get their website taken down. Visit DMCA today to sign up for a plan and protect your work.


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