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With so many options available, learning a new language has never been easier. While Spanish and French continue to be the main foreign languages taught in school, German is quickly increasing in popularity in high school and beyond.

You may be looking for an additional study guide to aide you in a course, or you may have decided to broaden your horizons and tackle a new language. Either way, learning to speak and write German is an excellent choice.

With the vast number of books on this subject available, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to find the right one for you. Before making your purchase, it's important to make sure you're getting the best guide that will benefit you.

Basic things to consider as you begin to choose a guide include:

  • Hard copy, paperback or Kindle.
  • Whether or not the guide you choose will be your main teaching tool.
  • Amount you want to spend.
  • Other buyers' reviews.

We have put together a list of what we believe are the five best books available to learn German. We've included descriptions, pros, and cons. We hope this list helps you find the perfect book to achieve your goal.

Top 5: Books to Learn German For beginners Review

Recommendation #2

German: Learn German For Beginners Including German Grammar, German Short Stories and 1000+ German Phrases


Recommendation #3

German: how to speak and write it (New educational library)


Recommendation #4

Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent


Recommendation #5

The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time


German All-in-One For Dummies, with CD

The German All-in-One For Dummies is another excellent source for beginner's and those who wish to strengthen their understanding of the German language.

It has an excellent layout with very detailed sections. The sections include German For Dummies, German Audio Set For Dummies, German Phrases For Dummies, Intermediate German For Dummies, and German Essentials For Dummies.

Whether you're looking to learn some fast phrases for travel or wanting to dive deep into parts of speech and sentence structure, this book has it all.

Another great addition is the audio set; you can use this in addition to the book to reinforce what you've learned or use it on its own for basic information.

It's available for Kindle so you can learn on the go.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Extras include the audio set and practice exercises.


  • Some beginners may find it a little too advanced.

German: Learn German For Beginners Including German Grammar, German Short Stories and 1000+ German Phrases

This German: Learn German For Beginners book may very well be the ideal guide to teaching yourself German. It has excellent reviews and at just under $20 for a paperback you will definitely get your money's worth. There is also a Kindle and audio book available.

It is divided into sections beginning with grammar. It then delves deep into the German alphabet, parts of speech, constructing sentences, and much more. It also includes exercises for hours of practice.

The second section of the book consists of several German short stories that are included to increase your understanding of the language as a whole. The English version is printed alongside the German so you can easily get back on track.

The last section goes over common phrases that are most helpful if traveling abroad. It includes greetings, travel questions, and eating. With over 1,000 phrases included, you're certain to cover just about anything you might encounter.


  • Tons of information broken down into an easy to read format.
  • Great for those starting out or just needing a refresher.


  • While it's not hard to look back and find the answer to the exercises, it's lacking a clear answer key.

German: how to speak and write it (New educational library)

German: How to Speak and Write reminds us of an old school textbook. While concise and to the point, it also includes many examples throughout the guide.

This book begins with learning simple statements, then goes on to cover the alphabet and general things such as ordering at a restaurant and the weather. It continues to dive into parts of speech, pronunciation, and much more.

This book has very good reviews, and the illustrations of different scenarios such as a trip to the zoo (which lists many things in both English and German) are extremely helpful.

For those that like to study on their device, a kindle version is available.

While this book is an 'old school' guide, you may find the nostalgia appealing.


  • Easy to dive in and start learning.
  • Many exercises with answers are included.
  • Includes quite a bit of history of the language.


  • Many may prefer a more modern guide.

Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent

While Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent is a quick study guide that provides you with the basics. It's equivalent to studying German in college for two years.

By completing one lesson per day and lots of practice, you will be able to speak and write German in 90 days.

It includes a study guide section that gives readers ideas for learning and retaining the information.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to navigate.


  • Some readers may be looking for a guide that expands more on each topic.

The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time

If your learning style includes tables, hints, and frequently asked questions, this would be an excellent book to choose. While it may not go quite as in depth as a couple other books on our list, it does include things the others don't.

The exercises with an answer key in the back are an excellent addition. Although it's not a huge list, the English to German and German to English sections are definitely useful.

Another great feature of this particular book is an included CD to aide readers in pronunciation. It even includes a section on sending correct correspondence such as emails. The Everything Learning German Book would be an excellent choice.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Includes the CD to help with pronunciation.
  • English to German/German to English dictionary section.


  • Small number of exercises.
  • Limited number of vocabulary words.

Buying Guide

Our advice for choosing the best book to learn German is to consider the following points:

  • Consider your learning style.
  • A CD for extra practice or learning pronunciation.
  • Number of exercises available.
  • Cost.
  • Are you looking to freshen up your skills or start with the basics? Do you need to dive deep into the language?
  • Number of phrases or vocabulary words available.
  • Extras: dictionary, tips, quick travel advice.

best book to learn german

While they are all great books, our top pick is German All-in-One For Dummies. We love the layout with different sections. You can easily start with the basics or move on to more advanced learning. It covers so much it would be hard to imagine a situation where you won't feel prepared.

The additional CD is always a plus. While driving to and from work, it's easy to just turn it on and get in extra practice.

German All-in-One For Dummies, with CD

Our second choice would have to be German: Learn German for BeginnersThe grammar section starts off with the basics and then gradually takes you into parts of speech and sentence structure.

The short stories section is a fantastic way to learn, comprehend and retain the information you are studying. Just like with anything else, practice makes perfect.

German: Learn German For Beginners Including German Grammar, German Short Stories and 1000+ German Phrases

Last, the amount of phrases is incredible! 1,000+ phrases are included. We're not sure we know 1,000+ English phrases!

The price is great as are the reviews.

We believe either of these two books would be a perfect choice. They both have different features that are certain to fit just about anyone's needs.

Final Verdict

In closing, we know how frustrating it can be to think you're getting exactly what you need only to discover it isn't what you were looking for.

Learning a new language should be fun and exciting. Finding the book that is just right for you should be part of that fun.

We hope this list encourages you to read more about the books and find the ideal one to start your new venture.

What are you waiting for? Find the perfect book and get started learning your new skill today!

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