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I just recently opened up a checking account. I was kind of skeptical about them over the years and had opted for a savings account. I wanted to save as much money as possible and not have to deal with any additional fees (especially for anything inadvertent). But now, I’ve decided that having a checking account isn’t so bad provided that I keep track of my finances.

When I’m at the bank, I’m looking at the checks that they issue you for your account. I’m not going to lie, I’m not too keen on the bland coloring. I want my checks to have a personality that matches mine. Call me weird, but that’s how I am. So when I was looking at the blue and green colored checks, I thought to myself “what if I could find different designs online”? That’s when I looked online and came across Checks Superstore.

Checks Superstore

They have plenty of options for those who want personal or business checks. On top of having so many designs available, they make sure that your checks are secure and not easily altered or forged by anyone who might be pretending to be you.

Checks Superstore Review

  • Has a number of designs for personal checks that will fit your personality and style.
  • High-security business checks that will deter any attempts of fraud or tampering.
  • Business accessories that you need to keep your finances on track and keeps your paperwork all organized.

Personal Checks -- with the Design You Choose

As crazy as it sounds, I would not be surprised if someone who was a huge fan of Disney, Marvel, or any cartoon character would snag a book of checks with those characters right on it. Plus, there are designs that you might enjoy as well. Love the United States of America? You might want to check out the patriotic-themed checks that they have available. Are you more of the artsy type? Then you can get checks that showcase the best designs of various artists.

Checks Superstore

You can choose well over 50 different licensed designs that will fit you perfectly. Now, when you write out a check then the clerks and merchants might know a little something about you. Keep in mind, your design might end up being a conversation piece. Because you never know when you’ll run into a fan of the Peanuts just by one look at the check you gave them.

Business Checks for Your Security and Protection

If you own a business, this might be the one place for you to get the checks you need. We’re talking checks for business transactions, paying your employees, and paying for vendor services. One of the major problems that business owners run into today is checks that may have some irregularities. More specifically, we’re talking about problems with security. If you want checks that will deter fraud, forgery, or any kind of identity theft crimes then you should consider getting these business checks for yourself.

Checks Superstore

What has impressed me as someone who runs a business, the computer checks that are available on Checks Superstore can be compatible with your financial software. It can work with QuickBooks and Microsoft Money so payroll is easy as 1, 2, 3. You don’t have to make any more mistakes that may cause employees to question if your numbers or off or not. Personally, I like to keep my business finances on the computer. It’s a lot better than having to manually figure everything out for yourself.

All Kinds of Accessories

I’m quite impressed with their selection of personal and business accessories. If I want a nice little leather case for my checkbook, I can get it right online at Checks Superstore. Not to mention, I can also get address labels for letters so when I can send a check in the mail, the people who get it will know who it’s from.

Checks Superstore

If you need some business accessories for your office, you can get them here. We’re talking envelopes, stampers, deposit and register forms, etc. In fact, I needed a few ink stamps in order to be able to organize some documents that have been approved, rejected, credited, and so on.

Plus, my business cannot go through the day without any of the deposit and register slips. I do my bank deposits at the end of business and drop them off before heading home. Plus, it’s a good way to keep some paperwork handy just in case my records appear to be a bit off. Yes, I track my finances on digital software but I always keep hard copies.

Checks Superstore Promo Codes

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  • So many different designs for personal checks.
  • A handful of business checks and accessories that will help make paperwork filing easy.
  • Fast shipping and excellent customer service.


  • Some checks may be hard to remove at times and can rip.

Final Verdict

I am happy with the checks I got from Checks Superstore for both my personal and business bank accounts. I’m even more impressed knowing that I can get some office supplies that apply to filing all the business paperwork I can.

If I were you, I would take a look at Checks Superstore and find your personal design that fits you best. Because the bank can offer you a few designs, but none of them seem to have a personality. Who knows? There might be a design that you’ll love.


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