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A digital picture frame is a unique and modern accessory that looks great in any living room. These picture frames save you trips to the store and costly print outs. They require no paper or ink and often display high-quality pictures that look better than printed ones. They're especially useful if you can't decide on one photo to choose! If you are tired of buying photo paper and ink for printing your photos, you may want to into purchasing one for your home. 

Digital picture frames are easy to operate, and they can be a great substitute for printed out photos. To get an idea of the best picture frames out there, we have collected five of the best digital picture frames. All five of these choices are durable and capable of showing off beautiful, crystal clear photos.

Top 5: Digital Picture Frames Review

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MRQ 14 Inch Full HD Digital Photo Frame 1920x1080 High-Resolution IPS Screen, Digital Pictur Frame Support 720P Video, with 180° Viewing Angle, Motion Sensor, Auto-Rotate, and Display Photos with Back

The MRQ Frame is another great choice if you are looking for a clear digital picture frame. This frame can be purchased in two sizes, a 10-inch and 13-inch screen. In addition to a higher than average resolution, this picture frame can also play videos! It's resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels for images and 1920 x 1080 for videos with an aspect ratio of 16:10. It also has an auto-rotate function so each picture will fit on the screen.

Not only can this product display pictures and video, but it also has other functions like a clock, calendar and image controls like zoom and rotate. To help house all of these, it has built-in slots for USB flash drives and memory cards; note that it only supports up to 32GB worth of memory.

MRQ 14 Inch Full HD Digital Photo Frame 1920x1080 High-Resolution IPS Screen, Digital Pictur Frame Support 720P Video, with 180° Viewing Angle, Motion Sensor, Auto-Rotate, and Display Photos with Back

Like most of the other picture frames, it can be controlled through a remote. It is powered through a power cord, which is longer than average at being nearly five feet long.


  • Has a higher-than-average resolution
  • Has an extra long power cord
  • Has additional features like a clock and calendar
  • Has a motion sensor


  • Occasionally, the screen goes dark for a period of time
  • Only supports SD cards that have a max of 32GB of memory

Nixplay Original 15 Inch Digital WiFi Photo Frame W15A - Wall-Mountable Digital Picture Frame with Motion Sensor and 10GB Online Storage, Display and Share Photos with Friends via Nixplay Mobile App

This Nixplay Frame is one of the bigger-sized digital picture frames. You can purchase this frame as either 15 inches long or 18 inches long. The 15-inch frame has a high resolution of 1024 x 768 while the 18-inch frame comes with a clearer picture image of 1366 x 768.

Any pictures on your computer or phone can be easily be sent directly to the picture frame through email or the app it uses. It can also be controlled by using Alexa! This frame is powered through a plug-in adapter so you won't need any batteries to power it.

The Nixplay can also connect to five other frames thanks to its free cloud syncing technology. Your family and friends can enjoy the same pictures all throughout the house.


  • Can be controlled through Alexa
  • Has a motion sensor
  • Is available in 15 or 18-inch screen
  • Has a very high resolution


  • There is no way to tell if a new picture was added until it is displayed in the picture frame


With a screen that is 10.4 inches long, this Pix-Star Picture Frame connects to your own internet (WiFi) so you can quickly and seamlessly import photos. Connect to your email, your phone or your camera over your WiFi internet, and in seconds you could have your beautiful photos displayed on this picture frame. 

This product has enough internal memory to store up to 20,000 pictures or 4GB worth of photos. That is thousands of hours of photos to scroll through!. It can also use USB flash drives or memory cards like SD, SDHC, SDXC, and MMC, for extra storage space.

When uploaded to this device, the pictures will be automatically resized to fit the resolution and aspect ratio. So, while they may hold a 800 x 600 resolution in the 4:3 aspect ratio on the picture frame, they will maintain their proper orientation on your memory device. This is particularly helpful because you do not have to go through and resize all your photos, and you do not have to worry about the product altering your original copies.


  • Is remote controlled
  • Has a motion sensor
  • Is available in 10, 10.4, or 15-inch sized screens


  • Average/low resolution

Skylight Frame: 10 inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame, Email Photos from Anywhere, Touch Screen Display

The only frame on this list that is not available in another size is the Skylight Frame, which is 10 inches long with a resolution of 1280 x 800. It still has some unique features. For example, you can also control how long the intervals between each photo is displayed for, from five seconds to 240 seconds (i.e., four minutes).

Unlike the other picture frames that may be controlled through an app or a remote, this frame is controlled through a touch screen. It does not have any external storage imports for both USB flash drives or memory cards. Because of this, it can only store what the internal storage will hold, which is around 8,000 pictures.


