Dog Houses for Small Dogs

Do you have a small dog who likes to spend time outside? Are you looking for a new dog house to give them shelter from heat, rain, or other types of weather?

A dog house is a great product that can provide for your dog a comfortable space outdoors. To help you find the best option for your dog, we have reviewed five of the best dog houses for small dogs in the article below.

Top 5: Dog Houses for Small Dogs Review

Recommendation #4

Petsfit Dog House


Tangkula Natural Wooden Dog House

The Tangkula Natural Wooden Dog House is a classic, attractive dog house that would look beautiful in your backyard. This rustic-style dog home has reddish-brown wood siding with black trim and a red roof. Even better, the roof is topped with an asphalt covering and peaked at the top so water will not trip into the house.

This dog house is designed to be elevated off the ground by four inches. That is to say, your dog will be kept warm in the winter months and you don't need to make any additional adjustments. The elevated design also helps to prevent excess water from getting into the house.

Tangkula Natural Wooden Dog House

Above all, this product is designed to last for many years. It is constructed using high-quality fir wood which is also coated with a water-based, pet-safe paint to prevent the wood from cracking.

Some assembly is required with this product, but it is not challenging. A clear instruction manual and all the tools you will need for assembly are included with your purchase.


  • This house is made using high-quality fir wood.
  • It has an elevated design to keep your dog warmer in cold weather.
  • The reddish-brown wood and black trim will look great in your space.


  • Some people have shared that the overhangs on the roof are not long enough for really heavy rains.
Always-Quality Indoor Outdoor Dog House

The Always-Quality Indoor Outdoor Dog House is a sturdy plastic option that will keep your pet sheltered from the elements. This house features a peaked roof that hangs over the edges of the house and it measures at 24 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 26 inches tall.

This product features an elevated floor designed to keep water out of the house and your dog warmer in cold weather. The surfaces of this option are smooth, so they'll be easy clean.

Always-Quality Indoor Outdoor Dog House

Some assembly is required, but it will not take long to get this product ready for use. You can purchase this option with an off-white base and a red roof, a gray base and a green roof, or a blue base with a blue roof.


  • The floor is elevated.
  • The surface is smooth and easy to clean.
  • There are three different color options to choose from.


  • It is not insulated, so it won't be adequate for really cold days.
Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame

If you are looking for a wood dog house, you should consider the Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame. This option is designed to be a "close fitting" home to make your small dog feel safe and secure like they would in a den.

This home with constructed using a white cedar. This beautiful cedar wood was selected because it is attractive, it resists pests, and it lets off a pleasant pine scent.

Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame

Similar to some of the other options on this list, this dog house features a raised floor that is designed to keep your pet warm and dry. The material for this product is naturally weather-resistant, so you'll be able to leave it outside all year long. And, the inner roof is sheet lined to prevent water from getting into the house!

Some assembly is required for this item. However, the manufacturer states that it should take you less than 45 minutes to have this home up and ready to go for your dog.


  • This product is constructed using attractive white cedar.
  • The floor is raised to keep your dog dry and warm.
  • The inner roof is sheet lined, providing an extra barrier against water getting into the house.


  • More assembly is required for this product than some other options.
Petsfit Dog House

If you are looking for a basic home for your small pup, consider the Petsfit Dog House. Petsfit also designs a variety of dog homes that feature pleasing coloring, like light gray with white trim, and itms that have patios and decks. 

This dog house is designed as a simple box and is for indoor use only. It is constructed with kiln dried cedar and it has not been stained. Since this is untreated wood, you may need to apply a stain to the wood so that it won't stain from your pets.

Petsfit Dog House

However, if you placed a mat on the inside, then you will be able to keep the interior relatively clean. The floor of this dog house is raised two inches off the ground for aesthetic appeal and easier access. Since this dog house is meant for indoors, you can use the box as a seat for one average sized adult, or to place decor items on. You can even paint it 

Cleaning this dog house is easy. The top section is on a hinge and lifts up easily. When you need to clean this option, you'll be able to do so easily.


