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An electric pasta maker can be one of the innovative appliances that you can purchase for your kitchen space. There are a lot of important design elements to consider when looking for the best electric pasta makers. We are going to analyze all of the best products within the industry and review each pasta maker individually.

At the conclusion of this review, you should have enough information to comfortably make a purchase. We will outline the pros and cons of each product and outline their prices, features, and customer ratings. All of this information will be imperative to ensuring that you make the best decision for your personal needs.

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Philips Pasta Maker - HR2357/05 (Renewed)


Philips Pasta Maker - HR2357/05 (Renewed)

The Philips Pasta Maker is capable of producing up to one pound of noodles in under fifteen minutes. This pasta maker has powerful mixing components that can produce spaghetti, fettucini, penne and lasagne with the four included pasta shape plates.

This appliance is easy to clean and operate and only requires you to go through a short learning curve before becoming an expert pasta maker. The device is fully automated and works extremely efficiently. One big bonus is that this product is easy to clean, especially since specially designed cleaning tools are included with your purchase. The cleaning tools match the pasta shape plates so you won't have to worry about messy clean-up.

At the bottom is also a storage drawer so you can keep all the machine's parts together. At the moment, you can also purchase this product at a discounted rate as "renewed". This is a great product to have at home; host fun "make your own pasta" parties, or special batches of gluten-free pasta fr those who are gluten-intolerant. 


  • Automated design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 90 day warranty.


  • Expensive price range.
  • Minor learning curve.
Shule Electric Pasta Maker Machine with Motor Set Stainless Steel Pasta Roller Machine Silver

If you are looking for a slightly more affordable electric pasta making machine, you might be more interested in the Shule Electric Pasta Maker. Covered in a beautiful stainless steel, this pasta maker is easy to operate, simple to clean, and significantly more affordable than many alternatives on the market. It is also positively reviewed by most of the customers that have purchased it.

There are limited instructions included, so it might be useful to read some customers reviews for assistance before purchasing. However, we do know that there are severa setting adjustments. For example, the product comes with dial adjustments so that your pasta can range from 0.5 mm to 3 mm thickness. There are also an attachments for pasta with a width of 1.5 mm and 6.6 mm. 

While the motor can be removed after use, it is important to remember that the device is not dishwasher safe. Instead, it's preferred to wipe down this prodcut with a cloth. The motor for this pasta is also sturdy, since it is a 110 V with two speeds. One neat feature is that you can also hand crank this machine if you feel like you want to be more apart of the pasta making process.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Simple cleaning process.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Limited instructions included.
  • Noisy operation.
  • Not compatible with dishwasher.
Hamilton Beach Electric Pasta and Noodle Maker, Automatic, 7 Different Shapes, White (86650)

This Hamilton Beach Electric Pasta and Noodle Maker is a solid alternative that is reasonably priced and offers a great collection of features and accessories. To start, this product includes seven custom shape discs for noodle creation. Noodles that can be made from this machine are: thick spaghetti, lasagna, spaghetti, Angel hair, wide noodle, penne and fettuccini. There is also a drawer conveniently located on the machine to store all the pasta discs. 

If you are counting your macros or like to keep track of your food, then this machine will do all the hard work for you! With it's internal scale, this pasta maker weighs the ingredients to calculate the flour to water ratio. It also makes two to three servings of pasta in 15 minutes. Within such a short period of time, you can have fresh homemade pasta for the whole family to enjoy. Your kids will love pasta-making nights!

Another great aspect of this product is that there is no need to dry the noodles. Noodles can be boiled immediately after they are made! The customer reviews for this product are slightly above average, but there have been some occasional claims of faulty parts. There is limited customer support and no verified product warranty. 


  • Seven custom discs for noodle shapes.
  • No drying required.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Average customer reviews.
  • Short term durability.
Electric Pasta Maker- Imperia Pasta Presto Non-stick Machine w 2 Cutters and 6 Thickness Settings

If you are not so concerned about price range and would rather focus on the quality of the design, then you might like this Italian built Electric Pasta Maker from Imperia. It is constructed with heavy duty stainless steel to ensure an effective and efficient design.

This beautiful machine comes with two cutters (tagliatelle and fettuccine) and six thickness settings. It's also designed with easy set up in mind, so you won't spend hours cleaning up. 

This device is also equipped with a powerful motor that is capable of producing pasta more efficiently and faster than many other products within the industry. It has the construction of a professionally designed electric pasta maker, but it has been relegated to fourth place on this review because of its extremely high price point.


  • Heavy duty design.
  • Efficient pasta motor.
  • Six custom thickness settings.


  • Expensive price range.
Philips Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker with 3 Interchangeable Pasta Shape Plates -  Black - HR2371/05

You might recognize this brand from this first product in this review, but this is a slightly more compact design with some slightly different features equipped. The Philips Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker is a high end appliance with several color variations that customers can customize.

Like some of the other products on this review, the Philips Compact pasta and noodle maker will make fresh pasta within 18 minutes. This product is fully automatic and will dish out 400 grams of fresh pasta for your whole family to enjoy. The internal mechanisms are designed to knead and shape the dough for you, so the texture and taste will be up to par.

With it's small footprint, this pasta maker won't take up too much space on your counter top. It comes fully detachable so that assembly and cleaning are easy. It also comes with three pasta type settings: spaghetti, penne, and fettucini (discs included). It has received exceptional customer reviews and is reasonably priced for what it has to offer. This could very well be one of the best industry pasta makers at this price range.


  • Fully automated pasta maker.
  • Three color variations.
  • Compact appliance design.


  • Expensive price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Electric Pasta Makers Cost?

The pricing spectrum for the electric pasta maker industry is quite wide, mainly because there is such a large gap from the simplest designs to the more advanced ones. If you are looking for the cheapest appliances in the industry, you could expect to pay somewhere between $60 and $150.

The highest priced ones can reach upwards of $300. If you are not on a budget, you might want to take a look at the Imperia Pasta Presto Non-Stick Electric Pasta Making Machine that is currently listed at our fourth selection. It is a solid product with professional design qualities and extremely positive reviews.

Are Electric Pasta Makers Difficult to Use?

The general answer to this question is no, although some appliances may require a slight learning curve. Most of the time, these devices are simple to use and are equipped with fully automated features that simplify the pasta making process.

Many of the products within this review are capable of automatically producing pasta with the included noodle shaping discs in under thirty minutes. The customer reviews are a great place to determine how challenging it might be to operate a specific pasta maker.

Final Verdict

Electric pasta makers are not a well-known appliance and shopping for one on your own can be quite challenging. The good news is that this buyer's guide & review has outlined useful information around this product, including product specifications, reviews, prices, and more!

It isn't all about the product though, sometimes it can be just as important to look at other customer ratings and their overall experience with the electric pasta maker. We have factored some of these ratings into our review as well. 

You should be more prepared now to complete your search and ultimately select the best electric pasta maker for your kitchen. The pros and cons of each product can easily assist you in eliminating the products that you are not interested in. Hopefully with all this information, you might feel more comfortable choosing the best electric pasta maker for your kitchen.


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