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You may be everything from an educator to a startup leader. Events will happen in your team, and you will need to head up T-shirt design. Which tech today holds the highest value for DIY uniform building? We will compile the top 5 t-shirt printing tech gadgets in the 2019 marketplace.

Top 5: T-Shirt Printing Machines Review

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Power Press Heat


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Hotronix Fusion IQ


Recommendation #5

Super Deal Heat Press


Hotronix Cap Heat Press

Rated highest by popular consumers for its industrial feel, this Hotronix Craft Heat Press printer comes in at under 1,000 USD average. It typically comes in bold colors, the featured being hot pink. It weighs 37 pounds. Will print on items up to ¾ inches thick.


  • Comes with 1-year warranty.
  • Heats to 425 degrees F at maximum.


  • A little on the expensive side.

This made the list because of its affordability. The ePhotonix costs under 200 USD. Is the ideal decal printer for T-shirts, bags, and other event based or small business branding merchandise.


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Easy operation functions.


  • This is only a press. You can’t create new decals with it, you can only transfer a ready made one to the garment.
Power Press Heat

Highly recommended by T-shirt printing professionals. The Power Press is a 5-star digital machine that allows you to fix decals onto garments without overheating.


  • Fuses are replaceable.
  • LCD control board.


  • This is only a press machine. It doesn’t allow you to pre-design the decals and then directly apply them.
Hotronix Fusion IQ

This Hotronix Fusion IQ is an all in one straight to garment printer. It allows you to thread, spin, and print all your garments straight from the machine. Is fully equipped with touch screen technology, to bring 5 gold star manufacture out of your design room.


  • Dual action features that give you some swinger or draw motion flexibility.
  • An extended 1-year warranty.


  • Sells at the high cost of 2k+ USD.
Super Deal Heat Press

This Super Deal Heat Press is the most affordable industrial deluxe direct to garment printer on this list. It comes with 2 trays for dual t-shirt printing, specialized garment-specific ink, printer and finisher.


  • Great for many small business owners.


  • Some people reported sparks coming from the machine.
  • People reported it coming smaller than advertised.

Buying Guide

Recent Innovations

Smart technology is changing the way we look at everything and t-shirt printing will be no exception. Keep an eye out for the best innovations available. New tech is often compatible with other office devices which can save you a lot of time and work in the design room.

Hot New Styles

So it doesn’t have to be Mod Parisian, per se, but you are designing apparel with the t-shirt tech you are buying. Stay up to date on what is in style in the DIY T-Shirt crafting world. The purchase you make will roughly dictate what capacity you will have to match and emulate some of these rad new looks.

Industrial to In-home Use

This article focuses on in-home printers for the simple fact that they are affordable to most startup business. An industrial grade straight-to-garment printer such as an Epson F2100 costs roughly 15k USD which is why it was not considered on this list.

Final Verdict

If you want to go all the way pro, you are going to have to shell out some hard cash. Still, almost all budgets can afford the heat press machines on this list and they work for most group T-shirt needs.

We recommend you make your final decision based on how many times you will actually need a printer. Don’t fork over thousands of dollars for a one time event. Take a heat press in that case, tucked back for rainy day. If, however, you’re looking to start selling professionally licensed T-shirts you probably need the fancy printers we spotted here. Your apparel, your future. Can’t go wrong..


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