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Are the trees in your front yard in need of a good trimming? Or, maybe you have entire branches that need to be cut down? A chainsaw is a tool that can make these tasks, along with so many others, very simple.

If you're looking for a new chainsaw, you'll want to consider what types of jobs you'll be using it for so you find the right product for you. Below, we have reviewed five of the top products to help you narrow down your choices to find the best chainsaw.

Top 5: Chainsaws Review

BLACK+DECKER  40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch  (LCS1240)

The BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 is a small model designed to help you take care of simple home improvement tasks and yard work. This is a cordless electric model, so you won't have to worry about dragging a pesky cord around or dealing with filling a gas tank. This product comes with a 40V MAX Lithium Ion battery, so it will give you a lot of use from a single charge.

This product has a 12-inch bar that features an automatic oiling system to keep the chain lubricated. It is a good size for trimming small branches on bushes or trees. Since this is an electric model, you'll be able to easy start it up or turn it off by just pressing a button.

The handle of this product makes it comfortable to hold and easy to operate. The handle wraps fully around the product to allow for maximum control when you are using this model in various different cutting position.


  • Since this is an electric model, you just need to press a button to start it up or turn it off.
  • This model uses a 40V MAX Lithium Ion battery to allow for extended use.
  • You don't have to worry about cords or refilling a gas tank with this model.


  • The 12-inch bar won't be able to handle cutting through anything that is much thicker than a small branch.
Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14" Chain Saw Kit with, 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

The Makita XCU03PT1 is a 14-inch cordless electric model. It features a brushless motor direct-drive system which gives it the equivalent power you would normally find in a 32cc gas model. This product also features a Lithium-Ion battery for extended battery life.

To provide you with optimal cutting action, this item has enhanced blade speed. The chain features easy adjustment that does not require the use of any tools. This also makes maintaining and caring for this item simple.

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14" Chain Saw Kit with, 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

This electric model can easily be turned on and off by just flipping the switch. To extend the battery life, the unit will automatically power off if it hasn't been used for a while. To help keep you and others safe while around this product, there is a lock lever for the chain to prevent it from starting up accidentally.


  • For an electric model with a smaller bar length, this is a powerful option to consider.
  • This product is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Operating this item is easy; all you need to do is flip the switch.


  • This is a cordless model, so while it features an extended battery life, it will not last forever, and you might have to pause what you're doing to charge it.
Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case

If you're looking for a gas model to complete moderate-sized jobs around the house, then you should consider the Remington RM4216. This option features a 16-inch bar, which will allow you to saw through large branches. This product has a 42cc two-cycle engine powered by gas.

You'll be impressed with how comfortable this product is to hold and operate. It features a five-point anti-vibration system and a cushioned handle. These features help give you more control when you operate the saw.

Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case

Starting this product is simple with the quick-start feature; just pull it to rev it up and you'll be ready to go. To help keep your chain in good condition and reduce necessary maintenance, this saw features an automatic oiler.

This item includes a carrying case, which is ideal for storage and transport. You'll also receive two-cycle oil.


  • The 16-inch bar size is perfect for jobs around the house.
  • This product features a cushioned handle and five-point anti-vibration system.
  • A carrying case for storage and transport is included.


  • You will need to keep gas on hand to refill the tank.
Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

The Blue Max 6595 is a gas chainsaw with an 18-inch blade. This product would be good for completing bigger jobs around the house. This item has a 45cc single cylinder and a cdi ignition system.

An anti-vibration handle is a feature of this product that will help make it more comfortable to hold and help reduce fatigue. There is an auto-oiler that will keep the bar lubricated. This will reduce the maintenance and care the product will need.

Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw
Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

There are numerous added safety features for this product. It features a quick-stop, or rapid-reaction kick-back break, so it can be quickly stopped when need. There is also a hand guard, safety trigger, and on/off switch to keep you safe while you use it.


  • This product features and 18-inch blade which is perfect for tackling tough jobs.
  • The anti-vibration handle will make it more comfortable to use this item.
  • Numerous safety features, such as a safety trigger, hand guard, and quick-stop, are included on this product.