  • Has a higher than average resolution
  • Is touch screen controlled
  • Has time controls


  • Screen gets dirty easily

Micca 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame with High Resolution Widescreen LCD, MP3 Music and 1080P HD Video Playback, Auto On/Off Timer (Model: N7, Replaces M707z)

The picture frame with the smallest screen on this list is the Micca Picture Frame. It can be purchased in either seven or eight inches long. It can display images at 800 x 480 resolution, play MP3 files, and play MP4/MKV videos at 1080p resolution.

With its customizable timer, you can set when the picture frame tuns on and off, as well as program a daily and weekly display schedule. Similar to some of the other frames on this list, you can use a USB flash drive and memory card for picture storage. Store up to 32GB worth of pictures, music, and/or videos in the picture frame's memory.

Mecca designed this picture frame to conserve energy, and it is the most energy efficient picture frame on this list. It ends up using less power than an energy-efficient light bulb, and costing you less than a penny for 10 hours of continuous use.


  • Has a remote control
  • High video resolution
  • Is highly energy efficient


  • Has low image resolution

What to Look for When You Are Choosing a Digital Picture Frame?


Most digital picture frames come in the same standard sizes as traditional picture frames. They can be as small as 3 x 5 inches or bigger than 10 x 12 inches. Of course, the larger the frame is, the more expensive it will be.

And to clarify, some picture frames might list only one available dimension, as opposed to a length by width dimension. This is because many digital picture frames are measured diagonally, similar to computer monitors and televisions. So, if you see a digital picture frame with a length of eight inches, then that means that it is eight inches long from corner to corner.


There are several different ways to store the pictures on one of these frames. The older models usually have built-in storage that can hold anywhere from a dozen to several hundred photos. Now, they can connect to memory cards, USB flash drives, and even WiFi or Cloud storage.

Each product will obviously come with its own set of pros and cons. Frames built with storage usually have a more simple design, but it can be difficult to find one that holds a lot of pictures. Those that use memory cards or USB flash drives are usually easier to transfer pictures, but if the storage is damaged or faulty, the pictures will not display properly.

The newer models that connect over Wifi or Cloud storage can be more convenient since you do not need to buy extra memory storage. Additionally, poor internet or a faulty connection between the frame and the storage can negatively affect the frame.

Power Source

The two main power source types these frames have are either batteries or a power cord. Batteries can be useful if you want to display the frame in an area that is not around a power outlet, but you will need to buy batteries (or charge rechargeable ones) on a semi-regular basis.

Power cords can be more appropriate if you do not want to spend the extra money on batteries, and you are going to be leaving the picture frame on for long periods of time.


If you are not familiar with image resolutions, they just mean how clear and detailed an image looks. The resolution is measured by the number of pixels a screen has. The more pixels, the clearer the image can get. Most digital screens that have around 800 x 600 pixels will be clearer than those with 800 x 480 pixels.

One of the highest resolutions a picture frame has is 1280 x 800 pixels, but some can even support images and/or videos with a resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The lower quality frames usually have a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.


Most of the modern frames are made of metal, but there are a few out there that are made with wood or glass. Some of the more customizable frames can have an interchangeable face-plate, but these are usually sold separately.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio determines how much of the frame displays the picture. This can affect image quality, too. The two most popular aspect ratios that these picture frames have are standard and widescreen.

Standard, also known as 4:3, makes the picture fit the entire screen. Unfortunately, this can negatively affect the quality of the image by stretching or condensing the image to fit the screen's size. Widescreen, also known as 16:9, is more appropriate for higher quality images and videos. Since it does not fit all of the images to the size of the screen, the pictures may sometimes seem small on the screen.

Image and Music/Video Types

Most picture frames only support JPEG images, but there are a few that support other types. The newer frames can also play music, but this is usually only the case if it is an MPS or WAV file.

Always check to see what kind of image, music, or video type your frame can handle before buying or importing the photos onto it.

best digital picture frame

Out of all of these digital frames, we would highly recommend the third product, the MRQ Digital Picture Frame. It is loved by many past consumers and has a great array of features: high picture quality, bonus features and the ability to play videos. 

MRQ 14 Inch Full HD Digital Photo Frame 1920x1080 High-Resolution IPS Screen, Digital Pictur Frame Support 720P Video, with 180° Viewing Angle, Motion Sensor, Auto-Rotate, and Display Photos with Back

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital picture frames?

They are small screens inside of a frame, usually made of wood or metal, that can display digital images and sometimes digital videos. These files can be imported from either WiFi / Cloud storage, a USB flash drive, an SD or a micro SD card.

Why would you want to use a digital picture frame?

They completely cut out the need for photo paper, ink, and space. A digital picture frame can display dozens, hundreds, or thousands of images.

How do you use a digital picture frame?

