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A USB microphone is an extremely common computer accessory that can be used for so many different purposes that it is common for most people to have one. They are a common accessory to use for voice communication over the internet with software programs like Skype, Discord, or Team Speak.

It is important to remember that every USB microphone is slightly different in terms of their design. This can create a wide range of price ranges that customers have to filter through in order to find a sufficient value and product for their needs.

Some good news is that every single product on this review has managed to gain popularity through positive customer feedback and their design elements have increased their quality and reliability.

These are extremely important aspects to consider when browsing the market for a high quality USB microphone that is capable of transmitting audio at a crisp and clear level of quality.

There are several different types of purposes that you might want to use a microphone for. These scenarios include YouTube videos, voice communication, singing, and more!

Once you reach this article's final conclusion, you will likely have enough information about product specifications and price ranges so that you can make a confident decision about which USB microphone you decide to purchase for your needs.

Top 5: USB Microphone Reviews


This TONOR PC Microphone USB Computer Condenser Studio Microphone has earned fifth position on this countdown of products. An affordable price range is a major factor that customers will notice about this product immediately. A functional USB mic cannot typically be found at this price range.

TONOR PC Studio Microphone

A convenient tripod stand is included to hold this one during recording sessions. This product could be perfect for voice communication, creating videos, or gaming.

While it may not be considered among this industry's best options, it certainly deserves to be recognized for its incredibly affordable price range and solid overall value.

This is a perfect simple choice for customers that are on a tight budget.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Tripod Stand Included.
  • One Year Warranty Included.


  • Scratchy Audio Quality.
  • Short Term Durability.


Now it is time to take a look at this Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone that manages to feature some higher tier features that many customers are looking for when browsing for a USB microphone.

One of those features is the design of this option that is capable of condensing sounds and recording at high levels of quality. There are also four color options available that you might want to choose from.

Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone

There are also outstanding customer reviews about this microphone's reliability, durability, and value. All indications suggest that this product deserves to be placed number four on this review.


  • Four Color Options Available.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Studio Level Audio Quality.


  • Expensive Price Range.
  • No Warranty is Included.


A highly affordable choice has been recommended by customers and that TKGOU USB PC Microphone product is featured here with an impressive list of features that could capture attention from customers. This particular product is built to last for long periods of time without any faults.

TKGOU USB PC Microphone

It is compatible with most USB devices, including computers and game consoles. For an affordable price, you could be utilizing this microphone's capabilities and enjoying a high level of quality and confidence in your need product!


  • Outstanding Customer Reviews.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Plug and Play Design.


  • Short Wire.


This Neewer USB PC Studio Microphone product is a full pairing between a microphone and various accessories like a scissor arm stand that can be moved around or twisted to act as a studio microphone. This particular product is extremely popular with customers and has received an outstanding collection of positive reviews.

Neewer USB PC Studio Microphone

This one might be particularly useful for studio recording sessions or creating high quality videos that require ideal audio recording specifications. There is no doubt that a high level of quality is achieved and provided to customers. This value is significantly greater than its price.


  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Stand Included.
  • High Level of Audio Quality.


  • High End Price Range.


It is now time to reveal our number one choice for this product list. This position belongs to this Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone. There are two color options for customers to select from.

This is a convenient plug and play microphone that is ideal for recording audio clips and publishing them on podcast stations.

This option is extremely affordable and has received some extremely positive customer reviews for its outstanding level of quality that is seemingly unmatched at this price range.


  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Stand Included.
  • High Level of Audio Quality.
  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon.


  • High End Price Range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are USB Microphones Used For?

There are several purposes where you might consider using a USB microphone. Online gaming is a common situation where you might want one in order to communicate with other players.

Creating YouTube videos or Podcast recordings are another circumstance where you would likely desire to have a high quality microphone that is capable of recording audio files.

There are several effective options in this review that would perfectly function for these purposes. Finding a product that provides a good value can be challenging, but it is certainly possible with a variety of different products.

Final Verdict

It is now finally time to make that tough decision regarding which microphone to purchase. There are so many great options with unique features that will surely catch your attention.

With all of these microphones now being reviewed and presented with their internal specifications, it is likely that your decision to purchase one of these products will be made significantly easier.

There are options for just about every type of customer, including people on a budget, as well as customers that are looking for a professionally designed USB microphone with exceptional quality and value.


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