Best Home Security System Options

Are you looking for the best way to keep your home and family safe? Do you want some peace of mind when you leave your home for vacation? A home security system can help you feel confident that your loved ones and valuables are protected.

To help you find the best home security system, we have reviewed the top five options on the market. After reading through our reviews, you'll be able to make your purchase and keep your home protected.

Top 5: Home Security Systems Review

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When you purchase a Frontpoint system, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that your home will be monitored 24/7. In the event of an emergency, the professionals at Frontpoint will contact the authorities to get them to your home quickly. They also offer a dedicated link for medical emergencies and can send help when needed.

When you sign up for a Frontpoint system, you'll be able to access the user-friendly smartphone app. The app will allow you to control the smart devices in your home with easy. It can also alert you if you forget to lock a door, close the garage, or if someone isn't home when they should be.

You can also use the app to set up home automation features. For example, it can be set to open your garage door when you pull into your driveway or turn the lights on when you get home. You can customize these settings to meet your needs.

Frontpoint offers a variety of functional tools that you can use to keep your home secure. Some of the tools you can choose from include security cameras, home automation tools (such as smart door locks or smart light bulbs), motion sensors, window and door sensors, and smoke sensors.

The videos that are recorded from your security cameras will remain secure and encrypted. You will be the only one who has access to them. This can help you maintain your privacy.

A Frontpoint system comes with a price-lock guarantee. This means that your price will never increase. You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty for your system as well as a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • You will receive a price-lock guarantee, so the price of your plan won't increase over time
  • You can choose from many available tools to help you keep your home safe
  • You can incorporate home automation and smart devices into your system


  • You will need to set up the system yourself

A Vivint Home Security System comes with professional installation and 24/7 monitoring. Vivint offers a variety of features and devices that are designed to makes sure that your home and belongings are kept safe.

They can install cameras around your home, and you can also choose outdoor cameras that have a 4K sensor and night vision. They also offer doorbell cameras that will allow you to see who is at your front door.

You can also purchase Ping cameras for recording inside your home. These cameras can allow you to chat with members of your home while you're out. Children or other people in the home can also push a button on the camera to call you.

Vivint offers additional security and smart home features that will help make your life easier. You can choose from smart locks, garage door controls, and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

You can use the different components of the system to set up home automation, allowing you to program the devices in your home.

If you are interested in a few of the different features Vivint offers, you can choose from one of their packages that combine different security and home automation aspects.


  • The Ping cameras will make it easy to communicate with people in your home if you're away
  • You can set up home automation using smart devices
  • The system is professionally installed, so you'll be confident that everything is working correctly


  • This option may end up costing you more money than some other choices

ADT is a popular name in the home security department. They offer a variety of products and services designed to keep your home secure.

When you contact ADT about purchasing a home security system, they'll be able to help you select the products that will best meet your needs. Some of the different products they offer include smart keypads to control the devices in your home, window and door sensors, motion detectors, and smart locks.

You'll also be able to choose from a wide selection of security cameras. They offer outdoor security cameras, indoor cameras, and doorbell cameras. These different options will allow you to monitor all the different parts of your property.

When you sign up with ADT, you'll also have access to the mobile app, which can be paired with all your smart devices. You can use the mobile app to control your home remotely. You'll be able to adjust the thermostat, turn on or off lights, view your security cameras, and more using the app.

ADT offers a variety of smart home devices to help you set up home automation. You can purchase smart locks, smart thermostats, smart bulbs, smart switches, smart garage door controls, and more.

An ADT system is professionally monitored all day, every day. You can choose different package options that add in features such as home automation or video streaming.


  • The app will allow you to control your security system as well as the smart devices in your home
  • You can customize the features of your system to meet your needs
  • The different camera options will allow you to monitor any part of your property


  • You will need to sign up for a three-year contract
Abode Connected Home Security

Abode is a reasonably priced system that can keep your family and valuables safe. An Abode system can be customized with a variety of different features to meet your specific security needs. With an Abode system, you will receive 24/7 monitoring by security professionals.

This option can be integrated with a variety of smart home devices. Some of these devices include Nest, Amazon's Alexa, and Google Assistant. When you hook your system up with your smart devices, you'll be able to control and access them remotely.

Unlike other systems that require you to sign a long-term contract, you'll be able to cancel your subscription at any time with an Abode system. This will provide you the freedom and flexibility if something about the system doesn't work for you.

To secure your home, there are numerous features and tools you can choose from. Some of these features include sensors for your doors and window, security cameras, sirens, and smoke sensors.