  • Since this is a gas-powered model, you will have to deal with pouring gas to refill the tank.
Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

If you're looking for a tough, no-nonsense product, then you should consider the Husqvarna Forest & Garden . With a 24-inch bar, this product is designed to tackle the toughest jobs. The large bar will let you slice through very large items, such as trees.

This product is designed to comply with stringent environmental regulations, so it requires low amounts of fuel and features reduced exhaust emissions. Starting this product is easy with its quick-start function.

Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

To help you maintain your product and reduce required care, this item features a centrifugal air cleaning system. This cleaning system helps to remove larger debris before they reach the unit's filter. The feature means that you will need to clean the air filter less frequently.

The air filter features a quick-release setting for easy cleaning. This product's oil pump is adjustable. This will allow you to regulate the oil flow depending on your needs.


  • This product emits less exhaust and requires less fuel than many other models.
  • The centrifugal air cleaning system will help reduce the number of times you'll need to clean the filer and will also prolong the life of the product.
  • This item features a 24-inch bar, which should be able to cut through anything you need.


  • Since this is such a large and powerful product, it is much more expensive than the other items on our list.

chainsaw Buying Guide

When you are looking for a chainsaw, there are so many models to consider. Before you make your purchase, you really need to think about your needs and preferences. First, decide if you would prefer to have a gas, electric, or cordless electric model.

Then, you need to consider the types of items you'll likely be cutting with your chainsaw. Be sure to pick one that has a long enough bar length to meet your needs. You'll also want to make sure that you don't pick a model with a bar that is way too long for your needs or too powerful for you to safely control.

Make sure to consider how comfortable the machine is as well as the design of the handle. Select a product that has a cushioned handle with anti-vibration. This will make using it much more comfortable.

Also, pay attention to the safety features included with the saw. Look for models that have something that will prevent it from accidentally getting turned on and a quick-stop if it needs to be shut off quickly.

best chainsaw

All the chainsaws we reviewed will best serve different purposes. They all feature a different bar length. Some are gas models, while others are electric. Our top pick is the Remington RM4216 Gas Powered Chainsaw.

This is a great all-purpose chainsaw that should handle a wide variety of task around the home. The 16-inch bar will allow you to slice through large branches, but is not too big to safely wield. 

Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case

This product is also comfortable to hold and easy to use. It has a cushioned handle and an anti-vibration system. It also features a quick-start, so it will not be complicated to get the saw running. Since this product also includes a carrying case, it will be easier to store and transport than some other models.

Whether you agree with us and think the Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw is your favorite, or if you think one of the other models will better suit your needs, be sure to order your new chainsaw soon. You want to have it ready to go the next time you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Gas or Electric Chainsaw Better?

There are pros and cons for both electric and gas chainsaws that you'll want to consider before making a purchase. An electric chainsaw is good for more basic yard work, will need less maintenance, and will not require you to deal with gas or oil. However, an electric one is not going to be as durable for larger jobs or cutting large branches or trees. The battery on a cordless one typically won't last more than an hour.

A gas chainsaw is much more powerful to handle tougher tasks and more extended use. Gas products also have more available options for the bar length, so you'll be able to find exactly what you need. They are also able to run for a longer amount of time (with quick stops for refueling).

However, with a gas chainsaw you have to deal with mixing gas and oil. They also require a greater initial investment than electric ones do. They are heavier and will need more maintenance than their electric counterparts as well.

What Is the Best Size Chainsaw for Home Use?

The exact product you'll need will vary based on the types of tasks you'll be using your chainsaw for. If you are looking for a chainsaw that will only be used for occasion, more light tasks, you'll probably want to find a model that has a bar length of 14 inches or less. This size will allow you to prune trees and shrubs with branches that aren't very thick.

If you think you'll be doing more moderate cutting tasks, then you may want to look for a model that offers a longer bar length. A bar between 16 and 18 inches will allow you to cut through thicker items, such as thick tree branches.

What Is the Best Chainsaw Bar Length?