  • Simple square box.
  • Raised off the ground for aesthetic reasons.
  • Easy to clean since the roof raises up.


  • Indoor use only.
  • The wood comes untreated.
Giantex Wooden Dog Room Shelter

The Giantex Wooden Dog Room Shelter with Stairs will provide your dog with their own personal backyard retreat. This option features a lower enclosed dog house and an upper balcony where your dog can soak up some rays. There is a pet-friendly ladder they can use to climb up to the top.

This product is designed to be durable and last for a long time. Additionally, it is made from fir wood that has been stained using natural stains. The stain covering the wood is water-based, making it the perfect product to be used outside.

Giantex Wooden Dog Room Shelter

The dog house portion of this option is elevated off the ground, keeping your little pup away from colder temperatures and rain.

When this item is delivered, you will need to assemble it before your dog will be able to use it. A clear instruction manual and all the accessories you'll need will be included with your purchase.


  • Comes with a dog house and sun deck.
  • The fir wood looks beautiful and will last for a long time.
  • The house is elevated off the ground.


  • Some customers experienced challenges in assembly; the measurements didn't always line up.

Buying Guide

When you have a small dog, it is important to keep them protected from weather that is too hot or too cold. If they need to be outside, you will want to make sure to purchase a dog house where they can seek out some shelter. This will allow them to stay cooler on a hot day and warmer on a cool day.

Before you decide which product you'd like to purchase, it is important to take some time and compare the different options and really think about what you're looking for in the new house you purchase for your small dog.

First, closely examine the ways the house will offer protection for your dog on a hot, cold or rainy day. Does it offer insulation, ventilation, a raised floor, or a narrower entry way?

Next, consider the size of the dog house. You want to make sure that you don't choose a house that is too large for your dog. As long as your dog can move around some, a smaller option is better because it will keep them warmer and will help them feel more secure.

You will also need to decide what type of material you want the dog house to be made from. Do you want a wood house? Or, would you prefer a plastic option?

Finally, consider the overall style and design of the dog houses you are looking at. Be sure to pick one that will complement your backyard space.

Top Pick

Out of the five different products we reviewed, our favorite product is the Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame. This is a really attractive looking product that your dog is sure to love. If your dog loves the feeling of being safe and secure in a den, they will love that this is a tighter fitting dog house.

Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame

This option features wood construction using white cedar. The white cedar not only makes the home look attractive, but it also helps it to smell nice and resist pests.

The inner roof on this option is sheet lined. This feature will help prevent rain waters from leaking into the house. The house is also raised off of the ground to keep your dog dry and warm when they are inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dogs Sleep in Dog Houses?

Yes, many dogs enjoy the den-like feeling a dog house provides. If you have a new puppy, start introducing them to their dog house at a younger age to help them understand that they can sleep in it and use it for a shelter.

Are Igloo-Style Dog Houses Good?

Yes, an igloo-style dog house can be a good option to consider. Since they have a narrower opening, it can prevent water, wind and debris from getting inside the house.

How Do Dog Houses Stay Cool During the Summer?

There are a few steps you can take to provide your dog with a cool spot to seek shelter on a hot day. First, try to place the house in the shade. Next, make sure that the house is ventilated so that air is able to flow through it. If it still seems too hot, you can look for a cooling dog bed to put on the floor of the dog house.

How Much Does a Dog House for a Small Dog Cost?

There is a large range of prices for dog houses for small dogs. You can find some options that are less than $50, while other options are a few hundred dollars.

Final Verdict

We really think you'll love the Arf Frame Dog House, but perhaps there is another product on our list that you think will be a better fit for your dog. Since all five of the options we reviewed are great choices, you really can't go wrong with any of them!

To help you make your decision and choose the perfect option for your dog, read through our reviews one more time. Take some time to evaluate the pros and cons for each option as you think about your dog's personality and needs.

Then, once you have made your final decision, be sure to add your favorite dog house to your cart and place your order. Before long, your small dog will be enjoying their new dog house!


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