If you have smart devices in your home, you'll be able to use the Abode system for home automation. Using the app, you'll be able to turn on lights, check that your doors are all locked, and receive alerts about your home.

Your system will come with a one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • Less expensive than many other options
  • Includes 24/7 professional monitoring
  • You do not need to sign a contract with this company


  • You'll have to purchase all the security devices you want to integrate into your system

SimpliSafe is designed to be small and compact, so it doesn't become an eyesore in your home. A SimpliSafe system is professionally monitored, so someone will always be looking out for your home. If your alarm gets triggered, SimpliSafe can dispatch the police to your home up to 350% faster than some other companies.

With a SimpliSafe system, you can monitor both the inside and outside of your home. They offer a variety of security cameras to allow you to keep an eye on the various parts of your property.

When you decide to sign up, SimpliSafe will help you determine the different features and sensors you'll need for your system. After placing your order, the different components of your system will be delivered to your home. Then, it will just take you a few minutes to get your system set up and ready to use.

You can use the SimpliSafe app to control your system and the smart devices in your home with ease. In the event of a power outage, this system has a back-up battery that will keep it running for up to 24 hours.

When you sign up for a SimpliSafe system, you will not have to sign a long-term contract, as you would with many other companies. To help you feel more confident about your purchase, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee as well as free shipping and free returns.


  • You don't need to sign a long-term contract
  • The system has a 24-hour battery back-up
  • The police will be dispatched to your home quickly in the event of a break-in or emergency


  • This is not a professionally installed system

Buying Guide

If you are looking to keep your home, valuables, and family members safe, a home security system should be on the top of your list to purchase. With a home security system, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that the people and things you care about are protected.

Before purchasing a security system for your home, there are a few things you'll want to consider. First, you should think about whether you want a system that is professionally installed, or if you would prefer an option that you install yourself. You may also want to look for a system that is professionally monitored.

Next, consider the different security tools and accessories that you can choose from. Think about whether you'll want security cameras, motion sensors, alarms, or other features to help keep your home safe.

If you are interested in home automation, be sure to pick a system that has an easy to use app that you'll be able to integrate with the smart devices in your home. Many companies also sell smart devices, such as light bulbs, outlets, video doorbells, and garage door controls.

best home security system

Out of the five home security systems we reviewed, our favorite option is a Frontpoint System. There are a few reasons that we decided this is the best pick.

First, Frontpoint offers a variety of easy-to-install tools that will help you keep your home safe. There are different cameras, motions sensors, and smoke/carbon monoxide sensors that can alert you or their professionals when something is wrong.


In addition to the security aspects associated with a Frontline system, you'll also be able to enjoy home automation. With the smart devices you can purchase, you can set your doors to automatically lock, your lights to turn on or off, or your garage door to close automatically. You can also control your smart devices from the app, making it possible to control your home even if you're far away.

When you purchase a Frontpoint system, you also receive a price-lock guarantee, so you won't need to worry about future price increases.

We think you'll enjoy your new Frontpoint system. Visit their website today and place your order!

10 reasons every home should have security cameras

The crime rates at an increasing rate and home burglary statistics are on the rise. But people have found ways of securing their homes through security cameras and the technology surrounding it. Besides security, these cameras have many other benefits, as we will explain below.

In the end, you will see why you need to get security cameras for your home as soon as possible.

Read on a detailed list of the reward of having surveillance cameras.

Keeps your Family and Property Safe
The primary reason for installing cameras is to enhance the security of your loved ones, assets, and properties.

The statistics are staggering. In a day, there are about 6000 burglary cases and about 240 in an hour. With this reality at hand, you need high-quality cameras that will secure your home.

In fact, in every 250 homes with security cameras, only one is likely to experience a burglary. However, without security cameras, one every home is likely to be broken into.

The good thing about security cameras in the market now is that they are so smart that they are connected with mobile devices. As such, you can connect your phone and monitor your home wherever you are.

When you realize something fishy, you can signal the security company to send their team. There are situations where thieves have been caught in the act, thanks to surveillance cameras.

You can find reviews of various security cameras on the market and choose the one that suits your property and pocket best.

Some companies are easily accessible that can give you a quote and help you secure your home in a hassle-free manner.

Monitoring Activities in the House While Away
There is all manner of evils done by domestic managers at home and sometimes nannies while we go to work. When the babies are too young to talk, you may not know what goes on in your house, and by the time you get the information, it is too late, and maybe damage has been done.