The bar length you'll need will really vary depending on what you plan to use your chainsaw for. Bar lengths of 14 inches or less are typically good for lighter work, like trimming thinner branches. Increasing the bar length to 16 or 18 inches will allow you to cut through thicker objects, like logs.

A bar length of 20 inches or more would be appropriate if you'll be using your chainsaw frequently for big jobs. Also, be sure to consider your experience with using a chainsaw before you purchase one that may be too big for you to safely control.

How Fast Does a Chainsaw Spin?

A chainsaw spins between 55 and 60 miles per hour. That means that the chain is moving around the bar at a speed of about 88 feet each second. So, in a minute, the chain will have traveled around the bar around 5,000 times.

Tips For Using A Chainsaw

Chainsaws are extremely useful tools that can make any cutting job easier and more efficient. Many occupations use them on a daily basis, and with new technological developments over the past decade, chainsaws have seen major improvements in their capabilities. Still, they are complex pieces of machinery and the basic rules and regulations of use have not changed. If you're a beginner, it's important to understand how to use a chainsaw while also maintaining your own safety and the safety of those around you. Knowledge and practice are crucial to using a chainsaw confidently. Check out our guide on the top 10 tips for using a chainsaw for your next outdoor project.

1. Do your research
It is important to actually understand how a chainsaw works before buying one. Identify the type and size of the wood you're cutting and your previous experience with a chainsaw, and then discuss with a professional to narrow down your options. A chainsaw is a portable device with a cutting guide bar. A metal chain runs on the grooves of the bar, and makes use of small "teeth" to cut or saw. You can use either an electric chainsaw or a gas-powered one. If you are using a gas chainsaw, you must put a properly-balanced mix of gasoline and oil in the fuel tank before starting. When you crank the pull-starter, the fuel will mix with air in the carburetor. This passes into a cylinder which ignites the gas and creates energy. This energy will push a piston back and forth, causing the chain to rotate in a circular motion. An electric chainsaw starts with the touch of a button, and usually has an attached cord. Chainsaws are solo devices and should never be used by more than one person at a time, so it is crucial you can confidently start and operate your chainsaw without assistance before beginning a project.

2. Pick the right chainsaw for the job
Chainsaws on the market today have different blade lengths, strengths and other unique features you may require for a project. Light to mid-weight chainsaws usually have 8 to 16 inch guide bars and are best used for small-duty projects, like cutting small branches, felling small trees or pruning branches. These are common for the average person doing yard-work around the house. Heavyweight chainsaws, used by professionals, can have bar lengths greater than 20 inches. These chainsaws are used to cut large trees, chop firewood or clear storm damage. Gas-powered chainsaws are usually the most powerful and give great mobility, though they are louder and heavier to carry. Electric chainsaws, which can come corded or cordless, tend to be smaller and have less power, but are great for low-maintenance projects and little movement.

3. Avoid the kickback zone
"Kickback" is a widely-used term to refer to the sudden, upward movement of the guide bar while the chain is still in motion. It can occur when the moving chain at the tip or nose of the guide bar contacts a solid object or becomes pinched, and forces the bar upwards and backwards. It can happen with both gas and electric-powered saws and presents a potentially dangerous safety hazard to the operator. Kickbacks can happen to even the most experienced cutters, but some basic safety precautions can prevent serious injury. You must understand the type of material you're cutting, and where you're cutting it. The greater the force of the kickback, the harder it becomes for the operator to control.

To prevent kickback, examine your chain beforehand. If it's dull or has improper tension, kickback becomes far more likely, so keep your chain properly sharpened. When cutting, you should always use both hands and use your top or bottom half cutting surfaces. Avoid cutting branches that could pinch the chain. For added safety, use a chainsaw equipped with a chain-brake or kickback guard.