Different manufacturers will have designs that are used in different ways. Many of the designs come packaged with an instructional guidebook that will walk you through setting up the frame, uploading photos, changing photos, and any maintenance instructions.

Some photo frames do more than just displaying still images. More expensive designs come with stereo speakers built in. They can play music files in MP3 format as well. With this feature, you can store your music on the device's memory card. As you switch the frame to slideshow mode, you can set your preferred track as the background.

Similarly, some frames play video files in MPEG format. Most video clips will need to be short, especially since storage space is limited. Short scenes and clips can be stored on the memory card, and you can either play them on demand or play them on a continual loop for as long as you want.

How do I update the memory card for my frame?

Over time, you'll probably have images that you want to remove or add to the digital frame. The easiest way to do this is by using a PC. When you take pictures with your camera or phone, you'll first upload them to your PC image folder so that you can access them from the computer.

Once you have the images in the folder, you can look at them, edit them, crop them, and place them in whatever slideshow order you want. As soon as you've created a folder with all of the images edited and arranged to your liking, you can copy it onto the memory card. Or, as some manufacturers recommend, you can copy it onto a new memory card instead.

Doing this can be accomplished in a few ways. For those whose computers have built-in card readers, it's easy. You just insert the card into the slot and then copy your pictures into the card's drive.

You can also make your camera into a memory card writer. First, connect your camera to the computer. Then put your fresh memory card into the camera. Copy your photo folder onto the camera, and then remove the card from the camera once you're finished. It will be loaded with your photos.

There are a number of different memory cards on the market. If you want to have more flexibility in the type of card that you use for your photos, you can get a multi-card reader for your computer. A multi-card reader connects to your computer with a USB port. It lets you copy files from your PC to seventeen different types of memory card.

What methods can you use to upload pictures to a digital picture frame?

Pictures are typically uploaded by inserting a memory stick or card into the frame. The type of memory card accepted will vary depending on the design, so you'll want to make sure that you get a frame that's compatible with your preferred format.

Most frames accept the majority of the most common memory card designs. Some accept USB sticks, though this isn't universal. If you use a USB drive rather than a memory card, make sure that your chosen photo frame is compatible with this.

You'll arrange the pictures on the card prior to inserting it. Then, when the card is inserted and the frame is powered on, your pictures will begin showing automatically. They may be in slideshow format, or you might upload a still image to display similarly to a traditional picture frame.

Frames with slideshow settings will usually let you allow the transition style and the speed of the slideshow.

Do you need other accessories to use a digital picture frame?

The frame will usually come with a cord to plug into an outlet. Some packages might also include a memory card to use. If the package doesn't come with a memory card, you'll need to have a memory card to upload your photos. The frame won't be able to store them otherwise.

It's a good idea to have a memory card that you use exclusively for the picture frame. That way, you can easily remove and edit your pictures at any time. This also makes it easier to organize your files and store all of your favorite slideshows in the same place.

Multi-card readers aren't a necessary investment to use a digital picture frame. However, they can be convenient. These devices connect to your computer and make it quick and easy to load and edit your memory cards. They're especially convenient for people whose computers don't have built-in card readers.

Can digital frames be left on all day?

Yes, the majority of frames are designed so that they can be operated for 24 hours without overheating or having technical issues.

Most designs are capable of showing a single image for more than 1,000 continuous hours without the screen becoming damaged. This means that they function very similarly to normal picture frames, rather than seeming like a maintenance-requiring piece of technology.

Can digital frames run on batteries?

Some digital frames can run on batteries, yes. The majority plug into an electrical outlet, but there are designs that offer the additional option for battery-powered electricity. This is most common in portable frames, which are designed to be placed anywhere in the home or brought with you on trips.

As with most battery-powered designs, you'll typically be able to choose between rechargeable, alkaline, or standard battery types. You'll need to check whether the package includes the batteries. If not, you'll need to buy some in whatever size the frame requires.

The most common battery size for a digital photo frame is AAA.

What file formats can a digital picture frame show?

The exact formats will vary from design to design. Some show more formats than others. However, the most common guideline is for the frames to be compatible with the same formats that digital cameras use. The main one is a JPEG.

Some designs will not display photos in RAW format, images from the web, images that have been scanned, or any other images that don't comply with camera industry standards. If you're not sure whether your photo type will be accepted, look into the formats supported by your frame of choice. Most pictures can be converted to a JPEG using software.

What if the screen is dark after I uploaded my photos?

Usually, this is a problem with the electricity. Check to make sure that the batteries are charged and inserted correctly, or that the electrical cord is receiving power.

Final Verdict

If one of the products caught your eye, click on the link in its name and it will take you to its page on Amazon. Check out the buying guide below if you want to learn a little more about digital picture frames.


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