Why wait until it's too late? You can protect your children by installing cameras that have audio enabled tools to help you know how your babies are treated. Should you notice something unusual from the start, you will take the necessary actions.

These cameras can also help you monitor how time was spent in your house. If you are paying someone on an hourly basis to do some tasks, you want to pay for hours worked. With the cameras, you can be sure someone was working. And if not, you will be able to replace and save you some money.

Sometimes when you are working and have left not so small children at home, you want to be sure they are safe. Security cameras will help you monitor their activities and see that they are safe.

Even when children are dropped from school, and you are not home, you can know their activities and opened the home for them. You can ensure their safety is maintained.

If you realize something is out of place, you can call on time or send someone. All this gives you peace of mind.

Fire Protection
It is common to hear people say that they don't need security cameras since they have fitted their gates and doors with durable metals that cannot be broken by thieves. While this is true, security cameras go a notch higher.

Are you aware that every minute there are at least six cases of fires in homes? And you know how damaging fire can be to your precious things and property.

With the modern security cameras, you can fit in heat detectors that can warn you of changes in temperature and any presence of smoke in the house. This early warning will prevent any fire damage likely to occur.

In fact, the cameras are designed to sense the slightest change in temperature and send signals. This signal will allow you time to address the fire within the shortest time.

Another important thing is that even when you had just left your pet alone, it wouldn't be killed by the fire. The safety of your pets is something worth getting a security camera for.

Security Cameras Increases the Value of a Home
Security is one of the primary factors considered when selling and buying homes. When you install security cameras, both indoors and outdoors, the value of your house will go high.

Also, if there is another house in your neighborhood on sale but doesn't have security cameras, your home may take a shorter time to sell. So what is keeping you from having surveillance cameras?

There are various brands and types, affordable ones that you can acquire. It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to have your home fully secured.

Plan yourself, gather yourself up, and get some cameras. With them, you will even wonder why you hadn't installed them earlier!

Reduced Insurance Premiums
Saving some dollars is something most of us don't mind. And did you know by the installation of cameras, you get a bonus point of lowering your premiums?

Let me explain.

When insurance brokers are calculating your annual premiums, they take into consideration various aspects. One of them is security and the chances of burglary in your home.

When your home has an excellent security and surveillance system, there are reduced chances of theft. This means chances of requiring compensation have gone lower. And this is where the insurance companies get their profit.

If you do not have an insurance company yet and want to save some bucks, get to know the ones that offer huge discounts for people with security systems in place. You will end up saving some reasonable amount.

If you had your insurance before the installation of the security system, it is essential to update your company of the improved security.

Security Cameras Transform your Home to a Smart Home
Who doesn't love the convenience of doing everything in an automated system? This automation saves our time that's barely there and also money.

With the security cameras, you can automate various systems in your home—for example, locks, lights, doors, and thermostats, among others. You can also fit in motion detectors in your home. These tech tools allow you to be in the know of every activity in your home. You can also access your home with ease.

Imagine after a tough day at work having to look for your keys and open all the locks! It can make you even feel more tired. Enjoy your stay at home with automated systems.

Automation is gradually gaining prominence, and those who use it, record reduced cost of energy. If you forget to switch off something in your house, you can remotely switch off.

You can talk to your security company to know what they offer and what you are willing to pay to have a smart home.

Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Carbon monoxide can be found in the gas system. The challenge with it is the fact that it is odorless and colorless. It is found in combustion fumes and releases from the burning of charcoal, wood, heating systems, stoves, and others. The victims are blind-sided, and knowing of its leakage by using our common senses can be a bit tricky.

It affects the health of the respiratory systems, and in severe cases, it can lead to death.

And here is another importance of security cameras as they can help do what human senses cannot – detect high levels of carbon monoxide in the air. The security camera systems can be fitted with detectors that alert you of high levels. This alert will help homeowners and their households to seek medical attention early enough before getting to critical levels.

The smart security systems allow you to know of high carbon monoxide levels even when you are away from home. This means, even if you left your children or workers at home and the levels go home, you can protect them from possible poisoning.

Security Cameras are Useful Decision-Making Tools
A home is a place to rest and rejuvenate, and sometimes as you relax on your couch, you want the least disturbance. Sometimes you will the bell ring at the door, and you are not sure whether to open or not.

With security cameras, you will see the person and determine whether to open or not, without leaving your comfort. How amazing! This system will help you keep intruders at bay and welcome only those you decide.