4. Hold and carry the chainsaw properly
Always stop the engine before putting a chainsaw down or carrying it. When you're transporting the chainsaw by hand, grip the front handle, hold it in a level position parallel to the ground and with the guide bar behind you. Keep the chainsaw's gas cap level up to prevent fuel spillage. If you're transporting it by vehicle, never put it in the front seat. Keep the guide bar and chain properly secured with a chain guard to prevent damage. If you're using a gas-powered chainsaw, drain the chainsaw's fuel in a safe, well-ventilated area after every use to prevent a fire hazard. Keep your owner's manual on hand for any further specific instruction, but always store the chainsaw in a dry place and out of reach for children. When you're ready to get to work, make sure you always start the chainsaw with two hands, with your thumb firmly gripped around the handle.

5. Wear the right protective gear
Always dress in the right clothing when using a chainsaw and wear properly-fitting protective gear. Keep open skin covered by wearing long, snug pants and a long-sleeved shirt for easy, breathable movement. For added safety, you can wear safety chaps or pads on your legs. Wear work shoes or steel-toed boots with non-slip soles for solid footing while you're cutting. This will help stabilize your stance and keep you balanced as you work. Leather work gloves work well for grip, but any non-slip hand protection will do. Chainsaws are extremely loud pieces of machinery, so wearing ear muffs or ear plugs can protect against hearing damage. Additionally, wear a hard hat and eye protection at all times.

6. Sharpen your blade when needed
A dull chainsaw can become slow and dangerous. A common sign of a dull chain is if your saw begins to burn and buck as you cut through the wood, producing a dust-like waste instead of sharp straws. Sharpening the chain may seem scary, but it is fairly simple and takes little time. The easiest way is with a sharpening kit, which can be found at most hardware stores. The kit should come with instructions on how to sharpen your chainsaw, so follow these closely. Always wear heavy-duty gloves and engage the saw's handbrake before sharpening. Though sharpening is the best way to keep your chainsaw in great working order, you may need to entirely replace the chain at some point, especially if the chain shows signs of missing teeth. It may be a good idea to have a few chains on hand for backup if this occurs.

7. Adopt the right safety stance
Let the saw do the work for you! Most professionals recommend using the staggered "boxer's stand" while cutting. If you're right handed, keep your left foot forwards and your right foot back, with both feet planted firmly. Keep your knees loosely bent and your hands firm on both the front and rear saw handles. Don't try to cut above your shoulders or overreach to wood you can't access. Lack of visibility can greatly increase the chance of kickback or serious injury. Try to avoid putting the saw directly in front of you, instead holding it closely at one side for greater stability. You do not need to use a ton of added pressure - let the chain do the cutting.

8. Fill the gas tank and bar lubricant before every use
A gas-powered chainsaw needs the right kind of fuel and proper bar lubrication to run. Chainsaws use two-cycle engines, so pour in the correct mixture of gas to oil according to your chainsaw's owner manual. When pouring in fuel, uncap the fuel filler reservoir carefully to release any excess pressure, and take care to not spill any gasoline. Try to avoid starting the chainsaw in the same spot that you poured in the fuel. Spilled gasoline could ignite a spark. Do not refuel an overheated saw.

9. Always pay attention to your surroundings
As you move, your environment may become vastly different. Hanging utility lines or other objects may unexpectedly come into contact with your saw if you're not looking. In addition, properly assess the wood before cutting. If your saw hits a loose branch or a nail, the saw could yank backwards. Felling trees can be especially unsafe if you don't adequately inspect the area beforehand. Aim to cut trees on a still day with little wind, so you can gauge where the tree will fall. When the tree is about to fall, call a warning and move out of the way. For smaller trees and branches, pay careful attention to limb bounce back so you don't get hit. Never operate a chainsaw if you're fatigued. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks, always checking your chain's tension and adjusting accordingly if needed.

10. Don't rush!
Always take it slow when using a chainsaw and take a second to relax. When first starting out, it can be beneficial to have someone off to the side to monitor and assist if needed. If you encounter a situation where you're unsure of what to do, turn the chainsaw off and outline a plan. Don't compromise safety to get the job done.

Today's chainsaws are becoming more intuitive and user-friendly, with a host of added safety features and gadgetry for ease of use. Still, always make sure a chainsaw is in good working order by consulting your owner's manual.


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