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Smart air purifiers can be an important addition to any household that struggles to filter out particles that contribute to allergies. In this product review, you will be able to easily find out about five of the very best offers that are currently found on the Amazon marketplace.

Smart air purifiers were introduced to try and efficiently allow users to control the substances within the air of their households. These types of products can reduce allergies and eliminate odors across large-sized rooms.

A lot of research would likely need to be done to effectively filter out products in this industry. We are going to try and make this entire research process easier for you by presenting five of the industry-leading smart air purifiers within this review.

You will be able to find out information about product prices, customer ratings, durability, quality, and overall efficiency. You will likely have questions about these types of purifiers. These questions might be answered within the reviews or the FAQ section below.

Before we start the product reviews, it is important to have a general understanding of what you are looking to purchase. If you are committed to a certain type of smart air purifier, you will likely find at least one matching product within this list. We will be providing you with a wide variety of perspectives and values for this product search. Let's get started now by taking an in-depth look at our highest-rated smart air purifier!

Best 5: Smart Air Purifier Reviews

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, 5-in-1 Large Room Air Cleaner & Deodorizer for Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Smokers, Odors - Eliminates Pet Hair, Allergens, Dust, Pollen, Mold, Smoke - HSP001

We are very happy to present the Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier at the top of our review list. This opulent purifier is equipped with some of the highest quality features in the industry. Customers will immediately be impressed with the smart air quality sensor that can detect and remove air pollutants.

Customers were fairly satisfied with the effectiveness of this purifier, but they were somewhat concerned with its higher price range. While it is not super expensive compared to the industry average, it isn't ideal for customers on a strict budget.

When evaluating all of the necessary factors, it is quite clear that this Hathaspace Smart True Air Purifier is among the best overall selections that you can choose from right now. A complimentary product warranty is guaranteed with all final purchases and it extends for up to two years after you buy it.


  • Helps with Allergies.
  • Smart Quality Air Sensor.
  • Efficiently Removes Pollutants.
  • Two Year Product Warranty.


  • Higher End Price Range.
LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier for Home Large Room with True HEPA Filter,Air Cleaner for Allergies and Pets,Smokers,Mold,Pollen,Dust,Odor Eliminators for Bedroom,Energy Star,Work with Alexa,LV-PUR131S

If it weren't for a few minor product specifications, this might have been our top choice for this review. Unfortunately, today the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier has earned the runner-up position, which is still extremely impressive and that alone should catch several customers' attention.

This purifier is ideal for larger rooms and focuses on providing users with a simple energy-efficient design that is capable of getting the job done. While it is expensive, it also has features that justify its price tag. The control system can be paired with voice control systems like Alexa, while also allows users to link the controls to their smartphone.

All of these impressive features combine to create this impressive product. It is important to remember that a secure WiFi connection is required for this purifier to effectively function.


  • Ideal for Larger Rooms.
  • Energy Efficient Design.
  • Simple Control System.


  • Expensive Price Range.
  • Wi-Fi network is required.
Coway Airmega 300 Smart Air Purifier with 1,256 sq. ft. Coverage

It is now time to look at the Coway Airmega 300 Smart Air Purifier. There are two color options available that you can select from and there are also two slightly different size configurations for different sized households. Users can select from either a configuration that supports 1250 square feet or a slightly larger version that can reach nearly 1600 square feet.

In addition to these slightly different color options and size variations, users are also guaranteed a product warranty on certain parts for up to five years.

Unfortunately, some credible customer reviews have discussed a minor issue that relates to a hideous stench that originates from this partially faulty purifier. This is a risk that you might have to take when purchasing this particular product from Coway.


  • Two Color Options Available (Graphite and White).
  • Two Size Configurations Available
  • Product Warranty is Included.


  • Purifier Outputs Awful Smell.
Medify MA-Smart Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Filtration Air Purifier for 500 sq ft | (99.97%) | Particle Sensor with Light Indicator | 3-in-1 Filter

The next product that we are going to review is the Medify Smart Air Purifier. This selection is unique because it offers customers the ability to use a mobile app or voice controls to operate this appliance. The setup process is fairly simple and there are equipped particle sensors that take care of the hassle.

This medical-grade purifier is designed to clear 1000 square feet of air per hour. If you are looking for an alternative selection that still provides a lot of value, this product might be your favorite choice.


  • Supports Mobile App and Voice Control.
  • Simple Setup Process.
  • High Quality Particle Sensors.


  • Maximum Range of 1000 Square Feet.
Pure Enrichment PureZone Air Purifier for Home, Office, or Bedroom - 3-in-1 Air Cleaner with True HEPA Filter and UV-C Sanitizer - Helps Relieve Allergies, Eliminate Germs, Pets Hair, Smoke, and More

The final product that has earned a placement within this review is the Pure Enrichment True Air Purifier. If you are looking for a cost-effective option that aligns with your tight budget, you will be happy to see the price tag for this item.

Users will also be satisfied with the nearly silent operation of this appliance. This means that you won't have to become frustrated with grinding noises or other operating sounds.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Operates Quietly (No Noise!).
  • Efficient Energy Design.


  • Short Term Durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Expensive Is an Smart Air Purifier?

Smart air purifiers can typically range from around 100 dollars up to as high as 750 dollars. A higher price typically means that the appliance can support larger spaces and it works more efficiently. For example, the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier is one of the most expensive options within this review, but it also manages to provide some of the most modern features to customers.

What Does a Smart Air Purifier Do?

These types of purifiers are specifically designed to operate with sensors to remove odors and particles that trigger allergic reactions. Products like these can also help to relieve asthma symptoms.

Some purifiers within this review support mobile apps and in-depth control schemes that can be utilized from a smartphone. The Medify Smart Air Purifier is one of the better examples that we can discuss, specifically because it operates through a smartphone mobile app.

Final Verdict

We have answered some important research-related questions within this product review. If you were confused about your search before reading this post, it is likely that you have been pointed in the right direction. Each of these five smart air purifiers can serve as an important appliance that can make life easier for you in your household.

The hardest part of this entire process is to ultimately make that final decision. If you are on a budget, you might have to sacrifice some of the important features that you otherwise would have wanted. Alternatively, if you are looking for the very best product and are not restricted in any way, you might want to browse the very top of this list and spend a little bit extra to make sure you get what you want.

With all of that being said, you can now take control of the reigns and determine which of these selections is best for your specific needs!


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