There are people living with chronic illnesses, and sometimes they are home alone. Some are also older adults who might need urgent medical attention.

With security cameras, you can fit also install medical alert pendants or emergency pulls at the bedside. This allows dispatch of emergency vehicles directly to the homes after the pull.

If you have an elderly or sickly person, you can leave them at home and work peacefully, knowing that their safety is uppermost.

Supports Digital Storage and Source of Evidence
Another great importance of security cameras is the fact that they not only record actual occurrences in real-time but also store that information digitally. Such cloud storage allows future access and analysis should a need arise.

For example, if there was some attempted burglary in your home and the thief ran away, you can have access to video footage of the occurrence. This information can help you identify the person. It can also be used in the court of law as evidence against the person.

The digital storage period depends on your package. Before settling on a security camera, you must know for how long you will have the data. Some cameras require an additional fee for storage beyond a month.

Your outdoor cameras can help you collect some information about what is happening in your neighborhood. For example, your camera may record criminal activities in your streets. You can provide the footage to the police to deal with the criminals and keep your streets safe.

When your neighborhood is safe, you are also safe and can carry your activities with ease. For that, do not hesitate to install security cameras for your home.

Helps you enjoy your Vacation Peacefully
Being away from the place you call home can be filled with concern about the state of your home. Why not install some security cameras and enjoy some sunshine and singing birds with ease?

While away for an extended period, you can check to see the security is uppermost, and no intruders access your premises.

Beyond that, you can check to see whether your outdoor workers carry out their activities as agreed. You will see when and how the landscape is mowed, whether snow is removed, and if the flowers are well watered.

If something is out of place, you may call the responsible persons to address the issues as you continue with your holiday. To homeowners, this is a relief that should not be exchanged for anything.

Also, it prevents any shock that you experience when you return and found your home messed up.

Security cameras are a must-have for every home. They are affordable, unique, and exceptionally durable, and you can find one that meets your specific needs and individual circumstances. Many benefits come with installing cameras such as prevention of theft, monitoring activities at home, increasing house value, reducing annual premium costs, and helping you in knowing whether to open the door or not.

Also, these security cameras enhance the safety and convenience of your household by automating systems, having fire detectors, and even carbon monoxide detectors. All these work together to make your home what you have always desired it to be. You can peacefully enjoy your vacation as you monitor your home.

Get referrals from your friends on amazing security cameras and also read online reviews to find the company that resonates with your desired camera. Do what you should do to transform your home into a smart and safe place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a home security system necessary?

While a home security system isn't required, there are a number of reasons that many people choose to purchase one. Home security systems can provide an extra layer of protection for the people in your home and your valuables. Many home security systems can also be linked with the systems in your home and allow you to control things like your thermostat remotely. Many insurance companies will also offer discounted rates if you have a home security system. Finally, a home security system can also be used to call for help quickly in the event of a medical emergency.

What are the different types of security systems? 

There are a few different types of security systems that you'll find as you are looking for the best option for you. They are:

  • Unmonitored Systems: Rather than contacting the police in the event the system goes off, a loud alarm will sound and lights may flash. These features are designed to scare a burglar away or alert your neighbors, so they can contact the police.
  • Monitored Systems: Monitored systems are connected to a phone line and will alert the police or a call center in the event that your home is broken into. These systems typically cost more than other options and may still leave a burglar with plenty of time alone in your home before the police arrive.
  • Electric Current Home Alarm: This option can give an alert when a window or door is opened. This can alert you if someone is trying to break in and can also be helpful when you have small children at home.
  • Wireless Alarm System: A wireless alarm system can be set up to use cameras, sensors, and motion detectors. You will not have to pay a monitoring fee if you choose this option. However, be sure to monitor the batteries on the different components of your system, as they'll likely need to be replaced regularly.

How do I choose a home security system?

First, you will need to decide if you want a system that you install yourself, or if you want a professionally installed system. Next, you will want to pay attention to the features and monitoring that come with the system. You will also want to consider your routine, the valuables in your home, and your budget to help you select the best option for you.

What are the advantages of a wireless security system?

There are a few different reasons that many people prefer wireless systems over other options. Since these systems are wireless, they are not connected to a landline phone. This means that a burglar can't shut the system off by cutting a phone line. A wireless system will also allow you to monitor your home constantly. The connection between the components (cameras, motion detectors, etc.) of the system and the control panel are secure, so you won't need to worry about your system accidentally getting set off by a neighbor or someone else nearby.


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